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Servers carry IBM to solid Q1

A solid performance from IBM's server unit helped carry the company to a decent first quarter.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Apr 2004

Time called on EC - Oracle investigation

The European Commission has called time out in its investigation into Oracle's takeover of Peoplesoft.
John Oates, 16 Apr 2004

Sage interim profits jump

UK accounting software specialist Sage has posted decent profits for the six months ended 31 March 2004.
John Oates, 16 Apr 2004

Japanese boffins perfect paper Blu-ray disc

From the nation that brought us literally paper-thin walls and Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, comes the world's first optical disc made largely out of paper. Researchers from Sony and the Toppan Printing Co. have created a Blu-ray disc based on the material, the pair announced yesterday.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

Transmeta sales rise as Efficeon interest grows

Transmeta saw is quarterly revenues jump 44 per cent sequentially during the first three months of the year, but its losses continue to widen.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

ATI targets Nvidia's 60% desktop chip share

Arch-rivals Nvidia and ATI are each gunning for a 60 per cent share of the world market for desktop graphics chips, both companies said separately this week.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

Nvidia discounts old graphics chips

Nvidia is offloading older graphics chips at double-digit discounts in a bid to clear its inventory figures before the end of its current fiscal quarter.
A staff reporter, 16 Apr 2004

Computacenter duo clean up again

Channel RoundupComputacenter's super-rich founders Philip Hulme and Peter Ogden are to make a second fortune this week, through the flotation on AIM of their investment banking software business Dealogic. The IPO could see the pair net up to £45m each - on paper for now, as they have no intention of selling stock just yet.
Drew Cullen, 16 Apr 2004

Logitech results due to 'fighting spirit' of staff

Logitech made sales of $347m, up 15 per cent, and increased profits by 29 per cent to $44.9m in the fourth quarter ended 31 March. This contributed to yearly sales of $1.268bn and profits of $146m.
John Oates, 16 Apr 2004

Innocent Brits labelled as crooks

Almost 200 Brits have been wrongly labelled as criminals because of mistakes in records. By incorrectly linking 193 people to various crimes recorded on the police national computer (PNC) the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) may have inadvertently blighted the employment prospects of scores of innocent individuals. The Criminal Records Bureau vets the records of people hoping to work with children or vulnerable members of society.
John Leyden, 16 Apr 2004

Estonian plasma TVs: Phishers fingered

We were too quick to point the accusatory finger at Nigerian 419ers for the Estonian plasma TV job offer scam as discussed yesterday.
Lester Haines, 16 Apr 2004

Global PC sales keep growing

Figures from research house IDC reveal the global PC market is still strong, helped by price competion and increasing demand for laptops. In total, 41.2m machines were shipped in the first quarter of 2004, an increase of 16.5 per cent on the same period last year.
John Oates, 16 Apr 2004

Return of the Aussie überLuddite

It's official: former Australian communications minister Richard Alston is in the frame to take the helm at Telstra - the Aussie telco giant left adrift after the shock resignation on Wednesday of chairman Bob Mansfield.
Lester Haines, 16 Apr 2004

Navini comes in from the cold

Renegade wireless broadband networking vendor Navini Networks has come in from the cold by joining the WiMax Forum. The decision should provide aready-made service provider footprint for the mobile variant of the IEEE's 802.16 metropolitan area networking standard once it comes on stream.
Datamonitor, 16 Apr 2004
Intel headquarters, Santa Clara

Intel completes hi-def audio spec

Intel has released the final version of its High Definition Audio 1.0 specification, the successor to the AC 97 PC audio standard.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

US to embrace Wi-Fi - not 3G - for data

The WLAN equipment market saw year-on-year growth of 82 per cent in revenue terms last year, according to researchers iSuppli.
Wireless Watch, 16 Apr 2004

PGP to integrate anti-virus defences

PGP Corporation and Symantec are to integrate encryption and anti-virus technology. PGP Universal will incorporate Symantec's AntiVirus Scan Engine to thwart attempts to smuggle viruses into corporates via encrypted email.
John Leyden, 16 Apr 2004

Proxim results disappoint

WLAN equipment maker Proxim has warned of disappointing first quarter results, dashing hopes of an early emergence from its recent financial troubles.
Wireless Watch, 16 Apr 2004

Creative ships 256MB MuVo TX

Reg Kit WatchCreative has extended its MuVo line of USB Flash key drive-cum-MP3 players with the MuVo TX.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

Open Source group wins € 2.6m EC grant

The Consortium for Open Source in Public Administration (Cospa) launches today with the goal of increasing and improving the use of open source software across Europe.
John Oates, 16 Apr 2004

HP Wi-Fi, GPRS iPaq specs hit web

HP's upcoming mobile phone PDAs, the iPaq 6000 series, will be released in the US next month if information supplied to Australian web site M-Tekk is anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

Dr Hosni Tayeb and the case of the disappearing Internet

At the weekend, Libya suddenly disappeared from the Internet. For four days not a single .ly domain was available. Even now, only a tiny percentage of the estimated 12,500 domains, paid for at $500 a pop, are accessible.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Apr 2004

Cosmic 419er lost in space

For aficionados of the advance fee fraud email genre, we have a truly delicious 419 solicitation to brighten your Friday. Just when you thought you'd heard it all, try the one about the Nigerian astronaut stuck on Soyuz:
Lester Haines, 16 Apr 2004

Nokia issues sales warning

Nokia has warned investors that it is not selling enough handsets in the second quarter and is likely to miss financial targets.
John Oates, 16 Apr 2004

The average PC: spyware hotel

PCs scanned using a free scanning service from US ISP giant EarthLink harboured an average of 28 items of spyware, according to figures published yesterday.
John Leyden, 16 Apr 2004
Stephen Witt, How Music Got Free book cover

Global P2P jihad stumbles

The legal debate surrounding peer-to-peer file-swapping sites has shifted up a gear in the past few months, beginning with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filing hundreds of lawsuits against serial downloaders, who they claim are costing the industry millions. But the crusade against copyright infringement has met more than a few stumbling blocks.
Datamonitor, 16 Apr 2004

Gametrac morphs into, er, Gizmondo

Gametrac Europe has renamed both itself and its eponymous handheld games console in preparation for the device's launch this summer.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

Danes tag kids with Bluetooth

Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens opened its gates today for the Summer season and, for the first time, mums and dads do not have to worry about their kids getting lost in one of the world's oldest amusement parks.
Jan Libbenga, 16 Apr 2004

Apple confirms UK AppleStore opening

Apple CFO Fred Anderson this week confirmed reports that the company will open a flagship European store in London by the end of the year.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

US proposes rigorous spam sentencing

The US Sentencing Commission (USSC) sent its proposals for sentencing spammers off to Congress this week.
John Leyden, 16 Apr 2004

T-Mobile equips US uni with guest Wi-Fi access

T-Mobile has equipped Washington, DC-based American University with a cross-campus Wi-Fi network for visitors to the institution.
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2004

Investor dumps SCO

The major speculator backing The SCO Group's legal jihad against Linux wants its money back. Marin County, California-based equity fund BayStar Capital invested $20m in SCO back in October, confident that the Utah firm had a strong legal case. Now Baystar says SCO has breached the agreement and wants to redeem its investment, which takes the form of 20,000 shares of SCO's Series A Convertible Preferred Stock. SCO doesn't agree, and wants to hang on to the cash. The terms were amended in February.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Apr 2004

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