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SCO shares keep on sliding

Cash RegisterWhile The SCO Group heats up it licensing attacks, investors continue to dump shares of the company at an astonishing rate.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Mar 2004

Hynix unveils 550MHz DDR ‘first’

Hynix will start mass-producing 550MHz DDR SDRAM chips next month, the memory maker announced this week, claiming the speed's availability as an industry first
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

ATI 'drops pixel, vertex shader 3.0 support' from R420

ATI's upcoming R420 graphics chip will not support DirectX 9's version three pixel and vertex shaders.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

Intel to launch $120 2.4GHz Prescott

Intel has begun hawking a 2.4GHz version of its 90nm 'Prescott' Pentium 4 to system builders and mobo makers, and will ship the part at the end of March.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

MS moves to purge Lindash from Benelux

Microsoft is to sue Lindows over its new name, Lindash, which it adopted a month ago to avoid further legal action in Benelux, Webwereld reports.
Jan Libbenga, 11 Mar 2004

M-Systems ships $40k 90GB Flash drive

Memory specialist M-Systems this week released a 90GB hard drive based not on spindles, platters and mobile read/write heads but solid-state Flash memory.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

George Michael offers free songs on Internet

George Michael has declared that he is going to give his music away for free on the Internet.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Mar 2004

BOFH: Protecting our backs from litigious attack

Letters specialIt's not often that the Vulture Central Letters Directorate allows Reg reporters and contributors to bathe in the warm glow of praise.
Team Register, 11 Mar 2004

Fujitsu Siemens to carry on reselling EMC kit till '08

Fujitsu Siemens has signed on the dotted line to flog EMC storage systems throughout EMEA until 2008. EMC is so delighted that it has promptly named Fujitsu Siemens as its supplier of the year for the second year in a row.
Drew Cullen, 11 Mar 2004

Israeli teen quizzed over US cop file hack

An Israeli teenager suspected of hacking into a US police system and erasing records has been arrested and questioned by local police.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2004

Europe's tail wags Tech Data's dog

The falling dollar and new money from Azlan helped Tech Data to easily exceed year-on-year net income and revenues for Q4, ended 31 January, 2004. The distie giant had net sales of $4.9bn, 22 per cent higher than last Q4's $4bn.
Drew Cullen, 11 Mar 2004

US Senate takes protectionist stance

OpinionThe US has taken another step to protect its jobs from the threat of outsourcing, writes Bloor Research analyst Bob McDowall.
IT-Analysis, 11 Mar 2004

Madrid bombings strain mobile phone network

Mobile operator Telefónica Móviles has appealed to Madrid residents to limit their mobile phone calls to reduce network congestion after this morning's bomb attacks in the Spanish capital.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Mar 2004

Kazaa to appeal data seizure order ruling

Kazaa owner Sharman Networks today said the company will appeal against an Australian Federal judge's ruling that information seizure orders granted to the music industry last month be allowed to stand.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

French music rights holders threaten to sue Apple

Apple's legal woes continue. Yesterday, a French music rights management organisation threatened to sue the Mac maker if it fails to cough up a levy imposed on recording equipment as a compensation against piracy.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

MS legal case: Dash is 'dows, 'dows means Windows, which we own

Court documents obtained by The Register show Microsoft's legal campaign to stamp out Lindows in Benelux becoming positively surreal. In addition to merely demanding the impossible, i.e. blocking Benelux access to the Lindows.com site, the company insists that Lindows.com should stop using names that might sound like names that might sound like names... Well, you get the picture.
John Lettice, 11 Mar 2004

Japanese unveil trumpet-playing robot

Japanese car maker Toyota is resolutely determined not to be outdone in developing the world's most pointless novelty robot.
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2004

Mobile phone sales forecasts up

Following strong sales in the first few weeks of the year, Gartner has upped its forecast for the number of mobile phones to be shipped in 2004 to 580m.
ElectricNews.net, 11 Mar 2004

More NetSky worms. So much for quitting

Two new NetSky worms appeared on the scene yesterday, despite a promise by the original author this week to refrain from releasing any more versions.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2004

Atos Origin: resilient under pressure

The September 2002 acquisition of part of KPMG Consulting's business drove Atos Origin to post a net loss and declining revenue last year. While the company may also struggle initially to absorb Sema, its latest purchase, it remains well placed overall in the IT services sector.
Datamonitor, 11 Mar 2004

Introducing Dasani – the water with added, er, protein

Coca Cola is to be applauded for introducing enhanced water in the form of Dasani - a "cool, vibrant, refreshingly blue" improvement on the original.
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2004

MS delays Yukon

Microsoft yesterday confirmed a decision to delay the next versions of SQL Server and Visual Studio until next year. These are needed for testing and quality assurance work, says the software giant, which until recently has been talked of a 2004 debut for both packages.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2004

Nortel delays results

Nortel Networks is to delay filing 2003 annual financial statements because of continuing investigations.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2004

Amsterdam braced for Apple store invasion

The good burghers of Amsterdam will next month be able to avail themselves of no fewer than three Mac stores - a vast improvement on the one tiny outlet which served the city just a year ago. Two of the new stores will be similar to those of the chain of US Apple-owned stores.
Jan Libbenga, 11 Mar 2004

Starbucks readies music download service

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched the company's iTunes Music Store, he compared each song's 99c price tag with the cost of a latte. The coffee analogy has proved oddly prescient, since Apple may soon be serving up song downloads to Starbucks customers.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2004

Leaked Nintendo DS specs reveal touch screen, Wi-Fi, 3D graphics

A document leaked onto the Internet purporting to be a full specification for Nintendo's forthcoming DS handheld includes a touch panel input device, 802.11 wireless LAN support and a 3D graphics system.
gamesindustry.biz, 11 Mar 2004

Microsoft, Sun, IBM and the war for government desktops

AnalysisIt's been a good year so far for Microsoft UK - a couple of high profile open source insurrections in the public sector headed off, and an honorary knighthood for Bill, so who could ask for more? But the UK could be where Microsoft finally begins to taste defeat on the desktop, and where the Windows franchise starts to buckle.
John Lettice, 11 Mar 2004

HP owes Canada $120m, claims official

The Canadian government has fingered Hewlett Packard in a C$159m ($120m) services contract scandal.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Mar 2004

IBM woos SMBs with new servers

IBM continues to go after the small business market with a pair of new low-cost servers.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Mar 2004

Microsoft encouraged anti-Linux investment – shock!

In a revelation that may damage Microsoft's impeccable open source credentials, Business Week has revealed that Microsoft staff encouraged a San Francisco-area investment company to invest in the SCO Group. The SCO Group is embroiled in a lawsuit against IBM and two companies who use Linux software, claiming that they all owe SCO money.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Mar 2004

BT goes broadband crazy

BT is gearing up for the second phase of its broadband strategy after declaring that the "coverage issue is now behind us".
Tim Richardson, 11 Mar 2004

Yahoo! and MSN to dilute Google supremacy

Top Web destination Google will continue to be a success, but rivals MSN and Yahoo! won't be shut out by any means, Forrester predicts
ElectricNews.net, 11 Mar 2004

SCO lifts skirt but investors recoil

Cash RegisterTrying to spur a bit of confidence in its shares, The SCO Group announced a stock buyback program today, touting itself as an "attractive investment opportunity."
Ashlee Vance, 11 Mar 2004

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