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Voda explains AT&T Wireless defeat

Cingular paid $1.5bn more than it needed for AT&T Wireless, The Sunday Times claims.
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Mobile operators face EC action over roaming

The European Commission is still considering formally charging mobile phone operators with breaches of competition law.

Email billing saves trees

Electronic billing was supposed to be the big cost saver for utilities companies - and now it's starting to happen.
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Egg blames France for big losses

Online bank Egg more than doubled its losses compared to last year and blamed poor business in France.
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KPN offer stokes mmO2 bid excitement

Speculation over the future of mobile operator mmO2 was rampant on Monday after Dutch telecoms company KPN made an offer for the firm.
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Judge bans DVD X Copy software

DVD duplication software maker 321 Studios has been given seven days to stop selling its controversial DVD X Copy family of utilities, a US federal judge has ruled.
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Kazaa trial judge delays hearing

Kazaa owner Sharman Networks will have to wait until next week to hear if the Australian federal court will suspend legal action brought against it by the Aussie music industry.
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Symbian minorities to block Nokia sale

Nokia's bid to own 63 per cent of Symbian could be in doubt. Earlier this month Psion announced its intention to sell its 31.7 per cent stake in Symbian to Nokia for up to £135.5m handing the Finnish company control of the company.
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Group Sense updates Palm OS smart phone

PalmSource smart phone licensee Group Sense PDA's latest handset will not be using the mobile operating system supplier's phone-oriented Garnet OS - at least, not yet. Instead, the upcoming G88 device will run Palm OS 4.1.2, the company announced today.
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Linux Bash Shell Scripting at 30 per cent off

Site Offer This week at The Register bookshop, we've got huge savings on a guide to Linux Bash Shell scripting, a developers guide to .NET programming plus several essential companions for Cisco and DB2 certification exams. We've also got guides for online job hunting, managing your boss and first time investors.
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Nokia and IBM update the Communicator with Wi-Fi

3GSM Nokia has buffed up its venerable 9000 series Communicator with tri-band GSM, GPRS EDGE and Wi-Fi support, in partnership with IBM. But this isn't the long-awaited version based on the Hildon user interface. It uses Series 80, which made its debut three years ago but which has been de-emphasized in favor of the new Series 90 platform. Series 90 differs by adding pen-input and sleeker menus.
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UK passes 2m-line ADSL milestone

There are now more than two million ADSL connections in the UK, according to figures revealed by dominant telco BT.

Isoft – Torex marriage postponed

A new ruling by the UK Court of Appeal means that the proposed $1.2 billion merger between healthcare services providers Isoft Group and Torex is no closer to being given the green light. This setback may reduce their chances of winning lucrative NHS services contracts.
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Ericsson: from A to B and back again

Ericsson plans to reform its controversial voting structure to allow foreign shareholders a greater say in the company. However, the plan will do little to alter the current balance of power since the two existing controlling shareholders will remain in charge.
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WH Smith bins CD singles

UK retailer WH Smith has blamed falling sales for the decision to pull CD singles from its shelves.
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One billion people use GSM phones

More than one billion people worldwide now enjoy the benefits of GSM, the GSM Association says.
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France Telecom bids for outstanding Wanadoo shares

France Telecom (FT) wants to acquire the outstanding shares in its ISP division, Wanadoo, in a bid to cash in on future revenues from the growth in broadband.
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419 haiku results delayed

The results of our 419 haiku competition have been postponed after hundreds of wannabe poet laureates jammed El Reg inboxes with 17-syllable masterpieces.
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PS2 dominates January UK hardware sales

Post-Christmas sales helped demand for the main three consoles jump by over nine per cent, according to the latest figures released by ChartTrack, but sale pricing meant that the value of the market was down.
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IBM ThinkPad X31

Review It was only a couple of weeks ago that I reviewed the IBM ThinkPad T41p and proclaimed it the best notebook that I've ever used. This week that statement still stands although the ThinkPad X31 is still a fine mobile companion, writes Riyad Emeran.
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Court rules for IBM pensioners

IBM underpaid pension benefits for 140,000 employees and ex-employees, according to a US court ruling.
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US woman in 419 kidnap terror ordeal

Let's face it - it's not every day that you get an email from one of President Kennedy's former squeezes who finds herself rather inconveniently imprisoned in a hole in the ground with only a computer for company and $10m dollars to give away to worthy causes.
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Motorola chip launch paves way for 1.5GHz PowerBook G4

Motorola's chip division - soon to be spun off as Freescale Semiconductor - today updated its G4-class PowerPC processor, the MPC7447, taking the part to 1.5GHz and paving the way for one more PowerBook G4 update the line before its upgraded to IBM's 90nm G5 chip, the 970FX.

Hampshire police deploy e-warranting

Unilink has won a contract with the Police and Magistrates' Courts in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to integrate the handling of Court warrants.
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Boingo roams onto All Telecom hotspot network

Wi-Fi hotspot aggregator Boingo has added All Telecom's network of 150 sites in France and Belgium to its worldwide total of over 6000.
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Stob: Dylan Beard is not weird

Stob There was a rare opportunity to meet Dylan Beard in person today when, flanked by a brace of spear-carriers, he brought his campaign to reimplement the 'Wron number to London.
Cat 5 cable

Skype plays conference calling card

Skype, the upstart provider of peer-to-peer VoIP telephony services, has added conference calling to its portfolio. The new service lets up to five people to talk simultaneously using their broadband connections.
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Sony adds a trio of Vaios

Reg Kit Watch Sony UK introduced a trio of notebooks today: the Vaio TR2MP ultra-portable and a pair of Z1X-series machines, the Z1XMP and the Z1XSP.
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Click on this, you muthas

If hundreds of thousands of people are still blindly clicking on attachments in their email, is there any hope of mitigating the threat of hundreds of thousands of compromised systems with open backdoors?
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Bradford IT strike off

A strike among IT workers in Bradford has been averted following the successful completion of "extensive negotiations" between the council and public sector union UNISON.

Sun secures much-needed storage software help

Proving it has some measure of self-restraint, Sun Microsystems formed a partnership with AppIQ for storage management, declining to buy the company as it has with numerous small software makers.

SCO opens online IP store

The SCO Group has put up a convenient online shopping Web site where Linux users can scrub themselves clean in a jiffy.