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Explosive Cold War Trojan has lessons for Open Source exporters

China has irked US wireless manufacturers by insisting that they conform to the PRC's encryption technology, we reported last week. Some commentators have castigated China for protecting its own fledgling tech industry. But that excludes the country's very understandable security concerns.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Mar 2004

EU states back Microsoft penalties

All fifteen EU countries have backed Mario Monti's draft proposals for sanctions agains Microsoft for abusing its dominant market position.
John Oates, 16 Mar 2004

EC approves Infineon state aid package

The European Commission is expected to allow the Portuguese government to grant chip maker Infineon €41m ($50.3m) in order to expand a local DRAM plant.
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Chancellor to squeeze Betfair

Betfair, the wildly popular and controversial betting exchange, could be hammered in tomorrow's Budget.
John Oates, 16 Mar 2004
Wi-fi symbol made out of clouds. Photo by Shutterstock

Toilets are cleaner than computers

The average worker's desk is contaminated with more germs than a toilet seat, according to a University of Arizona study.
ElectricNews.net, 16 Mar 2004

Russian Itanium slayer samples first 130nm processor

Elbrus, the would-be Itanium slayer, has begun sampling its 64-bit processor, the Russian company has announced.
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Security: getting the facts about cybergeddon

When everyone in the security world has something to sell, it's harder than ever to get straight answers about genuine threats.
Tim Mullen, 16 Mar 2004

Boffins get their circuits in a twist

A Baltimore research team has developed a technique for building electrical circuitry that can bend and stretch like rubber. It could be used to make artificial nerves, rubbery needles or wearable electronics.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Mar 2004

AOL warns of falling revs as punters flee service

AOL has warned that the "significant" erosion of subscriber numbers looks set to continue as the Internet giant faces stiffer competition from broadband and cheaper dial-up services.
Tim Richardson, 16 Mar 2004

Nortel suspends finance chiefs

Nortel Networks yesterday put its two most senior financial officers on paid leave. Douglas Beatty, chief financial officer, and Michael Gollogly, fincncial controller, have been suspended pending completion of the independent review into accounting practices.
John Leyden, 16 Mar 2004

Tracking inflation by the mega-pixel

Digital cameras have officially arrived. They have been added to the Consumer Price Index shopping basket - the selection of consumer goods used to track inflation in the UK. Mini-disc players, however, have been dropped from the basket, a sign of fading popularity.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Mar 2004

Seeking the continuous playing platform

AnalysisThere are perhaps 200 million home games platforms currently being used on the planet and perhaps around 90m current-generation devices.
Faultline, 16 Mar 2004

FCC attempts telco compromise

FFC chairman Michael Powell's reaction to having his new telco wholesale rules rejected by a US court has been to kick the entire thing back to the leading telcos and call them to the negotiating table.
Faultline, 16 Mar 2004

EDS: new lease of life for PLM business

IT Services provider Electronic Data Systems is to get a much-needed $2.05bn cash injection through the sale of its product lifecycle management software business to a group of three private equity firms. EDS has struggled to grow the business, but there are encouraging signs for the new owners.
Datamonitor, 16 Mar 2004

Amiga flogs off ‘classic’ OS

Amiga, the one great hope for the future of the 1980s games platform, has sold off the operating system for which it is named.
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Easynet buys Dutch broadband outfit

UK broadband outfit Easynet is to gobble up Novaxess Beheer BV, a Dutch outfit that, like Easynet, is big into providing high-speed Internet services over unbundled local loops.
Tim Richardson, 16 Mar 2004

eBay scamming teen faces 40 years jail

A teenager from Gainsville, Georgia, faces a possible 40 years in jail for ripping off eBay customers.
Lester Haines, 16 Mar 2004

BOFH: Enforcing the excremental IP

Episode 9
Simon Travaglia, 16 Mar 2004

Gov UK names broadband aggregation bidders

The UK Government has named 17 companies that will be able to bid for public sector contracts for broadband.
Tim Richardson, 16 Mar 2004

Starbucks launches in-store CD burning service

Coffee shop chain Starbucks today unveiled its digital music initiative, as expected, offering beverage imbibers the chance to "burn full-length albums and personalised compilations from a comprehensive digital library".
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Lindows asks US court to halt MS ‘worldwide assault’

Lindows has asked the US District Court in the Western district of Washington to stop Microsoft filing trademark lawsuits against it in other countries
John Oates, 16 Mar 2004

‘Software detox’ deadline looms

The Business Software Alliance is reminding British businesses that the deadline for its 'software detox' campaign is fast approaching.
John Oates, 16 Mar 2004
Wi-fi symbol made out of clouds. Photo by Shutterstock

AMD to launch Wi-Fi network

Chip maker AMD has quietly rolled out a network of Wi-Fi hotspots. The company will formally launch the service next quarter, The Register has learned.
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Revealed: sultry Sedna's sizzling secrets

It's good to see that the UK media is straight on the case analysing exactly how the identification of distant planet Sedna will benefit humanity.
Lester Haines, 16 Mar 2004

Cisco retails networked hotel vision

Cisco Systems paraded its vision of the networked hotel of the future last week with the official launch of the first hotel in Ireland to offer premium IP-telephony based services.
John Leyden, 16 Mar 2004

Computacenter profits up

Computacenter, Europe's biggest computer reseller, made sales of almost £2.5bn for the year ended December 31 2003.
John Oates, 16 Mar 2004

200,000 Wi-Fi laptops up for grabs – if you're an Essex schoolkid

Essex County Council is making 200,000 Centrino-based laptops available to teachers and pupils over the next three years.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Mar 2004

Boeing to offer roaming via in-flight WLANs

Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems subsidiary and Boeing are to seek ways in which the aircraft maker's in-flight WLAN service, Connexion, can be tied in to T-Systems' wireless ISP-oriented roaming enablement platform.
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Co-op IT staff to strike over SCC outsourcing gig

Twenty-one IT staff at Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) are due to begin a 24-hour strike tomorrow in protest at a decision to outsource their jobs to SCC, the leading UK reseller.
Tim Richardson, 16 Mar 2004

IBM prepares Opteron workstation charge

IBM will bulk up its line of Opteron-based products later this year with the roll-out of a new workstation.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Mar 2004

MPs hold inquiry into UK computer crime law

The All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG) is to hold a public inquiry to see if Britain’s key computer crime law - the Computer Misuse Act 1990 - needs updating.
John Leyden, 16 Mar 2004

IT guru donates millions to Oxford

Dr James Martin is to have an institute named after him at Oxford University. It will research the global effects of technology.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Mar 2004

Investors scamper from Veritas shares

Investors dumped shares of Veritas on Tuesday, reacting to a second restatement of financial results in as many years.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Mar 2004

HP to bundle iTunes ‘late March’

Apple's recent launch of a version of its iTunes jukebox software geared toward users of HP and Compaq-branded consumer PCs will be followed later this month by the inclusion of the software with new machines.
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2004

Storage software is all the rage in Q4

The market for storage software surged in the fourth quarter with particularly strong growth for much-hyped storage resource management (SRM) products.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Mar 2004

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