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Tell us why this is a Land of Confusion

Reader quizGiven the tumultuous events in the server and processor worlds over the last couple of weeks, it seemed appropriate to take a moment and clear up a couple of nagging details surrounding the strategies of HP, Intel and Sun Microsystems. And to make things fun, El Reg is asking for reader help with these server/processor conundrums.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2004

Retailers warned on Chip and PIN

Retailers not upgrading to chip and PIN technology will face a bigger risk of fraud according to Visa managing director Colin Grannell.
John Oates, 25 Feb 2004

Who needs passwords?

RSARSA Security is teaming up with Microsoft to simplify the process of logging into corporate Windows networks.
John Leyden, 25 Feb 2004

Gates ‘optimistic’ on security

RSAMicrosoft chairman Bill Gates is grateful to the independent security researchers who routinely punch holes in his company's software. Really.
Kevin Poulsen, 25 Feb 2004

Battle for mmO2 hots up

NTT DoCoMo has signalled it could be interested in mmO2 - if the UK operator used i-mode - DoCoMo's data service.
John Oates, 25 Feb 2004

Ryanair, Stelios in telecoms departure

No frills airline Ryanair is lending its name to a new telecoms outfit that claims it will shake up the telephone market with half-price local and national calls.
Tim Richardson, 25 Feb 2004

India comes to Europe

Europe in briefLast week AP wrote that Siemens was to relocate more than 15,000 IT jobs from Europe to India, a story later downplayed by the German company. But India itself is interested in investing in Europe, Copenhagen Capacity reports.
Jan Libbenga, 25 Feb 2004

IT security to become political battleground

RSASecurity will re-emerge as a major arena for political debate over the next year, cryptography legend Whitfield Diffie predicted today.
John Leyden, 25 Feb 2004

Nvidia unveils ‘fastest’ mobile workstation GPU

Nvidia rolled out its latest workstation-class mobile graphics chip, the Quadro FX Go1000, claiming the part out-performs "competing" desktop workstation graphics accelerators.
Tony Smith, 25 Feb 2004

321 Studios to fight ripper injunction

321 Studios will appeal the expected court ruling passed last week by Judge Susan Illston of the Northern District Federal Court for California, effectively halting sale of many of the company's products.
Faultline, 25 Feb 2004

Future rosy for UltraWideBand

UltraWideBand's prospects for becoming the dominant wireless technology for the home improved significantly this week, with Motorola poised to support a coexistence protocol that bridges the two rival would-be standards, and Intel demonstrating integration with wired USB.
Faultline, 25 Feb 2004

Ingram Micro sales solid

Channel RoundupSuper-distie Ingram made a proft of $46.4m for the fourth quarter ended January 3, 2004, on sales of $6.76bn. European sales were $2.77bn, an increase of 33 per cent on the same period a year ago. Gross margin was 5.37 per cent, against 5.62 per cent last year.
John Oates, 25 Feb 2004

Intel, Sony to deliver quality video to MS smart phones

Intel's "strategic relationship" with Sony's music division has borne fruit, with Microsoft coming out as a beneficiary of the pair's partnership.
Tony Smith, 25 Feb 2004

European PC sales up

Indirect sales of PCs to businesses grew six per cent in January compared to the same period a year ago.
John Oates, 25 Feb 2004

Cyber-terror drama skates on thin Black Ice

Book ReviewComputerworld columnist Dan Verton has covered the security beat for several years. He has recently weighed in on the cyber-terror discussion with a book called Black Ice: The Invisible Threat of Cyber-Terrorism.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Feb 2004

Time to invest, say CEOs

Downsizing is out and growth is in, according IBM's annual global CEO study. Of 456 CEOs interviewed, 80 per cent said their priority is to grow revenues, rather than to cut costs.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Feb 2004
Nokia sign from Shutterstock

Nokia's new Communicator – who needs it?

3GSMFans of Nokia's Communicator were ecstatic at the fourth generation product announced on Monday, and the feature list and form factor provide everything that that the 9200 series was missing, and then some.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Feb 2004

The Register RSA coverage in full

Team Register, 25 Feb 2004
IBM Headquarters, Armonk, NY

IBM debuts pocket-sized PC

IBM Japan has developed a tiny prototype PC that measures just 16 x 8.2 x 2.2cm (6.4 x 3.3 x 0.9in) and weights a mere 300g (10.6oz), the company said today.
Tony Smith, 25 Feb 2004

BOFH and the pointless questionnaire

Episode 2
Simon Travaglia, 25 Feb 2004

The Register 3GSM coverage in full

Team Register, 25 Feb 2004

Operators blame handsets for 3G delays

Mobile operators are blaming handset makers for the delayed launch of 3G.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Feb 2004

Terra Lycos narrows FY loss

Terra Lycos reckons "efficient management" over the last couple of years has helped it reduce the amount of cash it lost last year.
Tim Richardson, 25 Feb 2004

El Reg moots Bangalore hack outsource plan

One unexpected effect of the release of our terrific "My job went to India and all I got was this lousy T shirt" limited edition is that Vulture Central itself is now considering outsourcing all of its hacks to Bangalore.
Lester Haines, 25 Feb 2004

Intel promises all-singing, all-dancing 3G phone

3GSMIntel has not yet delivered the Bulverde super-phone chipset it announced last summer - but Paul Otellini is already promising delegates at 3GSM that for 2005, he'll have a phone that will save 3G, and integrate it with Wi-Fi. Oh, and it will have a two megapixel camera built in.
Guy Kewney, 25 Feb 2004

Business texts the ‘next big thing’ – Vodafone

Vodafone is looking to drum up extra revenues by getting business users to text more.
Tim Richardson, 25 Feb 2004

Bell Micro ends French rule

Storage distributor Bell Microproducts has appointed Martin Blaney acting president for western Europe.
John Oates, 25 Feb 2004

US chip biz tells China to ditch local WLAN standard

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has demanded that the Chinese government abandon plans to impose a proprietary WLAN security standard on 1 June.
Tony Smith, 25 Feb 2004

TI builds graphics hardware into mobile chip

Texas Instruments has updated its OMAP all-in-one mobile processor platform with a second-generation architecture that integrates graphics acceleration hardware, support for hi-res digicams and camcorders, and provides TV output.
Tony Smith, 25 Feb 2004

Morse signals upturn in '04

Morse, Sun's biggest European reseller, increased turnover by 13 per cent to to £187.1m in the six months ended 31 December 2003 (2002: £185.8m).
John Oates, 25 Feb 2004

Server competition heats up

Advanced Micro Devices must be happy. After 18 months of secret development and the biting of many corporate tongues at the Intel Developer Forum last week, Hewlett-Packard has finally announced it will deliver variants of its ProLiant X86 servers that use AMD's 64-bit Opteron processors. The server market is suddenly getting more interesting...
Datamonitor, 25 Feb 2004

Vendors wary of MS Windows Firewall

Microsoft's announcement of its imminent entry into the personal firewall market was expected, but it is still concerning for some companies already playing in that space. However, in some ways the product seems to be focused on improving Microsoft's security reputation rather than making a splash in the market.
Datamonitor, 25 Feb 2004

Tiscali in Net phone deal

Pan-European ISP Tiscali has teamed up with NetCentrex to provide residential broadband telephony services for its one million ADSL punters.
Tim Richardson, 25 Feb 2004

Infineon demos nano-scale transistor

Researchers at Infineon say they have built the first power semiconductor made from nanotubes. Nano scale parts were thought to be too weak to withstand the high voltages and currents used in power applications, but the team has demonstrated a nanotube switch that can control LEDs or electric motors.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Feb 2004

Gartner analyst explains HP and Itanium leanings

Letterre: HP calls in Gartner cheerleader for Opteron launch
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2004

Geeks do *so* have friends

Gaming fans are a deeply social and friendly people, not isolated geeks. This is the main finding of a survey of gamers, published by GameMore, a UK gaming event co-ordinator.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Feb 2004

Palmsource puts down its mark in the volume smart phone market

3GSMNot a lot of people have noticed yet, but at 3GSM this week Palmsource made what could turn out to be its big play for the smartphone market. The company's licensees of course do already have a presence that could be termed a "smartphone" presence, but if you think about it, what it really has is PDAs with built-in wireless, attractive to those sectors of the market that are interested in high spec devices of this sort. But until now Palmsource didn't really have a contender in the more general handset market.
John Lettice, 25 Feb 2004

WayFinder, GPS done right, preps for US launch

3GSMThe top GPS system for mobile phones, WayFinder, is set for a US launch this summer. For anyone who doesn't have GPS built into their car, or a dedicated GPS with display, this is good news. While it's not the only navigation system on the market it is fantastically useful, giving you the capabilities of an in-car system, with spoken directions and more. It only needs a compact Bluetooth GPS module.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Feb 2004

Danger's new gizmo – exclusive… er… sketch

3GSMDanger Inc. showed a prototype of its new Hiptop communicator - the world's most usable wireless device - at Cannes this week, and we can show you what it looks like. Alas, the illustration is not up the standards that you usually expect, because Danger imposed a no-photography policy on its new baby.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Feb 2004

Cyber security alliance sets sights on Washington

RSAA group of 12 security software and hardware vendors today launched the Cyber Security Industry Alliance (CSIA) at the RSA Conference.
John Leyden, 25 Feb 2004

Microsoft meets real world half-way

3GSMMicrosoft is to put MSN content, including Hotmail, onto OpenWave's V7 software, potentially bringing it in front of many millions of mobile phone users. The deal gives users offline access to Hotmail, MSN Messenger and Passport services.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Feb 2004

Stealthy Azul's Java plans unstealthed

At last check, Azul Systems held tight to its stealth mode status, but a few sources have come forward to expose the company's hardware and software plans.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2004
Cat 5 cable

Hitachi blows its own 300GB trumpet

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is claiming its Ultrastar 10K300 is the industry's first 300GB enterprise hard drive. Due next quarter in Ultra 320 SCSI or 2Gb Fibre Channel forms, the 10,000 RPM drive has five platters and 10 heads, and can sustain 89MB/sec.
Bryan Betts, 25 Feb 2004

Sun offers a hand to confused HP-UX customers

Not satisfied with its assault on HP's Tru64 customer base, Sun Microsystems has made a move to go after HP-UX customers as well, offering them a "risk free" move to SPARC-based or Opteron-based hardware.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2004

Sun's services queen jumps ship for Salesforce.com

In a surprising move, Sun Microsystems' head of services Pat Sueltz has fled the company to work for a Sun partner - Salesforce.com.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2004

Thieves ravage Texan ATMs

ATM machines in the great state of Texas are under attack with some criminals using more sophisticated technology than others to get their loot.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Feb 2004

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