5th March 2004 Archive

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  • The Mac's ‘ultimate remote control’ leaps forward

    Salling Clicker arrives on Series 60

    Mac Channel 05 00:29

  • Microsoft ‘takes hard drive out’ of Xbox 2

    Flash supplier spills the beans

    Personal 05 10:00

  • Does open source software enhance security?

    Yes, but not for the reasons many think

    Security 05 10:15

  • Intel narrows Q1 revenue forecast

    Lower guidance

    Channel 05 10:24

  • AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 to launch this month

    939-pin version to follow in May

    Channel 05 10:55

  • Massive demand for umlauted domains

    German stampede leads to über-subscription

    Media 05 11:22

  • Belgacom IPO will generate €4bn windfall

    Telco's market value to rise to €11bn

    Business 05 11:23

  • SCO confirms MS ‘smoking gun’ email is genuine

    But neither smoking, nor a gun, insists SCO

    Mac Channel 05 11:24

  • Softbank rocked by giant data leak

    4.5m punters hit, execs distraught and out of pocket

    Security 05 11:24

  • Dutch PC buyers threaten Dell

    What do we want? TFTs! When do we want them? Now!

    Channel 05 11:44

  • BT knocks Tiscali in ad. Tiscali gets cross


    Broadband 05 11:50

  • Tinfoil hats to retail with RFID tags?

    All the latest from El Reg's post bag

    Letters 05 11:53

  • Wags hijack TV channel's on-screen ticker

    Not quite the weather report viewers expected

    Security 05 12:18

  • Business Objects makes Crystal Decisions

    Product line merger clear as, well, crystal

    Data Centre 05 12:22

  • Wippit preps ‘EasyJet-style’ music download scheme

    No frills

    Media 05 12:48

  • Linksys clarifies Netgear comms breakdown

    Reason behind collapse of bridge on the river Wi-Fi

    Broadband 05 12:50

  • Cisco dismisses VoIP snooping concerns

    Safe as houses, us

    Data Networking 05 13:09

  • Doom developer ‘confirms’ N-Gage 2

    Romero spills guts beans

    Mobile 05 13:30

  • Sex no bar to geekdom

    Girls and boys all like their toys

    Bootnotes 05 14:10

  • C of E seeks dynamic cybervicar

    Online Anglican ministry

    Bootnotes 05 14:10

  • Brazil loves Linux – true

    MS sidelined in steamy open source samba

    Software 05 14:10

  • Virus writers in malicious code hide-and-seek

    Bagle Zip shenanigans test new AV techniques

    Security 05 14:26

  • Ask Jeeves if it ate Excite.com

    The answer is yes, for $343m

    Business 05 14:37

  • HardOCP takes big stick to Infinium

    Spat develops into legal brawl

    Personal 05 15:19

  • Russian arctic castaways await rescue

    Airlift imminent for beleaguered boffins

    Science 05 15:22

  • Samsung joins IBM 65nm R&D team

    Licenses 90nm fab tech too

    Channel 05 15:23

  • Nvidia touts GDDR 3 ‘first’

    GeForce FX 5700 Ultra boards to ship with fast RAM

    Channel 05 15:55

  • HP holds storage lead in Q4

    Under fire from IBM and EMC

    Storage 05 16:20

  • Symbian sale is for the best, says Psion

    Bird in hand

    Mobile 05 16:41

  • Californian ISP sues Bob Vila site for spam

    Home improvement guru falls foul of CAN-SPAM act

    Security 05 17:14

  • Al Qaeda boss confused phone SIM with cloaking device

    Apparently they make you entirely untraceable...

    Bootnotes 05 17:42

  • CERN celebrates 50th birthday

    I can remember when it was all gluons round here...

    Science 05 17:50

  • Mainframe DB2 emerges from primordial swamp

    Columns, memory and Cube Views. Oh my!

    Data Centre 05 19:01

  • Fireflies aid hunt for ET

    Little green bugs seek little green men

    Science 05 19:33

  • Spam is 10

    Many, many unhappy returns

    Media 05 19:33

  • Oracle strikes back against the Feds

    SAP says eating PeopleSoft is good for everyone (except PeopleSoft)

    Data Centre 05 22:36

  • Eolas' web patent nullified

    Go forth and embed

    Media 05 23:50