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17th March 2004 Archive

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  • Why Microsoft ‘Shared Source’ can never be trusted

    Trojan wars and Cold Wars

    Software 17 03:30

  • 3Com launches desktop IP phone

    Hear a PIN drop

    Data Networking 17 08:52

  • Net hermit to ditch DotComGuy moniker

    'Life-changing decision'

    Media 17 09:33

  • Ballmer presses Monti for compromise

    Please, please, please...

    Software 17 09:36

  • Ebookers chief defends offshoring

    Get with the global programme..

    Data Centre 17 09:47

  • Voda slapped for ‘Best Network’ claim


    Mobile 17 10:27

  • Groupe Bull feels cold steel of EU probe

    French gob bailout under the microscope

    Business 17 10:27

  • Nokia goes it alone on push-to-talk

    Technical standards punch-up looming

    Mobile 17 10:34

  • Business optimism and investment jitters

    Good cheer does not translate into IT spend

    Business 17 10:37

  • Progressive CIOs deliver real IT value

    Challenging conventional wisdom

    Data Centre 17 10:51

  • Medion brings best-selling GPS PDA to UK

    Make your way to Halfords

    Mobile 17 10:55

  • Intel plots 4MB L2, 64-bit desktop CPU

    Conroe to bring Pentium M family to the desktop

    Channel 17 10:57

  • Taking the fight to the hackers

    30% off security titles, and more

    Site News 17 10:57

  • East Germany warms to Internet

    More online for longer

    Media 17 11:13

  • Atheros updates Wi-Fi speed booster tech

    Will no longer degrade nearby WLANs

    Broadband 17 11:25

  • HP deploys Linux desktops in Asia

    Turbolinux goes down a bundle

    Software 17 11:31

  • UK gov backs £1m blueprint for open source switchers

    Local government seizes the initiative

    Software 17 12:29

  • AOL future uncertain – report

    Could be flogged, floated or 'restructured'

    Media 17 12:29

  • UK Net paedo crackdown bags 600

    Operation Ore progress report

    Media 17 12:45

  • Opera 7 for Mac OS X goes live

    'Unfinished and unsupported beta-quality' preview

    Software 17 13:06

  • Philips faces legal challenge over fluid lens technology

    War among the electrowetters...

    Mobile 17 13:21

  • DiData wipes slate clean with Proxicom disposal

    And boy, is it a big slate

    Channel 17 13:41

  • MS seeks enforcer & revenue generator for trademarks

    'At the cutting edge of legal developments'

    Bootnotes 17 13:43

  • Siemens launches ‘rugged’ multimedia mobile

    Cased in rubber and metal

    Mobile 17 13:59

  • HP top (channel) dog for PCs

    Don't call them a printer company...

    Business 17 14:13

  • Siemens unwraps 1.3 megapixel camera phone

    32MB memory, Bluetooth to attract business buyers

    Mobile 17 14:18

  • Data Protection – getting it right

    With a little help from the information commissioner

    Small Biz 17 14:26

  • Nokia introduces ‘megapixel’ mobile

    Well, just under a meg, actually

    Mobile 17 14:43

  • Kazaa coder sues Sharman Networks

    It's my code and I want $25m

    Media 17 15:06

  • Carrera picks bones of Multivision

    Company gone but some jobs may be saved

    Channel 17 15:07

  • Police offer ‘stolen’ mobe insurance fraud amnesty

    Investigating bogus reports costs UK forces millions

    Mobile 17 15:11

  • Sony music download service to launch in June

    Will only support own-brand music player

    Media 17 15:28

  • Gershon retires from the Office of Government Commerce

    Successor picked from inside

    Data Centre 17 15:56

  • DoJ goes after Oracle's hidden secrets

    Wants discount papers to block PeopleSoft takeover

    Data Centre 17 16:00

  • Budget sells IT industry short – Intellect

    UK will not attract investment

    Business 17 16:22

  • Jobs: Apple will not meet 100m song download goal

    Poor results from the Pepsi promotion

    Mac Channel 17 16:25

  • Delivering the 12kb Bomb

    Total system compromise, some assembly required

    Security 17 17:19

  • Carphone Warehouse SMS spam ruling reversed

    Interpretation of 'explicit consent'

    Mobile 17 17:20

  • VoIP set to generate megabucks

    Broadband operators brace for cash tsunami

    Broadband 17 17:22

  • Online extortionists target Cheltenham

    Bookies attacked, cash demanded

    Security 17 17:39