11th February 2004 Archive

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  • Sun puts co-founder back to work

    Outbound Joy passes inbound Bechtolsheim

    Servers 11 05:54

  • Check Point in Firewall-1 security flap

    Fire in the hole!

    Security 11 10:10

  • UK held back by ‘lack of broadband competition’

    MPs finger BT

    Broadband 11 10:14

  • Obituary – Lynne Thomas

    Technology PR who knew technology

    Bootnotes 11 10:30

  • Juniper security push

    $3.5 billion for firewall supplier

    Data Networking 11 10:38

  • Vodafone's AT&T interest confirmed

    Strongest hint yet

    Data Networking 11 10:38

  • Novell turns the screws on SCO

    SCO's System V claims melting faster than a warm Itanic

    Data Centre 11 10:39

  • 'It was all Craig Conway's idea, anyway' -Oracle

    Foot-stamping at DoJ staff

    Data Centre 11 10:59

  • BSA ‘software detox’ scheme targets illegal software

    Businesses told to clean up their codebase

    Channel 11 11:35

  • KnowledgePool finds buyer

    Concerns still remain, say insiders

    Channel 11 11:38

  • Motorola preps European ‘push to talk’ phone

    Walkie-talkie-style instant conversations

    Mobile 11 11:45

  • Dutch Railways trials tickets by SMS

    Mobile 11 11:49

  • Lindows can use its trademark (for now)

    But Microsoft won't give up

    Channel 11 11:51

  • Mono and dotGNU: what's the point?

    A bit controversial, this one

    Software 11 12:04

  • MS releases double-plus critical security fix

    Get patching

    Security 11 12:06

  • 15in notebook display prices to fall next month

    Supply tight on other form-factors

    Channel 11 13:06

  • Apple facing five iPod battery lawsuits

    Californian class-actions

    Mac Channel 11 13:07

  • Strategy Boutique redefines the t-shirt paradigm

    Joss-stick scented apparel to the sound of whalesong

    Site News 11 13:18

  • Big spending small firms lead IT recovery

    Playing catch-up

    Small Biz 11 13:47

  • Wanadoo UK loses €30m

    Easily done

    Business 11 13:50

  • Siemens launches big-screen multimedia phone

    Mass-market clamshell model, too

    Mobile 11 14:04

  • Ex-Intel engineer jailed for trying to aid the Taliban

    Hawash sent down for seven years

    Channel 11 14:10

  • US chip industry to take on Beijing

    Demands end to 'illegal' Chinese tax rebate

    Business 11 14:22

  • Infineon preps €120m R&D fab expansion plan

    Costs €1m for every new job created

    Business 11 14:22

  • ATI licenses ‘dynamic logic’ tech for faster, cheaper chips

    Intrinsity's Fast 14 yields 'four times the performance per silicon dollar'

    Business 11 14:22

  • VIA takes Eden CPU to 1GHz

    For faster fanless fings

    Business 11 14:22

  • Chinese teenagers find Net just too damned attractive

    Paranoia and delirium

    Media 11 14:28

  • 419ers get God, distribute millions, then do lunch

    Busy times for the lads from Lagos

    Bootnotes 11 14:31

  • Sirocom launches IP VPN service for UK

    ATM alternative

    Data Networking 11 15:30

  • BOFH 2003: Year Book

    Fun for all the family

    BOFH 11 16:46

  • MS tears swastika from roof of Office

    Critical update strikes at heart of darkness

    Bootnotes 11 16:48

  • BOFH and the coffee machine

    La Bella Machina

    BOFH 11 16:52

  • MP's broadband report – the choice cuts

    Reader's Digest

    Broadband 11 17:03

  • Beyond Fear A security primer for troubled minds

    Bruce Schneier raises awareness without resorting to hype

    Security 11 17:14

  • Why wireless will end ‘piracy’ and doom DRM and TCPA – Jim Griffin

    Flat fee pricing an escape route for RIAA, MPAA

    Media 11 17:25

  • Cyberappliances attack Italian village

    Residents flee killer robofridges in terror

    Science 11 17:28

  • Er… MS UK sponsors open source deployment workshop

    Satan sponsors pope? MS UK sponsors own P45s?

    Software 11 19:58

  • Sun says HP customers are ‘ripe’ for change

    HP agrees

    Servers 11 20:09

  • Doomjuice variant ups the ante in MS attack

    Prelude to Friday the 13th assault?

    Security 11 20:52

  • Psion looks past Windows to Linux

    More to life than phones

    Mobile 11 21:04

  • HP says first quarter results will be just fine

    Have no fear

    Business 11 21:32

  • PC disposal: recycle or build for durability?

    Noxious rules for noxious waste

    Channel 11 21:33

  • From Whitehall to Zanzibar

    The mother of all marketplaces

    Data Centre 11 22:07

  • No storage vendor is braver than Sun

    Attach rate marathon

    Storage 11 23:24