13th February 2004 Archive

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  • MacMall says Apple G5s are history

    Sorry, piece of history

    Mac Channel 13 01:18

  • Sun sees a lot of cache in its future

    UltraSPARCs gain weight

    Servers 13 01:54

  • Copy-crippled CDs launch in UK, baffling Auntie Beeb

    Borked by the BPI

    Personal 13 03:08

  • Sony pledges to move chips to 45nm in 2005

    While everyone else is shifting to 65nm

    Channel 13 09:44

  • MS Windows source code escapes onto Internet

    Say it's a vital secret for long enough and it'll turn round and bite you...

    Software 13 10:04

  • iPaq 6000 wireless PDA shots slip onto web

    Apparently genuine ones this time

    Mobile 13 10:15

  • Appeal judge bats back Intel-Intergraph patent case

    Lower court must rethink the case

    Channel 13 10:52

  • Eicon snaps up Shiva

    Remote access play

    Data Networking 13 10:55

  • Apple to open flagship London store this Xmas

    Prestigious Regent St. site

    Channel 13 11:20

  • EMI admits CD copy protection compatibility problems

    Fix coming in April

    Personal 13 12:27

  • Cupid, love hearts, revenge and monkeys

    Yes, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow

    Bootnotes 13 12:31

  • Freeserve ‘committed’ to unbundling local loop

    Wants to 'sever reliance on BT' for broadband

    Broadband 13 12:35

  • Rockall Times back with a bang and a new shirt

    More solid advice on smoking from UK satire outfit

    Site News 13 13:06

  • IBM fabs 90nm G5 using strained silicon

    Better results than Intel, ahem...

    Mac Channel 13 13:11

  • El Reg accused: not right, not funny and not clever

    Part I - devoted to the point of dotGNU

    Letters 13 15:11

  • Of penises and paranoia…

    It can only be Letters

    Letters 13 15:19

  • Tiscali mulls sale of some country ops

    Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland named

    Broadband 13 15:23

  • PHP for experienced developers and newbies

    Plus, Check Point FireWall-1 NG and other titles all at 30% off

    Site News 13 15:31

  • Dell unveils Pentium 4 Extreme Edition notebook

    LAN party-friendly kit

    Personal 13 16:10

  • Cliff Stanford charged with hacking Redbus

    Net millionaire accused of blackmail too

    Security 13 16:16

  • MS partner fingered in Windows code leak, Linux box implicated

    Bill was right after all: share stuff with these creeps and the whole thing goes to hell...

    Software 13 16:29

  • Nvidia Q4 figures fail to lift full-year totals

    Income halved

    Channel 13 17:48

  • Small.biz told to swot up on Net security

    Green Cross code for SMEs

    Small Biz 13 20:10