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Homeland insecurity starts at home

RSAThe IT industry needs to stop worrying about who's behind cyber attacks and focus on making security technology easier to use and software more reliable, a senior White House security advisor told delegates at the RSA Conference today.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2004

Linux is hot, utility computing is not

Reg Reader StudiesReg Reader Studies Linux and mobile technologies are hot while grid and utility computing models are not. There’s still no sign of a killer app and Microsoft is consolidating its position as a leader in the Web collaboration market.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2004
server room

Thin client thrives in Web services era

Reg Reader StudiesThin client appliances continue to offer significant advantages over personal computers for major enterprises, according to a survey of Register readers published this week.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2004

RSA shows RFID tag blocker

RSARSA Security is building an RFID tag blocker which may allay privacy concerns over Radio-Frequency Identification technology.
John Leyden, 26 Feb 2004

IT workers do it for free till 9 March

Research from the TUC (Trades Union Congress) reveals that unpaid overtime means IT workers are effectively working for free until 9 March every year.
John Oates, 26 Feb 2004

NTL trials PAYG broadband

NTL is reportedly trialling new pay-as-you-go broadband services that could lead to punters paying for how much bandwidth they use, rather how long they spend online.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2004

Students warm to Wi-Fi interaction

A research group has set up a Wi-Fi network on a Dublin university campus to investigate how wireless services affect group interaction.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004

Japanese watchdog raids MS Tokyo

Microsoft's Tokyo headquarters was raided yesterday by Japanese anti-trust officials.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2004

World chip sales may grow 30% this year

The chip industry will grow 22.6 per cent this year, market watcher Gartner has forecast. It admitted that the figure, derived from preliminary data, was "deliberately conservative", but it said that under the right conditions growth could "exceed 30 per cent".
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

Nvidia to license phone graphics tech

UpdateNvidia yesterday unwrapped a pair of new graphics chips for mobile phones. The company also said it has begun to offer core mobile phone graphics technology for incorporating into handset makers' system-on-a-chip components.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

BBC Technology chief sacked for ‘misusing hospitality’

The managing director of the BBC's IT arm, Ann Wilson, has been sacked with immediate effect for "misusing hospitality", despite currently overseeing the multi-million-pound sale of the division to the world's biggest technology companies.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2004

UK R&D spend behind rest of Europe

The UK lags much of the European Union in the intensity of its contributions to science and technology research.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004

Easynet passes EBITDA milestone

Continued demand for high-speed Internet services helped broadband operator Easynet boost revenues last year and notch up an important first for the company.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2004

Cray to buy AMD cluster maker

Supercomputer maker Cray is to buy its smaller rival OctigaBay, the duo announced yesterday, after both firms' boards gave the acquisition the green light.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

Beware MS bearing gifts, DoD staff warned. Allegedly

Could this possibly be true? An anonymous tipster claiming to work for the US Department of Defense sends us what he alleges is a message from the DoD's office of legal counsel to staff. "Beware of Microsoft Software Computer gifts," says the subject line.
John Lettice, 26 Feb 2004

GSMA declares war on mobile phone theft

Stolen phones won't work anywhere anymore, if the GSM Association (GSMA) has its way. In a bid to combat mobile phone theft, the GSMA and handset makers have outlined plans for a global blacklist of stolen phones.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004

Confusion reigns over next-gen Athlon 64's cache size

How much L2 cache will future AMD Athlon 64 processors provide? Q2 is expected to see the arrival of Newcastle. AMD is keeping quiet, but previous reports suggest the part will contain just 512KB of L2 cache.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

Sony delays US, Euro PlayStation Portable launch

The Japanese launch is still on track for the end of this year, but the PSP will not appear in North America or European before the end of the Sony's 2005 fiscal year, which ends 31 March, 2005.
gamesindustry.biz, 26 Feb 2004

Panasonic preps Symbian smart phone

Panasonic this week unveiled its first smart phone, based on the Symbian OS and Nokia's Series 60 user interface.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

Those 419 haiku results in full

It's taken Vulture Central's highly-trained team of experts an entire week to trawl through the hundreds of entries for our 419 haiku competition.
Lester Haines, 26 Feb 2004

UK set to be Euro top dog for broadband

The UK is set to become top dog for high-speed Net access in Europe, finally ridding itself of the broadband laggard tag.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2004

Comet-chasing Rosetta still on launchpad

The European Space Agency (ESA) postponed the launch of the Rosetta comet-chaser mission this morning. Mission Control said the wind direction made take-off too risky, and that they would try again tomorrow morning (Friday) at 07:36am.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004
Lawyer up

'I'm an iPod user' admits Apple vs Apple judge

Apple Comp. and Apple Corp. faced each other again in the British High Court today, on the second day of the two companies' legal fight.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

Scientists squeeze less time into an instant

Teams at Germany's Max Planck Institute and the University of Vienna have sliced time more finely that ever before. The researchers successfuly recorded an interval of one ten million billionth of a second: that's shorter than the period of an electron's orbit in a hydrogen atom.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004

Merrill Lynch ups world PC sales growth forecast

Merrill Lynch believes the world PC market will grow 13 per cent this year, the same rate of growth experienced in 2003, the company told investors yesterday.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

Tesco.com bags £500m in online sales

TESCO.COM - the online grocery business of the UK supermarket giant chain - has topped annual sales of more than £500m.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2004

MPs call for Gov.uk to switch to open source (maybe)

Central government should replace Microsoft software with open source equivalents - if trials show the switch is practical, the Public Accounts Committee said yesterday.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2004

International Net paedos busted

Police today launched simultaneous raids in 10 countries to bust a paedophile ring using messageboards to exchange child porn.
Lester Haines, 26 Feb 2004

Graphics pioneer Hercules quits market

The once-famous Hercules graphics card brand is to disappear once more. Guillemot, the company that acquired Hercules back in 1999, said today it is pulling out of the "crowded" 3D graphics card market.
Tony Smith, 26 Feb 2004

HP goes after UK Sun clan

It took all of one day for HP to hit back at Sun Microsystems in their campaigns to steal users from each other.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Feb 2004

Honey, I shrunk the surveillance plane!

Military planes will be shrunk to the size of a bee, and could even fly with flapping wings, thanks to a new programme of research at Bath University.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004

Swiss set to unleash flying car

God knows it's been a long time coming, but Swiss outfit Rinspeed has finally announced that it will unveil an all-singing, all-dancing flying car at the Geneva Motor Show in April.
Lester Haines, 26 Feb 2004

Boffins make heaviest ever element?

A collaborative research team of Russian and America scientists may have created two new heavyweight elements. Provisionally named Ununpentium and Ununtrium, if confirmed, these will be the heaviest elements on official record, with 115 and 113 protons in the nuclei, respectively.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Feb 2004

US DoJ sues to block Oracle's $9.4bn PeopleSoft bid

The US Department of Justice may have put end to Oracle's takeover bid for PeopleSoft, filing suit today to block the deal.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Feb 2004

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