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Telewest unveils capped 256k Net access

Telewest has unveiled a 256k cable service to tempt customers who are wary of switching to broadband.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2004

German revolt against RFID

Metro Group has abandoned a trial of RFID radio tags, after protests by digital rights activists.
Jan Libbenga, 01 Mar 2004

BT touts £20 capped broadband

BT has unveiled a capped, entry-level service that enables punters to take their "first step on the broadband ladder".
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2004

MS takes fight to the spammers

At the RSA Conference last week, Bill Gates mapped out Microsoft's proposals for tackling spam. Of note are the company's Co-ordinated Spam Reduction Initiative (CSRI) and a technical proposal for email that's likened by many to the phone industry's caller-ID system.
News IS, 01 Mar 2004

Even Microsoft can't wait for Longhorn

Microsoft is considering a u-turn in its Windows upgrade plan and releasing an update to XP before shipping its next generation operating system, Longhorn. The possible change of heart - Microsoft had previously sworn not to create any more versions of Windows before Longhorn - may indicate that the major product is further delayed. This could significantly benefit Linux in the enterprise.
News IS, 01 Mar 2004

Security: the CIO's biggest headache

Security, upgrades and modernisation, and budgets were the top three issues faced by Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in 2003, writes Bloor Research chief analyst Tony Lock.
IT-Analysis, 01 Mar 2004

419ers adopt Shakespearean line of attack

It's good to see that the lads from Lagos are still hard at work, despite the best efforts of police, spam-baiters and ourselves to cage/enrage/lambaste the advance fee fraudsters into submission.
Lester Haines, 01 Mar 2004

Lloyds TSB leads the great Egg race

The race to buy online bank Egg is hotting up, with Lloyds TSB emerging as a possible favourite.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2004

UK small.biz gets free online training resource

e-Skills UK has set up a website for small IT businesses. Called One Stop Shop, this is a a free, online directory of courses and training providers across the UK.
Startups.co.uk, 01 Mar 2004

Your Communications buys Eurocall

Your Communications has bought rival Manchester telco Eurocall for £42m.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2004

Three new handsets from 3

3 UK has introduced three small video handsets, doubling the range available to VideoTalk subscribers. Climbing onboard the 3G network are the NEC e616, the NEC e313 and the Motorola A925.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Mar 2004

Ofcom goes to war over ‘070’ use

British telecoms specialist Inclarity is under investigation by Ofcom, accused of misusing telephone numbers allocated by the British government.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2004

Fistful of Bagles shoot up the Net

Five new versions of the Bagle worm escaped on to the Web at the weekend. Just one, the medium-risk Bagle-C, has spread widely.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2004

What the PM's spokesman said next

Britain's murky political reporting could become a little clearer, courtesy of a website which publishes unedited transcripts of lobby briefings.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2004

Windows leak dangers ‘exaggerated’

RSADon't worry: last month's leak of Windows source code will not compromise your IT security - any more than it is already.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2004

Maxtor champions 6 stream DVRs

Maxtor and Scientific Atlanta last week attracted column inches on their plans for the next generation of DVRs, due for release in about 18 months. But what exactly are they talking about when they boast of 6 stream technology?
Faultline, 01 Mar 2004

AT&T ADSL thunders across US heartland

AT&T this week outlined a plan to sell broadband services in all states in which it provides bundled local and long-distance residential services.
Faultline, 01 Mar 2004

Americans get personal online

Almost half of America's Internet users have committed their innermost thoughts to the Web, according to a new survey.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Mar 2004

Rival ISPs rubbish BT Broadband Basic

BT's rivals have been quick to rubbish its new sub-£20 offer for a capped broadband service by pointing out that BT Broadband Basic is just as expensive as the monster telco's other no-frills offer.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2004

UUNet tops spammer-hosting super league

UUNet hosts more spammers than any other ISP. It has 151 listings on the Spammers Block List (SBL), including 34 known spam gangs with ROKSO records, according to the anti-spam organisation Spamhaus' records for February 2004.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Mar 2004

SCO ‘customer’ admits to IP license purchase

The SCO Group has managed to encourage one of its "customers" to come clean about signing up for an IP license.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Mar 2004

Mossad website ‘hacker’ walks free

An Israeli man was cleared yesterday of trying to hack into a website run by Israel's secret service, Mossad.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2004

Smartphone wars over, Symbian and MS both lost?

3GSM Events of the past few weeks have kind of undermined images of Symbian as the victor in the smartphone wars. Depending on how you look at it, last week at 3GSM the company was either staggering about with a dagger in its back, or David Levin was pointing a gun at his head and telling any shareholder who'd listen, "Buy more shares or the puppy gets it." Maybe a bit of both, but does it matter who wins/won? It's beginning to look as if there will be no Microsoft in the mobile phone market, and that quite a few outfits are a lot less important than they'd like to think they are.
John Lettice, 01 Mar 2004

Netsky-D makes your PC go beep, beep, beep

An email worm posing as a PIF file is spreading rapidly across the Net today.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2004

Is password-lending a cybercrime?

A judge's wrongheaded interpretation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act illustrates the problems of allowing civil enforcement of a criminal law, writes SecurityFocus columnist Mark Rasch
Mark Rasch, 01 Mar 2004

Sun tries UltraSPARC IV temptation

Sun Microsystems is doing a bit of house cleaning as it attempts to move customers onto new UltraSPARC IV-based kit, offering discounts to customers willing to upgrade their servers.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Mar 2004

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