25th February 2004 Archive

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  • Tell us why this is a Land of Confusion

    Help us, help Intel, HP and Sun

    Servers 25 Feb 00:01

  • Retailers warned on Chip and PIN

    Self-serving survey time...

    Small Biz 25 Feb 09:30

  • Who needs passwords?

    Windows logon alternative

    Security 25 Feb 09:56

  • Gates ‘optimistic’ on security

    MS soldiering on against those with malicious intent

    Security 25 Feb 09:56

  • Battle for mmO2 hots up

    A bidding war? For a mobile company? No kidding

    Mobile 25 Feb 09:57

  • Ryanair, Stelios in telecoms departure

    Anyone fancy flying with Air BT?

    Broadband 25 Feb 10:04

  • India comes to Europe

    Fears greatly exaggerated

    Business 25 Feb 10:07

  • IT security to become political battleground

    DRM and wire-tapping rise up the political agenda

    Security 25 Feb 10:07

  • Advertising on The Reg

    Who to talk to...

    The Company 25 Feb 10:17

  • Nvidia unveils ‘fastest’ mobile workstation GPU

    Plumps for TSMC 110nm process, too

    Channel 25 Feb 10:58

  • 321 Studios to fight ripper injunction

    All the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary

    Personal 25 Feb 11:22

  • Future rosy for UltraWideBand

    UWB and USB to live happily ever after?

    Broadband 25 Feb 11:26

  • Ingram Micro sales solid

    Channel 25 Feb 11:32

  • Intel, Sony to deliver quality video to MS smart phones

    Emuzed not bemused

    Mobile 25 Feb 11:33

  • European PC sales up

    UK tops Euro growth

    Channel 25 Feb 11:35

  • Cyber-terror drama skates on thin Black Ice

    Essential bedtime reading for the paranoid

    Security 25 Feb 11:47

  • Time to invest, say CEOs

    Downsizing out, growth in, says IBM survey

    Business 25 Feb 11:54

  • Nokia's new Communicator – who needs it?

    Two hands on

    Mobile 25 Feb 12:16

  • The Register RSA coverage in full

    Security. And then some

    Security 25 Feb 12:21

  • IBM debuts pocket-sized PC

    Take all your data with you, wherever you go

    Data Centre 25 Feb 12:36

  • BOFH and the pointless questionnaire

    It doesn't pay to ask too many questions

    BOFH 25 Feb 12:52

  • The Register 3GSM coverage in full

    Let there be phones - and more

    Mobile 25 Feb 13:17

  • Operators blame handsets for 3G delays

    Bad user experiences

    Mobile 25 Feb 13:41

  • Terra Lycos narrows FY loss

    Broadband growth etc.

    Business 25 Feb 13:55

  • El Reg moots Bangalore hack outsource plan

    Transfer of newsroom to the Subcontinent?

    Bootnotes 25 Feb 13:57

  • Intel promises all-singing, all-dancing 3G phone

    All you can eat at 2G prices

    Mobile 25 Feb 13:57

  • Business texts the ‘next big thing’ – Voda

    Ur sackd, gudby

    Mobile 25 Feb 13:58

  • Bell Micro ends French rule

    Acting president appointed

    Channel 25 Feb 15:18

  • US chip biz tells China to ditch local WLAN standard

    WAPI not a barrier to trade - but bias towards local firms is

    Broadband 25 Feb 15:19

  • TI builds graphics hardware into mobile chip

    Rival for Intel's Carbonado?

    Channel 25 Feb 16:02

  • Morse signals upturn in '04

    Not a lot but a bit...

    Channel 25 Feb 16:09

  • Server competition heats up

    HP's Opteron-driven Proliant kit adds spice

    Servers 25 Feb 16:10

  • Vendors wary of MS Windows Firewall

    Deployment considered a fire-fighting measure

    Security 25 Feb 16:12

  • Tiscali in Net phone deal

    Ofcom consults on VoB too

    Broadband 25 Feb 16:23

  • Infineon demos nano-scale transistor

    Retail still some way off

    Science 25 Feb 17:06

  • Gartner analyst explains HP and Itanium leanings

    Bit of balance

    Letters 25 Feb 17:09

  • Geeks do *so* have friends

    And they have the empirical research to prove it

    Bootnotes 25 Feb 17:55

  • Palmsource puts down its mark in the volume smart phone market

    And maybe some other ones too

    Mobile 25 Feb 18:18

  • WayFinder, GPS done right, preps for US launch

    Swedes show Americans the way to go home

    Mobile 25 Feb 18:20

  • Danger's new gizmo – exclusive… er… sketch

    Hands on - then hands off

    Mobile 25 Feb 18:24

  • Cyber security alliance sets sights on Washington

    We are all advocates now

    Security 25 Feb 19:26

  • Microsoft meets real world half-way

    MSN, Hotmail goes WAP

    Mobile 25 Feb 19:33

  • Stealthy Azul's Java plans unstealthed

    Opteron attack

    Servers 25 Feb 19:50

  • Hitachi blows its own 300GB trumpet

    Hard drives get bigger, smaller and more profitable

    Storage 25 Feb 21:02

  • Sun offers a hand to confused HP-UX customers

    EPIC squabble

    Servers 25 Feb 21:48

  • Sun's services queen jumps ship for Salesforce.com

    Committed today. Gone tomorrow

    Servers 25 Feb 23:04

  • Thieves ravage Texan ATMs

    Skimmers, Web cams and automobiles

    Bootnotes 25 Feb 23:48