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EC warms to Microsoft

European Commissioner Frits Bolkestein has intervened to ensure that any punishment meted out to Microsoft by the European Competition Commission is not too harsh.

Veritas retools its past with Storage Foundation 4.0

Veritas rearranged its roots this week with the release of Storage Foundation 4.0 - a rebadged version of the volume manager and file system combination that helped grow the company into a software giant.

PeopleSoft writes a letter

Peoplesoft is writing to all its shareholders urging them to oppose the takeover attempt by Larry Ellison and Oracle.
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Intel sneaks out 2.4GHz Prescott

Intel has begun offering even lower clocked Prescott Pentium 4s than originally outlined on the company's roadmaps.
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IBM to contract Asustek for notebook production

Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Asustek has won the support of IBM, which is expected to contract the firm to make ThinkPads.
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Motorola debuts Wi-Fi smart phone

Motorola launched its long-awaited MPx100 Windows Mobile smart phone yesterday, promising to ship the handset by the end of the year.

Service provider kit sales to hold steady in '04

Sales of high-end networking equipment to service providers jumped in the second half of the year, delivering some respite after a dismal 18 months for makers of switches and routers.
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Mandator turns to stock market

Systems integrator Mandator has reported falling revenue for 2003, and announced plans to turn to the stock market in the hope of raising enough cash to ensure future growth. But the company is not well placed to get more money from the stock market, and may find itself targeted by a larger rival.
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VeriSign takes token stance

VeriSign is to start selling hardware authentication tokens and is leading a group of security companies in a standards initiative. The move appears to be an effort to soften RSA Security's dominance of the authentication market. VeriSign has announced the formation of the Open Authentication Reference Architecture (OATH) alliance and is publishing the first white paper detailing such a reference architecture.
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3 claims rip-off as you go ‘scandal’

The UK's 36 million or so Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) mobile phone punters are being ripped to the tune of £500m, video mobile network operator 3 claims
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Orange kicks off 3G trials in UK and France

Orange has set up commercial trials of its 3G network in France and the UK, ahead of a full launch later this year.
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The Beast must buy? Fear and loathing in the Symbian shareholdings

When is 51 per cent not a majority? At the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes this week Symbian CEO David Levin strove manfully to convince the world that when it comes to his company, the number is in fact 70 per cent. He is of course absolutely correct from a Symbian corporate governance point of view, but the exercise is nevertheless futile; the world is already well on the way to being convinced that Symbian will, or perhaps has, become a Nokia subsidiary, and no amount of arguing is going to get that particular genie back into the bottle.
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Nokia lures premium developers with sneak peeks and goodies

Lee Epting and her new recruits at Nokia continue to shake up the company's developer program, and yesterday introduced a raft of sweeteners in the form of a new Club Forum Pro scheme.
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TechnoDepot restocks bug and binary

Cash'n'Carrion UK apparel wits TechnoDepot have just delivered fresh stocks of their best-selling Bug and Binary t-shirts.
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US ecommerce sales on the up-and-up

US ecommerce retail sales reached $17.2bn (€13.6bn) during Q4 2003 - an increase of 25.1 per cent on same time last year.
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UK fixated with ADSL roll-out – Ofcom

Ofcom chairman David Currie reckons the UK has become fixated about the roll-out of ADSL without any regard for what society really needs.
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My best friend is a PC

There is a good chance your kids think more highly of their computer more than they do of you, according to a survey published today.
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Napster song sales hit 5m

Napster has sold over five million songs since the once infamous file sharing software company was relaunched as a digital music store last October, it said yesterday
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Can a phone have too many hinges?

3GSM Of the new phones showcased by Motorola yesterday, two very different communicators stole the show. The company promises that its third pen-based Symbian UIQ phone, the A1000, corrects many of the deficiencies of its predecessors. The specs are certainly impressive: it does video conferencing, with the main camera weighing in at 1.2 megapixel with 4x zoom, has GPS, Bluetooth and Picsel's amazing file viewer. And strangely, Mophun games support. This isn't official Motorola policy, but someone thought Mophun was cool, so why not?
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Nokia 'fesses up to poor N-Gage sales

Nokia has given the first official indication that sales of the N-Gage game deck are not living up to expectations, but says that the platform must be given until November 2005 to prove itself.
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PalmOne preps Zire, Tungsten ‘updates’

PalmOne is preparing a range up updates to its Zire consumer PDA family and new versions of its popular Tungsten E and T pro devices, according to a variety of web sites publishing snippets of what are alleged to be leaked product specs.
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T-Mobile signs roaming deal with … itself

T-Mobile has at last linked its US and European hotspot networks to allow subscribers based in either territory to continue using the service when the travel to the other.
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E-crime costs UK business billions

Detective Chief Superintendent Len Hinds, head of the National High Tech Crime Unit(NHTCU), warned British business today that denial of service attacks, coupled with threats of extortion are the fastest growing threat faced by IT departments.
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Siemens touts ‘Push to Flirt’

3GSM It's not unusual at telecoms trade shows to see lots of products that are never seen again. And we don't mean 'concept devices' or labs projects which are clearly not intended to be products. We mean stuff that simply stalls en route to the runway.
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T-Mobile spearheads university WLAN project

3GSM T-Mobile, Cisco, IBM and Intel today used 3GSM in Cannes to announce an initiative to roll out broadband WLAN and mobile networks across European university campuses. The plan will enable students to work and communicate wirelessly and off-campus, using either WLAN, UMTS or GPRS.
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Search engine results reveal Anglo-Saxon ignorance

In a depressing rundown of the top ten words typed in an online dictionary, it would seem that despite people using the f-word more than ever before, they don't understand its meaning. The English language's most flexible word came top on Freesearch's review of how quite how illiterate we as a nation are.
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Venture capitalists mob Cannes bandwagons

3GSM Nothing flags a bandwagon more than a mob of venture capitalists trying to climb aboard. Cannes has them in hordes for the 3GSM Congress this year. Games - that's definitely a bandwagon. Over-the-Air is another. Camera technology is spreading. Here's a little sampler:
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eBay and PayPal go after auction fraudsters

eBay customers will get better protection from fraud with the launch of a guarantee service from PayPal.
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Card maker pre-announces Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE

Taiwanese graphics card maker Sparkle has neatly announced a pair of products that utilise Nvidia's upcoming - but as yet unannounced - GeForce FX 5500 and 5700LE chips.
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UK small.biz blows £1.5bn on useless software

British small and medium-sized companies are wasting £1.5bn a year on badly-designed business software that does not meet their commercial needs.

Birmingham seeks partner for £500m IT love-in

Birmingham City Council is inviting tenders for an IT project to overhaul its support services. The project is worth up to £500m over 15 years and will begin with a spring-clean of the council's internal systems: IT support, HR and payroll. It also wants to update its contact centre.
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AMD chip targets data security

AMD today unveiled its latest Alchemy embedded processor, this one pitched at network security applications.
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Intel adds Wireless MMX support to XScale tools

Intel is clearly gearing up to announce - and hopefully ship - its next-generation XScale processor, codenamed "Bulverde".
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Eminem sues Apple

Eminem's publishing company claims Apple used one of his songs in a TV ad without the hip-hop star's "yo!"
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Pop-up ‘suicide’ can kill your brand

Employing pop-up ads to target punters is like playing Russian roulette with your brand, according to Web behaviour consultancy Bunnyfoot Universality.

IDF Spring '04 coverage in full

Enterprise Systems
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UI wars ‘tore Symbian apart’ – Nokia

3GSM Not to dwell too long on a family squabble, but it's hard to write about Nokia's smart phone endeavors without running into the labyrinthine politics of its alliance. Nokia's Mr. Series 60 - Jukka Riivari, who is director of OEM sales for the platform - acknowledges what a troubled road it has been so far. Series 60 is the runaway leader for smart phone UIs so you'd expect him to crow about it. He didn't, though, and the complicated nature of the alliance just got even more complex.
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Symbian releases real-time, one-chip OS

3GSM Although Symbian's press conference was consumed by politics - which is hardly surprising as Nokia is the most powerful company in the industry, and Symbian is the runaway smart phone OS provider - the company had some significant product news.
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BOFH: Infesting the secure comms room

Episode 6 BOFH 2004: Episode 6
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Eurovision smitten by rebranding madness

LogoWatch LogoWatch Continental Strategy Boutiques have been hard at work recently coming up with a new image for the much-loved Eurovision Song Contest. The result of their flipchart-intensive power brunches is an inspiring, fresh brand frontage which encapsulates all that is good about the world's premier celebration of musical culture …
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Simpay eyes €1bn m-commerce bounty

Simpay is calling for mobile operators to sign up to its mobile wallet scheme.

HP calls in Gartner cheerleader for Opteron launch

HP today pulled out all the stops to defend its move toward AMD's Opteron processor, including putting a hired gun from analyst firm Gartner on a conference call with the press.

IBM out-performs HP and EMC (says IBM)

IBM has reaffirmed its commitment to develop its entire range of server platforms: Intel, RISC (both Unix and Linux) and mainframe, writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock.
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Grey Tuesday goes on despite EMI protest

As promised, Downhill Battle went ahead with its Grey Tuesday protest against EMI, providing links to hundreds of sites making DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album available for download.

IBM tidies up high-end Unix kit

IBM has injected a speed and Linux infusion into its high-end server line.
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Gates parades Windows security advances

RSA Bill Gates today announced Microsoft's latest plans to make Windows systems more resilient against worms and other security threats.