27th February 2004 Archive

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  • VMware’s virtual software gets ever more real

    'Intuitive' and 'virtualisation' in same article. Amazing

    Storage 27 10:11

  • MyDoom and Netsky cause chaos

    Viral plagues pillage and burn

    Security 27 10:14

  • WebTV 911 ‘hacker’ charged with cyberterrorism

    Malicious script triggers false alarms

    Security 27 10:18

  • IBM not guilty of knowingly poisoning workers

    Unanimous verdict

    Channel 27 10:22

  • Memory makers hit by price-fixing claims

    US investigation to lead to criminal charges, says paper

    Channel 27 10:40

  • CeBIT promises Linksys 11g goodies

    Plus lots and lots of boys' toys

    Broadband 27 11:07

  • DVD Forum ‘approves’ rewriteable HD-DVD spec

    Another win for NEC and Toshiba's blue laser tech

    Storage 27 11:35

  • Wiltshire chucks £7m at broadband


    Broadband 27 11:42

  • Spam villains: named and shamed

    From Russia, via the US, with love

    Security 27 11:48

  • German police drop iBook power rustling charge

    Student who plugged-in in public walks free

    Media 27 11:49

  • IR591: the number of the beast

    Small.biz trembles before chancellor's 'weasel words'

    Small Biz 27 12:02

  • Rosetta still earthbound

    Urgent repairs mean no comet chasing until Monday

    Science 27 12:29

  • Sendo launches 5x zoom camera phone

    Fast viewfinder, multiple picture sizes too

    Mobile 27 12:33

  • Dell adds Bluetooth to Axim X3i Wi-Fi Pocket PC

    Available in UK, but not in US

    Mobile 27 12:58

  • Nvidia's phone chips as the camcorder, console killer

    Gameboy killer? No, no, bigger than that...

    Mobile 27 13:26

  • T-Mobile to offer ‘seamless’ 3G, Wi-Fi data service

    Even as US vendor patents the technique

    Mobile 27 14:03

  • BT in 118 500 price hike

    Oh yes it is, oh no it's not, etc

    Broadband 27 14:41

  • Does your business have the tools to evaluate and implement change?

    Save 30 per cent on featured books

    Site News 27 14:50

  • DVD X Copy re-issued without ripper

    321 Studios answers trial judge's ban

    Personal 27 15:15

  • US porn typosquatter banged up

    30 months' jail under Amber Alert law

    Media 27 15:52

  • Judge denies MS attempt to re-define ‘card’

    Means any 'flat, rectangular piece of stiff material', apparently

    Mobile 27 16:28

  • Could DoCoMo be the saviour of MMO2?

    Unlikely, with investors running scared

    Mobile 27 16:30

  • Open source punch-up surrounds mobile Java upgrade

    Debate unabated

    Mobile 27 17:13

  • Government Gateway gets first local recruit

    Shepway goes live

    Data Centre 27 17:24

  • Server vendors cheer strong Q4

    Up in all the right places

    Servers 27 17:59

  • El Reg hacks' linguistic shame

    You set us straight on reading, writing and 'rithmetic

    Letters 27 18:17

  • Counting the cost of cybergeddon

    Cyberliability witchdoctors cast the runes

    Letters 27 18:17

  • F-inSecure mailing list spreads Netsky-B virus

    Red faces all round at AV outfit after 'human error'

    Security 27 18:28

  • Bargain Basement reopens for business

    Big savings on end-of-line stock

    Site News 27 19:01

  • EMC confirms low-end storage charge

    Diamond Joe outs Dell

    Storage 27 20:59

  • South Korea mulls spam curfew

    Cunning plan

    Security 27 21:03