3rd March 2004 Archive

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  • Google founder dreams of Google implant in your brain

    Body modification - or channel ploy?

    Media 03 09:12

  • Napster schedules UK launch

    End-of-summer release

    Media 03 09:28

  • Free IT training for London SMEs

    Amazing deal from El Reg and Internet Exchange

    Site News 03 09:33

  • Disappearing disks punish Seagate

    2003 was so much more fun

    Storage 03 09:35

  • DVD Forum mandates Microsoft for HD disc spec

    All your HD DVD belong to us

    Personal 03 09:51

  • Chip sales fell in January

    Well up on January 2003, though

    Channel 03 10:03

  • Attack of the Profit-Killer Worms

    ISPs take it on the chin

    Security 03 10:08

  • Drugs agency calls for crackdown in e-pharmacies

    Illegal trade targets the vulnerable

    Media 03 10:12

  • AMD to start 90nm production next month…

    ...but we won't see product until late Q3

    Channel 03 10:33

  • MSI to launch ATI-based graphics card line

    Nvidia 'exclusive' over

    Channel 03 10:42

  • Sony confirms PSP to PS2 game portability

    Play games at home, then take them on the road

    Personal 03 11:05

  • AT&T threatens MCI with price war

    Telco threatens nose punching...

    Broadband 03 11:12

  • Passwords are passport to theft

    How secure are you?

    Security 03 11:58

  • Swift justice for Berlin motoring miscreants

    Siemens to blame for speedy penalties

    Media 03 11:59

  • Linksys falls off Wi-Fi bridge

    Breakdown of communication with Netgear, er, gear

    Broadband 03 12:01

  • UK science to get out of the labs and onto the balance sheet

    Talking 'bout money, money

    Science 03 12:16

  • Windows Shorthorn is ‘dead-on-arrival’

    In for the Longhaul

    Software 03 12:20

  • Clerk stashes 20m porn pics

    'Utterly vile' collection of indecent images

    Media 03 13:01

  • Sun shuts Bristol and Cambridge offices

    Staff asked to work at home

    Business 03 13:03

  • DiData reshuffles board

    Disties! Dealers! More Disties! More Dealers!

    Channel 03 13:36

  • Calls to regulate ‘failing’ AV industry

    Be careful of what you wish for

    Security 03 13:56

  • Portsmouth airs UK's first online soap

    'Chalkhill Lives' hits the screens

    Media 03 13:57

  • Welcome to the PowerDesk cyberkitchen

    Integrated chic or threat to mankind?

    Bootnotes 03 13:59

  • Kill the EU IP Rights Enforcement Bill!

    Hunting mosquitos with nukes

    Media 03 14:19

  • Lastminute buys Online Travel Corp

    Big deal

    Business 03 14:42

  • El Reg badly misguided on cyber-terror threat

    Black Ice author Dan Verton sorts us out

    Security 03 14:43

  • EDS job cuts on the way

    Internal memo tells the story

    Media 03 14:43

  • Bernie Ebbers faces criminal charges

    Colleague turns on former WorldCom boss

    Business 03 14:53

  • Sysadmins suffering VoIP headaches

    Tense, nervous network?

    Data Networking 03 15:05

  • 419ers register own TLD

    A good effort by the lads from Lagos

    Bootnotes 03 15:06

  • Universal builds 20TB digital music archive

    Ready to sell songs to Apple, Napster, et al

    Media 03 16:20

  • MP3 DRM to demo at CeBIT

    Fraunhofer Institute comes late to the game

    Media 03 16:21

  • NTL notches up 1m ‘broadband’ punters

    Cableco struts its stuff

    Broadband 03 16:28

  • SCO takes Linux-loving auto industry to court

    Stop the servers!

    Servers 03 16:41

  • Deutsche Telekom cuts broadband tariffs

    EC antitrust probe does the trick

    Broadband 03 16:57

  • Gambling Anglo-Saxons lose 419 shirt to rampaging virus

    It can only be Letters

    Letters 03 17:07

  • Nokia's N-Gage ads are ‘violent and sinister’

    Very sorry. We won't do it again

    Personal 03 17:10

  • Windows source code sharers face chop

    Knock it off or get cut off, says BT

    Software 03 18:29

  • Darwin raised from grave to explain Sun's JES evolution

    Stacking up

    Software 03 21:26

  • War of the worms turns into war of words

    Netsky and Bagle authors having a ding-dong?

    Security 03 22:17