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Microsoft wins latest Halloween PR bout – without really trying

AnalysisMicrosoft and SCO will be delighted by the reaction to Eric Raymond's latest Halloween Memo. Facing fairly incriminating evidence on the charge that both parties want to wipe out free software development, Microsoft walked free on the lesser charge of funding SCO's specific legal campaign against Linux, under the Scottish verdict of "not proven".
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Mar 2004

Feds: email subpoena ruling hurts law enforcement

A federal appeals court has declined to reverse last year's decision that the issuance of an egregiously overbroad subpoena for email can qualify as a computer intrusion in violation of anti-hacking laws. This is despite an argument by the Justice Department that a side-effect of the ruling has already made it harder for law enforcement officials to obtain Americans' private email.
Kevin Poulsen, 06 Mar 2004

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