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O2 opens text services to the US

Mobile operator O2 is to extend its international text messaging offering from the end of this month.
ElectricNews.net, 16 Feb 2004

AOL UK launches new ISP as Dixons distie deal kicks in

AOL UK has unveiled a new pay-as-you-go ISP as part of its new distie deal with Dixons.
Tim Richardson, 16 Feb 2004

Police arrest Forces Reunited ‘hacker’

Police have questioned a Lancashire man suspected of hacking the Forces Reunited Web site.
John Leyden, 16 Feb 2004

Lexmark printer ink ‘resists fading’

Lexmark Europe has unveiled several new printers and All-In-One (AIO) products for consumers and small office/home office (SOHO) professionals. At its annual conference in Lisbon last week the company also introduced a new ink technology that combines for the first time dye-based and pigmented inks.
Jan Libbenga, 16 Feb 2004

Women out-shop men online

Women are spending more than men on the Internet for the first time.
John Oates, 16 Feb 2004

Anti-virus industry: white knight or black hat?

OpinionOne has to wonder whether the anti-virus industry sleeps well at night. On one hand, it purports to serve the world by defending our computers and networks from any number of electronic critters and malicious code. On the other hand, sometimes its "cure" is worse than the problem its products allegedly treat. Add to that the decades-old concerns over business, market share and publicity, and you have all the ingredients for industry, product and service confusion. This situation regularly benefits the anti-virus software industry at the expense of its customers.
Richard Forno, 16 Feb 2004

EC to crunch Wanadoo's numbers

The European Commission is to keep a close eye on Wanadoo's accounts until the end of 2006, following allegations of predatory pricing against the French ISP.
Tim Richardson, 16 Feb 2004

UK firms flop in the data back-up department

Data back-up procedures amongst UK companies leave a lot to be desired, according to early results from a government-backed study out today.
John Leyden, 16 Feb 2004

Belgian police arrest female virus writer

A 19 year-old female technology student suspected of being the infamous virus writer Gigabyte was arrested by Belgian police last weekend.
John Leyden, 16 Feb 2004

Elpida launches 1GB DDR 2 notebook DIMM

Intel Developer ForumElpida has begun shipping its first 1GB DDR 2 notebook memory module, it said today. It also pointed out that it has begun sampling 256Mb DDR 2 chips.
Tony Smith, 16 Feb 2004

Brussels to rule on Oracle-Peoplesoft deal by May 11

The European Commission will decide before 11 May whether the proposed takeover of Peoplesoft by Oracle breaks its competition laws.
John Oates, 16 Feb 2004

Vodafone goes 3G for data only

Come March, you will be able to get wireless data at nearly 400K per second over a 3G link in the UK and Europe, courtesy of Vodafone. Come April, there will be a phone service. But there will not be any Vodafone 3G phones until October.
Guy Kewney, 16 Feb 2004

Govt mulls compulsory online form filling

Online transactions with the government will be made compulsory for the e-capable, and the police and NHS will be given palm-top computers if radical proposals in a government document are implemented.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Feb 2004

Broadband returns to Leominster

Leominster in Herefordshire is once again hooked up to broadband after being cut off before Christmas when local operator Independent Networks went titsup.
Tim Richardson, 16 Feb 2004

MS kills Mythica MMORPG

Microsoft Game Studios last week cancelled MMORPG Mythica, "based on a careful evaluation of the competitive MMORPG landscape". An MGS spokesperson said that the publisher had two multiplayer titles in development - Mythica and another, as-yet unannounced project - and didn't want the bother of eventually maintaining two in an already crowded marketplace.
gamesindustry.biz, 16 Feb 2004

XandrosOS: User-friendly to a fault

Reg ReviewXandrosOS is a good-looking, Debian-based Linux distro designed to lure Windows XP users. It's exceptionally easy to install and use, has good hardware and peripheral detection and good multimedia support, offers Windows networking compatibility, saves one money -- and the desktop, a tweaked version of KDE, even looks like XP to boot.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Feb 2004

Vobis waves goodbye to HQ

Vobis, the German PC retail chain, is to close its headquarters in Aachen this summer, the company announced today. More than 180 people will lose their jobs. It is also to close 20 of its 150 German retail stores. Last week the company shuttered nine stores.
Jan Libbenga, 16 Feb 2004

HP is flavour of the month

HP has come top of Context's channel survey for January.
John Oates, 16 Feb 2004

Geordies text from underground

Mobile network O2 is offering subscribers in Newcastle the chance to send text messages from underground.
John Oates, 16 Feb 2004

Motorola renames chip division Freescale

Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) will be re-christened Freescale Semiconductor when it is spun off out of the group.
Tony Smith, 16 Feb 2004

Flaw on Tuesday, exploit by Monday

Hackers have created an exploit for the latest critical flaw in Microsoft Windows just days after the vulnerability made headlines worldwide.
John Leyden, 16 Feb 2004

Alphabetical zoo killer terrorises Brazil

Brazilian police are fighting a desperate battle against time to save the lives of thousands of animals threatened by a merciless serial killer.
Lester Haines, 16 Feb 2004

AMD prunes Athlon XP prices

AMD trimmed its prices today, knocking back the cost of buying its Athlon XP desktop and mobile chips by up to 34 per cent.
Tony Smith, 16 Feb 2004

Intel adjusts Mobile Celeron prices

Intel yesterday tweaked the prices of its Mobile Celeron line. Only the top end of the line was affected.
Tony Smith, 16 Feb 2004

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