1st April 2004 Archive

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  • Korean RIAA nobbles Samsung music phone

    'This MP3 will self-destruct after three days'

    Mobile 01 08:19

  • Google launches email, takes the Bill Gates defense

    Mucho storage, more ads

    Financial News 01 08:22

  • Europe rebuffs US flight info data grab

    MEPs vote no

    Security 01 08:25

  • Triple setback for music giants' global jihad

    Neither sticks nor carrots are working

    Media 01 08:29

  • Baltimore failures try something else

    Astonishing leap

    Data Centre 01 09:42

  • Europe backs US protest over China chip tax

    'Systemic interest'

    Channel 01 09:46

  • Carphone Warehouse goes Swiss

    Plans 200 new stores

    Mobile 01 09:52

  • BOFH: Taking the fight to the beancounters

    Inventorise this!

    BOFH 01 09:56

  • ATI posts strong Q2

    But don't expect Q3 to be better, it warns

    Channel 01 10:24

  • Jamaica gov cleans up MS act

    'Leading by example'

    Management 01 10:38

  • AMD to drop Athlon 64 taxonomy for Intel's

    Web sites rush to repeat Chinese site's April scoop

    Channel 01 10:46

  • A robot in every home by 2010

    All hail the brave new world of cybernetic Phillipino maids

    Science 01 11:32

  • Ofcom calls BT tariff changes 'a surprise'

    Oh no they're not, says BT, Oh yes they are, says Ofcom

    Broadband 01 11:34

  • Porn-surfing nurse escapes with sack and caution

    Will not be struck off professional register, High Court rules

    Management 01 11:51

  • Internet news guru Matt Drudge uncovers dating scandal

    Reg finds Drudge and Hitchens under covers

    Bootnotes 01 11:54

  • MusicNet to deliver music downloads to UK

    Opens British office

    Media 01 12:04

  • Circuit City buys BestBuy music download supplier

    MusicNow acquired

    Financial News 01 12:21

  • mmO2 recruits Danes for StarMap alliance

    Little guys huddle together

    Mobile 01 12:31

  • Freeserve confirms Wanadoo makeover

    Wanadoo - or Gotadoo?

    Broadband 01 12:39

  • UK.biz largely indifferent to spam tsunami

    Black Death actually mild cold?

    Security 01 13:07

  • US court skins Buffalo Spammer

    Mandatory two to seven years' jail for spam tsunamist

    Security 01 13:26

  • Western Digital to end HDD part code confusion

    Balls to fluid dynamics

    Channel 01 13:36

  • Getting technology contracts right

    Your guide to avoiding the pitfalls

    Small Biz 01 13:56

  • UK probes ‘too good to be true’ Internet offers

    176 sites dredged up during trawl for Web bottom-feeders

    Financial News 01 14:27

  • Intel's Itanium rockets to 64-bit shipment lead

    Marketing miracle cures Sun and IBM

    Bootnotes 01 14:48

  • Security is our ‘biggest ever challenge’ – Gates

    Haven't we been here before?

    Security 01 15:03

  • Vodafone gets visit from the taxman

    Death and taxes...

    Mobile 01 16:26

  • More police needed to tackle e-crime

    LINX calls for extra Bobbies on the Net, rather than more legislation

    Security 01 16:30

  • Netsky tops virus charts by a country mile

    Bagle, pah!

    Security 01 22:42

  • Bug hunters go open source

    Getting in touch with your vulnerabilities

    Security 01 22:48

  • Tech heavyweights explain how to destroy the Internet

    Cerf, Lessig, et al warn US legislators

    Broadband 01 23:10

  • Boffins isolate 'blogging gene'

    It's Emergent, It's Adaptive - It's GMT

    Bootnotes 01 23:40