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Did Register staffer mastermind ‘call-girl weblog’ conspiracy?

The Register's very own San Francisco reporter Andrew Orlowski has become the latest and surely the most unlikely name to be associated with Belle de Jour.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Mar 2004

Phishing attacks ‘on the rise’

Despite a handful of successful criminal prosecutions and an increase in public awareness, February saw a marked increase in the number of new variations of the spam-borne swindle called "phishing".
Kevin Poulsen, 21 Mar 2004

Witty attacks your firewall and destroys your data

A new worm that, ironically, makes sport of Win-32 systems defended by BlackIce and RealSecure firewall products from Internet Security Systems (ISS) began circulating Saturday.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Mar 2004

Phatbot primed to steal your credit card details

A Trojan horse-type computer virus called Phatbot can steal credit card numbers and launch denial of service attacks on Web sites.
ElectricNews.net, 21 Mar 2004

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