26th February 2004 Archive

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  • Homeland insecurity starts at home

    White House security chief calls for better code

    Security 26 Feb 00:06

  • Linux is hot, utility computing is not

    Reg readers tell IT like it is

    Reg Technology Panel 26 Feb 08:32

  • Roll up folks, it's barometer survey time!

    Still time to sign up

    Reg Technology Panel 26 Feb 08:33

  • Thin client thrives in Web services era

    Cost, security benefits

    Servers 26 Feb 08:34

  • 2,000 sign up for Reg Reader Studies

    Come along for the ride

    Reg Technology Panel 26 Feb 08:35

  • RSA shows RFID tag blocker

    Tinfoil hat technology waits on a market

    Security 26 Feb 09:37

  • IT workers do it for free till 9 March

    All that unpaid overtime really adds up

    Business 26 Feb 09:43

  • NTL trials PAYG broadband

    'Tech trial, not a consumer proposition trial'

    Broadband 26 Feb 10:16

  • Students warm to Wi-Fi interaction

    Dublin university test-drives wireless learning

    Broadband 26 Feb 10:56

  • Japanese watchdog raids MS Tokyo

    Anti-trust bust over OEM terms

    Channel 26 Feb 10:58

  • World chip sales may grow 30% this year

    Revenues up 22.6% at least, says Gartner

    Channel 26 Feb 11:17

  • Nvidia to license phone graphics tech

    Offers new media processors too

    Channel 26 Feb 11:45

  • BBC Technology chief sacked for ‘misusing hospitality’

    Multi-million pound IT division still seeking a buyer

    Business 26 Feb 11:56

  • UK R&D spend behind rest of Europe

    France, Germany and Sweden romp ahead

    Science 26 Feb 12:01

  • Easynet passes EBITDA milestone

    Ups revenues, narrows losses

    Broadband 26 Feb 12:05

  • Cray to buy AMD cluster maker

    OctigaBay 12K development running late and eating cash

    Servers 26 Feb 12:39

  • Beware MS bearing gifts, DoD staff warned. Allegedly

    'Gifts from a prohibited source'? Good heavens...

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 12:40

  • GSMA declares war on mobile phone theft

    Global blacklist mooted

    Mobile 26 Feb 13:27

  • Confusion reigns over next-gen Athlon 64's cache size

    512KB or 256KB? Depends on who you ask

    Channel 26 Feb 13:30

  • Sony delays US, Euro PlayStation Portable launch

    Bows out of the Christmas 2004 market

    Personal 26 Feb 13:32

  • Panasonic preps Symbian smart phone

    Will even view and edit MS Office files

    Mobile 26 Feb 14:27

  • Those 419 haiku results in full

    Brace yourselves

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 14:37

  • UK set to be Euro top dog for broadband

    Three cheers for cable, hip hip...

    Broadband 26 Feb 14:39

  • Introducing the Iris50 supercompass

    Top new kit for the adventurous reader

    Site News 26 Feb 14:54

  • Comet-chasing Rosetta still on launchpad

    Blast-off delayed by wrong kind of wind

    Science 26 Feb 15:03

  • 'I'm an iPod user' admits Apple vs Apple judge

    Hip beak raises eyebrows in UK High Court

    Mac Channel 26 Feb 15:31

  • Scientists squeeze less time into an instant

    I'll be with you in an attosecond

    Science 26 Feb 15:32

  • Merrill Lynch ups world PC sales growth forecast

    Dell could win 30% market share

    Channel 26 Feb 15:35

  • Tesco.com bags £500m in online sales


    Media 26 Feb 15:42

  • MPs call for Gov.uk to switch to open source (maybe)

    But let's see how the trials go first

    Software 26 Feb 16:13

  • International Net paedos busted

    Cuffs slapped on in 10 countries

    Media 26 Feb 16:21

  • Graphics pioneer Hercules quits market

    Too crowded, says owner Guillemot

    Channel 26 Feb 17:12

  • HP goes after UK Sun clan

    Pond hopping

    Servers 26 Feb 17:33

  • Honey, I shrunk the surveillance plane!

    Military aircraft gets seriously small

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 20:41

  • Swiss set to unleash flying car

    Ultimate 'space-age toy' for wannabe James Bonds

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 20:41

  • Boffins make heaviest ever element?

    Obesity trend continues

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 20:41

  • US DoJ sues to block Oracle's $9.4bn PeopleSoft bid

    It's bad news. Pure and simple

    Business 26 Feb 22:04