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Oracle pitches EC over Peoplesoft

Oracle will this week try to reassure the European Commission that its proposed takeover of Peoplesoft will not reduce competition.
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Facial ID as plain as the smile on your face

The way you smile could uniquely identify you, and provide a basis for new facial recognition technology.
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Logicalis flogs ANZ ops to IBM

Logicalis, the networking reseller, has sold its Australian and New Zealand operations to IBM for AUS$88.5m (US$66m) in cash and repayment of loans.

Newport Networks set for float

Terry Matthews' latest company, Newport Networks, is to announce a flotation on AIM, London's junior stock exchange.
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BA prepares to flee opodo

British Airways is set to write off a £40m investment in flight booking website opodo.
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China agrees to US chip tax talks

China has agreed to discuss a complaint made against the tax rebates it offers local chip makers with US trade representatives.

BT cable fire causes ‘extensive damage’ in Manchester

More than 130,000 homes and businesses are without BT voice and data services this morning following a devastating fire in underground cable tunnels in Manchester.
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Betfair and FA deal on dodgy bets

Betfair has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Football Association to counter dodgy gamblers exploiting its website.
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Powergen vs whistle-blower case adjourned

A civil trial between Powergen and a customer who highlighted a serious breach in consumer security at the utility more than three years ago has been adjourned until 16 June.
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MCI appeals ancient EC decision

MCI, the telco formerly known as WorldCom, is appealing a decision by the European Commission which stopped it acquiring Sprint in 2000.
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Can AMD's Alchemy turn Wi-Fi into gold?

AMD has begun to address Intel's almost total domination of the Wi-Fi market by launching a hotspot co-marketing scheme designed to promote its Alchemy WLAN chips.
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Intel, Dell sued over SSE, HyperThreading

Dell and Intel found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit alleging patent infringement this past Friday, courtesy of media processor company MicroUnity Systems Engineering.
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Thus looks to profit in 2005

Thus has issued an upbeat pre-close trading statement for the year ended 31 March.
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LGA775 Pentium 4 slips ‘to ship June’

Intel's 775-pin version of its 90nm Pentium 4 processor - aka 'Prescott' - will not now appear in May but sometime during the following month.
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Glasgow hands THUS £42m comms deal

THUS has won a £42m contract to upgrade and replace Glasgow City Council's (GCC) communications network infrastructure as part of the Access Glasgow program.
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ATI preps Radeon 9550, 9550 SE

ATI is preparing a low-end to mid-range DirectX 9.0 parts, the Radeon 9550 and 9550 SE, according to a number of Chinese websites, one of which even has pics of the part.
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NASA scramjet hits Mach 7

NASA scientists are delighted - and doubtless relieved - at the successful launch and testing of their X-43A scramjet vehicle on Saturday.
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Telstra faces court over broadband price cuts

Australia's competition watchdog is gearing up for a legal battle against incumbent telco Telstra.
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Maths boffins secure $750,000 Abel prize

The second Abel Prize has been awarded to Michael Francis Atiyah and Isadore M. Singer for "their discovery and proof of the index theorem, bringing together topology, geometry and analysis, and their outstanding role in building new bridges between mathematics and theoretical physics".
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How to hack a network in nine easy steps

Grey hat hackers have released proof of concept code to exploit a wide variety of previously-announced security vulnerabilities to Cisco Systems' networking kit.
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Centrica mulls legal action over BT tariffs

Centrica is considering legal action over BT's decision to scrap its standard rate tariff.
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Symbian falters in battle with Microsoft

The battle between Nokia and Microsoft to dominate the mobile operating system was thrown into sharp relief this week as both upgraded their software platforms. And LG Electronics - currently the dynamic player among the handset top five - licensed both systems.
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AMD Athlon 64 FX-53

Review It was September 2003 when we last saw an Athlon 64 FX break cover. That was the much applauded, if slightly pricey 2.2GHz FX-51. The latest FX CPU from AMD is the FX-53, featuring an architecturally identical core to the FX-51 but running instead at a slightly faster core speed of 2.4GHz, writes Wayne Brooker.
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Infinium Labs countersues HardOCP

Florida-based broadband console proponent Infinium Labs has finally instigated a lawsuit against technology news website HardOCP in response to the latter's pre-emptive suit filed in Texas recently.
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Indian ‘Simputer’ to bridge digital divide

In a nation where only nine in 1,000 people own a computer, a long-awaited device has finally been launched to bring the poor into the information age.
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Expedia buys Egencia

Expedia, the world's biggest online travel agent, is getting into the European corporate market with the acquisition of Egencia, a VC-backed French firm. Terms are undisclosed.
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The integration market: survival of the fittest

The future of the integration market remains an uncertain one, writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. Using a fairly general definition of the beast to include messaging, adapters, BPM (business process management), BAM (business activity monitoring), and so forth, the concern is that there appear to be a very large number of companies - around 100 - all fighting for a slice of the same pie. Clearly, it is not possible for them all to survive.
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MCI to axe 4,000 US jobs

MCI, the company formerly known as Worldcom, is to axe 4,000 jobs in the US.
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UK, Oz album sales rise despite ‘Kazaa crisis’

Analysis The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the UK equivalent of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recently claimed that new research proves that illegal file-sharing is hitting labels' wallets hard.
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South Korea slaps cuffs on Web satrist

A 21-year-old South Korean student has been arrested and charged with disseminating false information after he posted pictures on the Internet, poking fun at politicians.

MYOB swoops on Solution 6

MYOB is scooping up Solution 6, a fellow Australian business software firm, in a share swap worth AUS$234m (US$175m). Solution 6 shareholders will end up with 33 per cent of the enlarged group.
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Mobe-deprived teen attacks mother with knife

A crazed 14-year-old girl from Hong Kong had to be subdued by police with pepper spray, after she attacked her dear old ma with a knife and wooden pole and chased her around their flat. This must rate as the Godzilla of all teen strops.
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Operators tout FreeMove ‘easy roaming’ alliance

European mobile phone operators Orange, Telecom Italia Mobile, T-Mobile and Telefónica Móviles today pledged to co-operate and make roaming much easier for their 230 million customers worldwide - particularly as the industry starts to roll out commercial 3G services.
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Virgin Mobile 'preps £1.3bn float'

Everyone knows that Virgin Mobile will float. The only questions are: when and for how much? The Guardian today supplies the answers, courtesy of uncited sources: June and £1.3bn.
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MS readies WinCE 5.0 preview

Microsoft today said it will offer a preview release of its embedded operating system - now minus the .NET suffix - Windows CE 5.0.
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Former security czar morphs into Rasputin

Opinion National security emerged as the sole political trophy of this year's presidential campaign, after a brutal week of Washington infighting over a controversial book by former security czar Richard Clarke.
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Goodmans touts home PC line-up

The Alba Group, the UK toasters-to-TVs maker, is to enter the PC market, offering a series of home-oriented machines under its Goodmans brand.
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Bush promises universal broadband access

George Bush wants all US citizens to have broadband Internet access by 2007.
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UK small.biz is lousy at virus protection

Britain is the worst country at updating virus software - or the most honest when talking to researchers.
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Campaigners fight biometric passports

Civil liberties and privacy groups have launched a campaign against airline industry plans to create a massive international database of passport holders tied together with "flawed" biometric technology.
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Nanotech buckyballs kill fish

Scientists today announced research suggesting buckyball molecules can trigger organ damage in fish, raising fears over the safety of the technology. When added to aquarium water, the particles also devastated the population of Daphnia, the tiny water-fleas near the bottom of the food chain.

BT fire disrupts emergency services

A major cable fire in Manchester has brought chaos to the region as emergency services struggle to cope with a communication blackout.
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NetSky-Q worm targets Kazaa and eDonkey

NetSky-Q, the latest worm in the ever-expanding NetSky series, is programmed to launch a DDoS on sites run by popular file-sharing services such as KaZaA and eDonkey from infected Windows PCs.
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US Xbox price cut to $149

Microsoft has slashed the price of the Xbox in America to $149 in a move which will take effect as of tomorrow, while certain evidence suggests that the cut may also be extended to other territories.