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Korean RIAA nobbles Samsung music phone

The Korean equivalent of the RIAA has forced Samsung to downgrade the MP3 playback quality of a new media phone.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Apr 2004

Google launches email, takes the Bill Gates defense

Google will use its feted scalability skills to take on Yahoo! in the email business, according to the New York Times.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Apr 2004

Europe rebuffs US flight info data grab

The European Parliament has voted to stop the United States from collecting passenger data on EU citizens. The US Department of Homeland Security had sought access to the flight data, based on PNR (Passenger Name Records) but also including the passenger's email address, and a compromise was reached in January, although details only leaked out earlier this year.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Apr 2004

Triple setback for music giants' global jihad

The music industry's war on file swapping has suffered major three setbacks in recent weeks, and today's rebuff by a Canadian federal court is only the latest tactical defeat.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Apr 2004

Baltimore failures try something else

Baltimore, the failed e-security firm-turned cash shell, is to transform itself into a clean energy solutions supplier. Whatever that is. It has made lots of board changes to create "a world class energy team".
Drew Cullen, 01 Apr 2004

Europe backs US protest over China chip tax

The European Commission is to back US government moves to stop China giving tax breaks to local chip makers.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2004

Carphone Warehouse goes Swiss

The Carphone Warehouse is to acquire N Tel Com - a switchless reseller operating in Switzerland - for £13.3m. It will use the company as a springboard to enter other European markets, including Germany.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2004

BOFH: Taking the fight to the beancounters

Episode 11
Simon Travaglia, 01 Apr 2004

ATI posts strong Q2

ATI's last night reported solid second quarter figures with big gains over the year-ago quarter and a small rise in income over the previous three-month. However, it warned investors not to expect sequential gains going forward.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2004
server room

Jamaica gov cleans up MS act

Microsoft is close to signing a licensing deal with the Jamaican government, which should bring rampant piracy in the public sector under control.
Drew Cullen, 01 Apr 2004

AMD to drop Athlon 64 taxonomy for Intel's

AMD is do drop its Athlon 64 performance rating naming scheme and replace it with a remarkably Intel-like three-digit model number.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2004

A robot in every home by 2010

Today is 1 April, which means two things: newspapers, websites and press releases are full of ridiculous stories designed to fool readers into believing that, for example, Samsung has invented a roboservant which can do the washing up, mow the lawn and clean the car; and newspapers, websites and press releases are full of ridiculous stories designed to fool readers into believing that within ten years Samsung will invent a roboservant which can do the washing up, mow the lawn and clean the car.
Lester Haines, 01 Apr 2004

Ofcom calls BT tariff changes 'a surprise'

The UK's new communications regulator has only been going for three months or so, but already it's involved in a row with the UK's dominant telco.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2004

Porn-surfing nurse escapes with sack and caution

A paediatric nurse dismissed for viewing online hardcore pornography at work has escaped being struck off the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) professional register.
Lester Haines, 01 Apr 2004

Internet news guru Matt Drudge uncovers dating scandal

April Fool**Exclusive**
Ashlee Vance, 01 Apr 2004

MusicNet to deliver music downloads to UK

Digital music distributor MusicNet has opened a UK office ahead of the anticipated debut of numerous download services here over the coming months.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2004

Circuit City buys BestBuy music download supplier

US retail chain Circuit City is to buy online music retailer MusicNow.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2004

mmO2 recruits Danes for StarMap alliance

Sonofon, Denmark's second biggest mobile operator, is joining Starmap, an alliance of Europe's smaller mobile telcos.
Drew Cullen, 01 Apr 2004

Freeserve confirms Wanadoo makeover

Le Freeserve has at last confirmed that it is to change its name to Wanadoo.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2004

UK.biz largely indifferent to spam tsunami

Just one in ten UK organisations consider spam a major issue, and a full third report the spam tsunami is having little or no impact on their business.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2004

US court skins Buffalo Spammer

A US man has been found guilty of sending over 825 million spam emails and faces a mandatory sentence of two to seven years' jail on 14 counts of forgery, identity theft, falsifying business records and criminal possession of a forgery device. Prosecutors claimed he was raking in between $60,000 and $70,000 prior to his arrest in May 2002.
Lester Haines, 01 Apr 2004

Western Digital to end HDD part code confusion

Hard disk manufacturer Western Digital today pledged that the confusion surrounding the supply of its ultra-quiet hard drives based on its new Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) technology should come to an end this month.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2004

Getting technology contracts right

This article is essential reading for both buyers and suppliers of technology and discusses some key points for getting technology contracts right.
Taylor Walton, 01 Apr 2004

UK probes ‘too good to be true’ Internet offers

An international trawl for the bottom-feeders of the Internet has dredged up 176 UK websites making claims that are "too good to be true", the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) reports.
Lester Haines, 01 Apr 2004

Intel's Itanium rockets to 64-bit shipment lead

Intel's can-do spirit paid off today as the company's Itanium processor officially beat out all rival processors in total shipments, according to the latest figures from IHoD (International House of Data).
Ashlee Vance, 01 Apr 2004

Security is our ‘biggest ever challenge’ – Gates

Bill Gates reiterated Microsoft's commitment to improving security yesterday in an email which charts the progress of the firm's two-year old Trustworthy Computing initiative.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2004

Vodafone gets visit from the taxman

Vodafone looks be heading for a dispute with Customs & Excise over allegations concerning unpaid VAT.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2004

More police needed to tackle e-crime

Improved enforcement of existing laws – rather than more regulations – should be a government priority in the fight against crime on the Net.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2004

Netsky tops virus charts by a country mile

The Netsky worm beat off a strong challenge from various Bagle virus variants to top the malware charts last month.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2004

Bug hunters go open source

A project to catalogue and describe security vulnerabilities, derived from the ideals of the open source movement, opened to the public yesterday (31 March).
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2004

Tech heavyweights explain how to destroy the Internet

A group of tech celebs gathered on Capitol Hill this week to brief Congressional aides on how Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can, and probably will, make a complete mess of the Internet in about a year's time.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Apr 2004

Boffins isolate 'blogging gene'

April FoolComics have joked for ages that humans will eventually adapt to technology: growing nimbler thumbs for text messaging, or larger ears to compensate for poor signal reception. But in a remarkable breakthrough, scientists believe they have isolated the gene responsible for one specific kind of computer activity - and the race is on to commercialize it.
Meme De Chose, 01 Apr 2004

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