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Sun shelves UltraSPARC VI in favor of The Rock

Sun Microsystems has excised the UltraSPARC VI processor from its roadmap, deciding to go instead with the "Rock."
Ashlee Vance, 12 Feb 2004

PalmSource looks beyond the phone to tablets, players and tools

PalmSource is looking to pitch its new OS at some pretty radical new device categories beyond the traditional PDA and the smartphone, while positioning its phone wares as the choice of the independent OEM anxious to stay beyond the clutches of Nokia and Microsoft.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Feb 2004

Software bug contributed to blackout

A previously-unknown software flaw in a widely-deployed General Electric energy management system contributed to the devastating scope of the August 14th northeastern U.S. blackout, industry officials revealed this week.
Kevin Poulsen, 12 Feb 2004

On Microsoft and CRM

Microsoft seems to run up against criticism no matter what it does. Recent articles in the press have questioned whether it can deliver on its CRM promise, writes Bloor Research analyst Fran Howarth. Commentators have pointed out that Microsoft's CRM application lacks functionality in such areas as marketing automation and contact centre management.
IT-Analysis, 12 Feb 2004

The lawyers are coming

Following the first virus epidemics (I Love You, Melissa, Nimda, etc.) insurance companies in the US began to remove the computer damages cover from their commercial insurance plans, writes Bloor Research analyst Robin Bloor. At the same time the US was on a legislative security spree, which was another reason for the insurance companies to duck out. Thus it came to pass that the victims of security problems started to conjure with the word "negligence" and take their stories to their lawyers.
IT-Analysis, 12 Feb 2004

Intel sued for Pentium patent infringement

Another punch was thrown yesterday in the intellectual property scrap between Intel and Patriot Scientific when Patriot said it has countersued the chip giant in response to Intel's own legal action, filed earlier this month.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

Broadband helps lift BT

The increasingly rapid uptake of broadband and other "new wave" technologies has helped BT increase pre-tax profit for Q3, the UK's dominant fixed line telco announced today.
Tim Richardson, 12 Feb 2004

Broadcom bags Cirrus storage patents

Broadcom is stumping up $18m cash for a clutch of magnetic and optical storage patents held by Cirrus Logic.
Drew Cullen, 12 Feb 2004

Long product cycle times to impact Nvidia Q4 earnings

Nvidia's Q4 results, due later today, will reveal reduced margins - and a lower income as a result - thanks to long product cycle times at its main foundry partner, TSMC.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

MyDoom dies today

MyDoom-A is programmed to stop spreading today, marking the end of arguably the worst email-borne viral epidemic to date.
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2004

Bhs signs up again with CSC

CSC has secured a seven-year extension for its outsourcing gig with Bhs. The deal is worth £80m-ish and will see CSC continue to look after computer hardware for the retail chain. Approx. 100 CSC staffers maintain 850 desktops and 68 servers, as well as the servers and EPOS terminals in 165 stores.
Drew Cullen, 12 Feb 2004

AMD to offer Opteron DDR 2 support ‘later this year’

AMD will build support for DDR 2 into its Opteron chip's on-board memory controller later this year.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

TFT LCD prices to fall despite growing demand

The gap between demand for TFT LCDs and how well manufacturers can supply them will narrow during 2004 to just two per cent in Q4, market watcher DisplaySearch said today.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

IT failure costs SMEs £6k a year

Small businesses are losing up to £6,000 a year in lost productivity because their IT systems aren't up to scratch.
Tim Richardson, 12 Feb 2004

Sony debuts low-end PDA alongside Wi-Fi models

Reg Kit WatchSony this week unveiled a new low-end PDA, the Clié PEG-TJ27, set to ship alongside the high-end TH55 and mid-range TJ37 devices it announced earlier this month.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

Nachi variant wipes MyDoom from PCs

A new variant of the Nachi worm which attempts to cleanse computers infected by MyDoom and download Microsoft security patches to unprotected computers has careened onto the Net this morning.
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2004

Charities bet on British mobile lottery habit

Mobile gambling is really taking off in the UK according to research house Juniper. By 2007, Brits will blow £240 million* on mobile lottery entries, with more than eight million of us taking part on our mobile phones.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Feb 2004

Broadband helps Tiscali narrow loss

Italy-based ISP Tiscali reported today that continued demand for broadband has helped generate higher revenues for the pan-European outfit.
Tim Richardson, 12 Feb 2004

Asus adds Wi-Fi to MyPal PDA family

Reg Kit WatchAsus has launched its first Wi-Fi PDA, the MyPal A716. The device also offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity to provide Internet access via a compatible mobile phone when you're out of range of a hotspot.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

Microsoft sues UK dealer for piracy

Microsoft UK has filed a civil suit against two people trading as NiKByte Computers for flogging counterfeit software.
Drew Cullen, 12 Feb 2004

iPod designer voted UK's most influential cultural icon

Jonathan Ive, designer of the original iMac and the iPod, and now head of Apple's industrial design facility, has been named the most influential person in British culture.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

Sun subscriptions become model for growth

Following the current trend among IT providers, Sun is hoping to develop a more predictable revenue flow. The company is adopting subscription-based pricing for Grid computing, along with Solaris, to grow the percentage of income it derives from recurring revenue.
Datamonitor, 12 Feb 2004

DDoS attacks go through the roof

The growing prevalence of criminally motivated DDoS attacks calls for a fundamental rethink in how enterprises approach security.
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2004

Vodafone to launch 3G mobile data service next week

Vodafone begun to offer its 3G mobile data service to big business customers less than a month after commencing commercial trials.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

Intel preps Prescott update

Intel will ship updated Prescott Pentium 4s in May, after sampling the parts at the end of this month.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

IBM 90nm G5 chip to ‘outrun’ Prescott, Athlon 64

IBM's technically as yet unannounced PowerPC 970FX has won the Microprocessor Report Analysts' Choice Award for Best Desktop Processor.
Tony Smith, 12 Feb 2004

BT Yahoo! ate my email

BT reckons that "a couple of thousand" customer have been hit by a snag that has left users of its ISP services without email.
Tim Richardson, 12 Feb 2004

Taxpayers stuck with Criminal Records' IT bill

The National Audit Office (NAO) will tell Parliament today that the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) IT fiasco of 2002 will result in a bill of £68.2 million for the British taxpayer.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Feb 2004

Light dawns at Intel

Chipzilla's bunny-suited boffins* have managed to build a transistor-like device, called a photonic modulator and capable of encoding data onto a light beam, out of silicon.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Feb 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

CSFB service in Singapore

CSFB's new operation in Singapore will provide support for the bank's finance operations and information technology development, as well as serving as a global business continuity center. The center is its first in the Asia-Pacific region, but will only be the fourth largest after centers in New York and London. One of the key reasons for setting up in the region was that the center would allow the bank to work ahead of the New York day on non-exchange traded products, especially in derivatives and foreign exchange.
Datamonitor, 12 Feb 2004

Lastminute narrows loss

Lastminute.com reported narrower losses today and said its outlook is good, bolstering the firm's drooping stock.
ElectricNews.net, 12 Feb 2004
Broken CD with wrench

Veritas intros midmarket backup software

If Goldilocks sold storage software, she would sell Veritas NetBackup Server 5.0.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Feb 2004

Novell offers SCO last drink at System V saloon

The SCO Group's weakening claims to UNIX System V - the lynchpin of its case against IBM and by extension Linux - now look to be put to the test. A large part of SCO's case is based on the obligations of System V licensees. SCO says that derivative works and enhancements belong to SCO. Novell and IBM respectfully disagree. It's important because SCO says that the enhancements were later incorporated into Linux. No one disagrees about that fact, but the case hinges on whether SCO has the right to stop them. Since many of the dozens of System V licenses were signed in the 1980s, this covers an awful lot of code, including of course the multi-processor code that Sequent subsequently wrote. (IBM and the Linux community are still demanding that SCO show proof, but that's another matter. They may not even need to).
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Feb 2004

Dell stays strong in Q4

Dell continued to bound along in its fourth quarter, posting growth rates that far exceed those of rivals.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Feb 2004

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