24th March 2004 Archive

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  • Wal-Mart and Sun share Linux desktop lust

    Java what?

    Personal 24 02:59

  • TSMC files ‘verification’ of SMIC spy claim

    Trade secret theft charges backed by 'eyewitnesses'

    Channel 24 10:11

  • PC-hungry girls love science – true

    But boys just wanna have fun

    Personal 24 10:21

  • BT simplifies tariffs

    See what competition can do?

    Broadband 24 10:22

  • DVD Forum denies ‘AAC for DVD Audio’ approval

    Choice is a 'done deal', say Working Group sources

    Media 24 10:54

  • RIAA sues lots more students

    RIAA took my baby away

    Media 24 11:08

  • Dutch Internet blackmailer gets 10 years

    Almost pulled off the perfect e-crime

    Security 24 11:13

  • IBM unleashes Jurassic predator on Japan

    How to celebrate 40 years of power servers in grand style

    Servers 24 11:17

  • IBM moots BPEL-Java fusion

    BPELJ offers 'complete business process applications'

    Data Centre 24 12:09

  • Starbucks brings Wi-Fi to 154 UK stores

    If only it was as 'cheap' as the coffee...

    Broadband 24 12:11

  • Who ate my text messages?

    Transatlantic traffic swallowed by SMS Bermuda Triangle?

    Mobile 24 12:12

  • AOL mulls major restructuring

    Report suggests big changes in the pipeline

    Business 24 12:13

  • Fire-breathing buses threaten London

    Screaming commuters flee Godzilla-style carnage

    Science 24 12:16

  • MS gets EU fine, orders for server info and WMP-free Windows

    And the Commission as the monkey on the back of its business model

    Software 24 12:19

  • Disgruntled ex-employee arrested for keystroke caper

    US insurance salesman 'bugged' bosses' PC

    Security 24 12:36

  • Apple delays dualie Xserve G5 to April

    Single-CPU boxes ship at last

    Servers 24 12:37

  • HP puts Linux on the desktop

    Another win for Novell's SUSE

    Financial News 24 15:29

  • Red Hat revenues up

    'A year marked by great execution'

    Financial News 24 15:42

  • Aussie boffins discover fifth form of carbon

    Strewth - it's magnetic!

    Science 24 15:42

  • Sun welcomes EC Microsoft ruling

    'Enormously significant' decision...

    Software 24 15:49

  • Windows ruling is biggest IP heist in EU history, claims MS

    Company plays IP crown jewels card, drops WTO hints

    Software 24 15:50

  • Eutelsat denies rogue diallers accusation

    Angry customers barking up wrong satellite

    Security 24 15:51

  • MS bigs up Windows XP SP2

    Beta prelude to security Summer of love

    Applications 24 15:52

  • Ofcom to examine BT tariff change

    Competition concerns

    Broadband 24 16:26

  • Five University of Northern Colorado students caught in RIAA John Doe suits

    Nothing personal, says RIAA in nice letter to Uni

    Broadband 24 16:43

  • Boffins grow breasts on mice

    We're not even going to go there - this is cancer research

    Science 24 16:46

  • 60k AOL UK punters hit by billing cock-up


    Broadband 24 17:17

  • Gnome emerges unscathed from hack attack

    Small-scale intrusion on Web server, no files dead

    Data Centre 24 17:35

  • BT engineer denies deflowering lesbian

    Telco launches investigation into Internet auction suspect

    Bootnotes 24 21:38

  • Have fun with Wi-Fi in a rucksack

    But just don’t expect to pick up your emails

    Broadband 24 21:47

  • Cretinous hacks in Cretaceous – Jurassic outrage

    What's 80m years between friends?

    Letters 24 21:49

  • Red Hat powers ahead of Novell?

    It ain't necessarily so

    Data Centre 24 21:51

  • Opera browser to recognise speech

    So when will it start singing?

    Software 24 22:07

  • CNET developer site offshores to India

    'We're getting a better interface with producers of the content'

    Management 24 22:13