23rd March 2004 Archive

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  • Microsoft faces ‘one per cent’ fine

    €497m misdemeanor

    Business 23 03:05

  • Demon founder bailed on blackmail charges

    Stanford in court

    Business 23 09:33

  • HP to ship Brocade low-end switches

    Broad sweep of product updates

    Storage 23 10:15

  • Anti-spammers press for own domain

    Nine names, 10 proposals

    Media 23 10:19

  • Nvidia, ATI strengthen mobile phone graphics ties

    Symbian, Qualcomm partnerships

    Mobile 23 10:22

  • German chancellor attacks ‘unpatriotic’ offshoring

    Unpatriotic maybe, but so much cheaper

    Business 23 10:24

  • E-minister calls for business broadband targets for 2010

    Doing well but could do better

    Small Biz 23 10:30

  • IBM CPU sales rocket…

    ...but fails to dent Intel, AMD market shares

    Channel 23 10:53

  • Kodak triumphs with 3D screen – possibly

    And exactly how it works is a mystery

    Personal 23 11:08

  • Motorola and MBOA split on UWB

    Two specs risk chaos and slowdown

    Broadband 23 11:09

  • Napster picks former Capital FM song picker to pick songs

    But will Jeff Smith pick 'too much pop'?

    Media 23 11:38

  • Novell loves Linux (true)

    Torvalds pops up at BrainShare

    Data Centre 23 11:48

  • Lock down gambling sites, go to jail

    Rough justice for security professionals - DoJ style

    Security 23 11:49

  • Optical storage: destined for oblivion?

    Reports of its demise may be premature

    Storage 23 11:50

  • BT dominance ‘unacceptable’, say MPs

    Punters confused over tariffs and providers

    Business 23 11:56

  • Microsoft gets new UK boss

    It's all go at the top, allegedly...

    Channel 23 12:00

  • IE flaw exposes weakness in Yahoo! filtering

    Defences down

    Security 23 12:07

  • LinuxUser Expo rewards open source excellence

    Loads of laureates at this year's London shindig

    Software 23 13:12

  • New Zealand to ‘legalise CD piracy’ – music biz

    Just for making personal copies, actually

    Media 23 14:03

  • C&W has good day in court

    Two out of three class actions dismissed

    Business 23 14:07

  • MPs accuse Oftel of failure to help consumers

    Pressure on Ofcom to deliver

    Business 23 14:12

  • Russian nuclear warship ‘ready to blow’

    Peter the Great ordered back to port

    Science 23 14:13

  • BOFH: Hitting the savegame panic button

    Drastic measures in the dungeon of drudgery

    BOFH 23 14:36

  • Supercool atoms and quantum computing

    Hot stuff at the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Conference

    Science 23 15:02

  • Judge delays Kazaa case to clear up ‘mess’

    Seized material not properly sifted

    Media 23 15:11

  • Europeans indifferent to 3G

    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn

    Mobile 23 15:17

  • Crikey – a freebie toolbar that works!

    Cram access to entire planet into slim desktop aid

    Media 23 16:01

  • Dixons bottom of ‘customer respect’ index

    Research flawed, says retailer

    Channel 23 16:01

  • Develop Linux applications in a jiffy

    Tasty Mozilla titles and lots more at 30 per cent off

    Site News 23 16:03

  • AMD faces legal action over ‘zealous’ Wi-Fi promotion

    Sites alleged to have been branded without permission

    Broadband 23 17:08

  • Red Hat wins pre-load slot on IBM POWER servers

    Big deal

    Servers 23 17:40

  • MS waves goodbye to bCentral

    Meet the replacement

    Small Biz 23 17:54

  • DVD Forum chooses Apple music format for DVD Audio

    AAC 'sounds better' than WMA, MP3 et al

    Personal 23 20:14