18th February 2004 Archive

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  • Film makers join revulsion at Pepsi RIAA doublespeak

    Big Brother knows best

    Business 18 00:16

  • Slinging disks, NetApp booms in Q3

    Record profit

    Storage 18 00:17

  • The pop-up ad is dead (nearly)

    Media 18 08:42

  • Stafffs opens nursery for mobile computing firms

    Nice safe place to test ideas

    Mobile 18 08:46

  • Email fraud soars

    Swimming with the phishes

    Security 18 09:15

  • AMD's ‘colourful’ chairman to step down

    Sanders to become Chairman Emeritus

    Business 18 09:38

  • Europe to revoke Rambus memory patent

    Memory maker awaits FTC fraudruling

    Business 18 09:38

  • Judge throws out FTC case against Rambus

    Role reversal

    Business 18 10:35

  • VoIP will be US broadband killer app

    Without FCC intervention, that is

    Data Networking 18 10:36

  • Irish e-voting furore hots up

    Tanaiste weighs in to debate

    Media 18 10:39

  • Seagate spins 10k rpm disks

    Smaller, faster

    Storage 18 10:44

  • Quantum offers full line through European channel

    Channel 18 11:14

  • Sun wins big with China Mobile Java gig

    Platform for 90m subscribers

    Mobile 18 11:22

  • Sybase beefs up Pocket PowerBuilder

    Quicker, simpler mobile wireless apps

    Mobile 18 11:49

  • Stob: McDosh hires Titbits

    Softwron primes its legal seagull

    Bootnotes 18 11:51

  • P2P service makes beautiful music with EMI and others

    Wippit in harmony with UK majors

    Media 18 12:54

  • Inova X-5 in blue, red and green

    New LED colours for mother of all torches

    Site News 18 14:00

  • Help! I married a Net porn star

    Man encounters wife on amateur smut site

    Media 18 14:36

  • Cisco parades extra trade discounts

    Dealers who register deals get money off

    Channel 18 14:36

  • Moon-sized diamond found in space

    Too much ice, even for J-Lo

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • £48m cash infusion for JET fusion

    Profusion, not confusion or delusion

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • Ethernet compo winner announced

    We'll put you out of your misery

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • Using photon momentum to trap viruses

    Cool things happen with pure research grants

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • ESA probes Beagle 2 failure

    Is there life on Mars?

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • Universities cash in on IP

    Spin-off companies, patents, on the rise

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • Oldest galaxy found behind big cluster

    Always in the last place you look

    Bootnotes 18 14:56

  • Mice grow monkey sperm

    Yes, really

    Bootnotes 18 15:09

  • MS demos Jetsons' kitchen on FoodTV

    An RFID paradise

    Security 18 15:09

  • Nanotech researchers see the light

    Through fibres smaller than lambda

    Data Networking 18 15:09

  • DTI's £50m bet on Nanotech

    UK firms will not miss the boat

    Small Biz 18 15:09

  • Homer Simpson let loose on US nuclear weapons facility

    OK, hand me that drill.... Doh!

    Bootnotes 18 15:10

  • Captain Cyborg issues chilling TV warning

    Jeremy Clarkson paralysed with fear by roving robopundit

    Bootnotes 18 15:10

  • Handheld porn comes closer

    Is that a killer app in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

    Mobile 18 15:31

  • Ellison appeals direct to PeopleSoft shareholders

    Oracle begging letter

    Data Centre 18 15:59

  • ‘Centrino 2’ to launch next Autumn

    Time's arrow narrows for Sonoma

    Channel 18 18:24

  • Intel to ship 64-bit Pentium ‘in time for Longhorn’

    Mobiles, too

    Channel 18 19:19

  • 90nm Dothan to lead consumer Centrino drive

    Volumes ramping up 'quickly' through 2004

    Channel 18 19:34

  • The point of Itanium keeps floating with new chips

    High-end again

    Servers 18 20:02

  • Google touts stalking service

    While Yahoo! goes it alone

    Media 18 20:07

  • Swastika still controversial, shocker

    An opinion or ten from El Reg's postbag

    Letters 18 20:21

  • EC wants biometrics on passports

    And residence permits, and visas

    Media 18 20:24

  • BSA software audit ‘will not trigger legal action’

    It's confidential. Really, truly, really

    Software 18 20:46

  • Microsoft's Shared-Source defeats Trustworthy Computing

    Security through obscurity only works to a point

    Security 18 21:07

  • Home Office to centralise police intelligence

    Confused coppers struggle with DPA

    Data Centre 18 21:46

  • HP to pump IDF full of Opteron boxes

    No Yamhill love

    Servers 18 21:58

  • Grantsdale DX9 support limited to pixel shader only

    Geometry offloaded onto the CPU

    Personal 18 23:22