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Broken CD with wrench

TruLogica proboscis grows out of HP's adaptive enterprise

HP's Adaptive Enterprise vision keeps on evolving with the purchase of yet another software appendage - TruLogica.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Mar 2004

Intel preps Xeon chipset with discrete memory manager

Intel's upcoming 'Twin Castle' chipset separates the memory controller from the North Bridge chip to yield a three-chip product rather than the usual two-chip set-up.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

Freelancers set for IR35 tax rebate

Thousands of entrepreneurs could have the chance to reclaim money taken from them under the controversial IR35 tax, a consultancy firm has claimed.
Startups.co.uk, 12 Mar 2004

Broadband war breaks out in Australia

There's a right old ding-dong Down Under after incumbent telco Telstra was accused of anti-competitive behaviour.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Oracle profits jumps on new licence sales

A big jump in new Oracle database license sales shows a company in rude health. The enterprise software vendor had a good Q3 with new software license sales up 12 per cent to $847m (2003: $755m).
Drew Cullen, 12 Mar 2004

Guardian Unlimited introduces registration

The Guardian’s website has moved further towards its more commercial competitors with the news that, from today, readers will have to register before they can access stories in its Media section.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Mar 2004

China tells Intel to calm down over Wi-Fi

Intel has been told to "calm down" and reconsider its decision to stop selling Wi-Fi products in China.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

Broadreach to bring major mobile telcos to Wi-Fi market

Public Internet access provider Broadreach Networks will later this month roll out a series of branded Wi-Fi deals with a number of leading ISPs and mobile phone operators, the company has revealed.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

Artimi demos working UWB chips

Cambridge-based UK fabless semiconductor developer Artimi has begun showing off working ultrawideband (UWB) silicon ahead of shipping sample chips later this year, the company said this week.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

Daily Mail group buys Jobsite for £35m

The Daily Mail group (DMGT) is stumping up £35m for Jobsite, the online recruitment business. The group now has a robust vehicle to cross-sell jobs across print and online.
Drew Cullen, 12 Mar 2004

Campaigners triumph in BT favouritism row

Yorkshire Forward has made wholesale changes to a broadband grant scheme that critics claimed was skewed in favour of dominant telco BT.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2004

Nintendo patents handheld emulation software

Nintendo has successfully patented the emulation in software of handheld gaming devices, and the company has already begun challenging emulator developers to cough up royalties.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

My shirt went to America and all I got was a gay sheep

Letters:The majority of your letters this week have been prompted by our less technical offerings. The largest volume of letters, by a huge margin, came in response to the continuing saga of the India T-Shirt. To recap, The NY Times ran a story insinuating that the legendary "My job went to India and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" had originated in the US. This outrage provoked a few barbed comments:
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Mar 2004

Telewest dubs broadband ‘most successful product’

The number of punters subscribing to Telewest's broadband service is accelerating, the cableco reported today.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2004

EC seeks to stamp out Net child porn, racism and spam

The European Commission is investing €50m in cleaning up the Net with a three-year programme, Safer Internet Plus.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Mar 2004

US puts on pair of robotrousers

Some people never learn. Anyone who has ever seen the chilling and prophetic Aardman animation The Wrong Trousers will be fully aware of the perils awaiting he who attempts to produce the world's ultimate pair of strides.
Lester Haines, 12 Mar 2004

Torpoint tames cruel sea in ADSL hook-up

There will be much dancily merrily round the capstan in Torpoint later this month when the town's broadband connection finally hoves into view.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2004

VIA aims latest P4 chipsets at HDTV generation

Reg Kit WatchVIA today launched a pair of integrated chipsets for the Pentium 4, touting the parts' graphics performance delivered courtesy of an S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro core.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

Psion gets green light for Symbian sale to Nokia

Psion weathered its shareholder revolt this morning, when a two to one majority of 67 per cent of the company's shareholders approved the sale of its stake in Symbian to Nokia. That does not however mean that the deal will go ahead, merely that it has passed the first hurdle.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2004

Apple posts Compaq iTunes as HP music store goes live

When HP CEO Carly Fiorina launched the company's digital music service last January, she said the online store and Apple iTunes-derived jukebox software would become available this summer, in the same timeframe that the company will launch its own hard drive-based portable music player.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2004

Unravelling the IP enforcement debate

AnalysisThis week the European Parliament voted to enact the Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement Directive. This legislative framework for dealing with piracy and theft of coptyrighted goods is now sent to the member states, which have two years to enact laws which comply with the directive.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Mar 2004

ICANN: Return of the Jedi Engineers

That strange beast The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) gathered in Rome last week for one of its regular meetings.
Monika Ermert, 12 Mar 2004

Feds slap cuffs on Google stock scammer

The FBI has arrested a Dutch man in connection with a $2.8m stock fraud. Shamoon Rafiq, who has been living in New York City since October 2003, sold non-existent Google stock prior to the company's impending IPO.
Jan Libbenga, 12 Mar 2004

Daftness rewarded during National Science Week

Today marks the start of National Science Week, which, rather bizarrely, lasts for nine days.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Mar 2004

Bush backtracks on offshore czar post

Revelations of Nebraska businessman Tony Raimondo's past dealings in China have cut short his time as the Bush administration's manufacturing czar before he even started.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Mar 2004

Final robot grunts picked for $1million DARPA race

Fifteen teams have shown their mettle and their metal in DARPA's $1 million Grand Challenge event, receiving approval to compete in the contest tomorrow.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Mar 2004

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