15th April 2004 Archive

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  • Christmas continues for iPod sales

    Macs down, profits steady

    Financial News 15 Apr 00:27

  • Apple closes California plant

    Jobs stay Stateside

    Financial News 15 Apr 00:29

  • X is now free of XFree86

    What's on the end of this Fork?

    Operating Systems 15 Apr 01:27

  • ADSL virgin seeks warm, friendly...

    ...installation of wireless networking

    Broadband 15 Apr 08:18

  • Getting connected to online backups

    One thing well

    PCs 15 Apr 08:18

  • BT faces EC investigation over business rates

    Illegal government aid?

    Broadband 15 Apr 08:21

  • ATI readies PCI Express Radeon X880 XT

    Mid-June launch

    Channel 15 Apr 08:48

  • DVD Forum punts blue laser HD-DVD

    And Taiwan preps own hi-def video disc format

    Peripherals 15 Apr 09:28

  • 'Java Testing and Design' at 30% off

    Book bargains galore

    Site News 15 Apr 10:10

  • South Korea allows 3G handset subsidies

    40 per cent off W-CDMA

    Mobile 15 Apr 10:16

  • Ex-Infinium exec sues company...

    ...then withdraws suit

    Consoles 15 Apr 10:21

  • 419ers plug into plasma TV market

    Unique Estonian job opportunity

    Security 15 Apr 10:31

  • Cisco thwarts WLAN dictionary attack

    Great LEAP forward

    Security 15 Apr 10:43

  • Boingo wins Linksys hotspot kit promo

    Venues lured with $300-400 a month profit claim

    Broadband 15 Apr 10:51

  • End of the road for EAI?

    Data federation, come on down

    Applications 15 Apr 11:00

  • Working up an appetite for destruction

    Data disposal without tears

    Storage 15 Apr 11:03

  • Real Networks 'seeks alliance' with Apple

    Join us against MS - or else

    Media 15 Apr 11:19

  • Webtapping battle lines drawn

    'Significant risk to the entire Internet'

    Media 15 Apr 12:08

  • Godfather of Web awarded €1m

    Finnish honour for Tim Berners-Lee

    Media 15 Apr 12:10

  • PalmOne preps 28 April PDA updates

    As new Zires surface on e-tail sites

    Mobile 15 Apr 13:25

  • Sony pauses PSX production

    Waiting while dealers' shelves clear

    Consoles 15 Apr 13:50

  • Murderer blogs from behind bars

    Nice little earner for 'Martin the Stutterer'

    Media 15 Apr 13:54

  • EMC acquires strong Q1 revenue growth

    Every ISV helps

    Storage 15 Apr 14:00

  • DHL mulls offshoring remainder of IT staff

    Postal giant sends jobs abroad...

    CIO 15 Apr 14:01

  • NetSky-V spreads on auto-pilot

    Joins assault on P2P sites

    Security 15 Apr 14:08

  • Microsoft charity licence gets lukewarm welcome

    One hand clapping

    Channel 15 Apr 14:17

  • Windows Update groans under patch load

    Download stampede

    Security 15 Apr 15:26

  • Slim Devices slims Squeezbox prices

    Plus Reg reader feedback

    Peripherals 15 Apr 16:02

  • Brits cheat insurance to get gadget upgrades

    Lying Low

    Mobile 15 Apr 20:23

  • Egg decorated for site accessibility in DRC study

    Five stars in disability survey

    Financial News 15 Apr 21:13

  • Patent Office asked to review Microsoft FAT patent

    Write open source software - and go to jail

    Media 15 Apr 21:24

  • For Sun chip chief, an empty roadmap is a clean roadmap

    SPARCs fly

    Servers 15 Apr 22:34

  • Sun tops off poor Q3 by axing execs

    Server brass exits stage loss

    Financial News 15 Apr 22:52