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Mickey Mouse blesses Microsoft DRM

The Disney Corporation has signed an agreement to use Microsoft's DRM technology to lock-down its digital media. In doing so, Microsoft has snagged two of the biggest 'content partners' for its technology, following on from last year's deal with Time Warner which signaled the end of the latter's browser ambitions. As was the case with Time Warner, Microsoft has signed a long but non-exclusive deal.
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HP pumps Unix, Itanium and storage lines

HP has given its hardware line a good scrubbing on Monday, refreshing a broad list of server and storage systems.
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iPod owner's open letter to Apple

Letters Our Pepsi/Apple/RIAA Superbowl poll has generated a wonderful range of responses. [Vote here]. And quite unlike last week's postbag, these seem to bear none of the hallmarks of AstroTurf.
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Avoid Friendster and its clones, warns security expert

Computer users who value their privacy should stay clear of 'social networking' websites, and should warn their friends away too, according to a distinguished Australian security professional. And for good-measure, the rash of new websites - with names apparently inspired by artificial food preservatives such as Ryze, Plaxo and Orkut - make a mockery of existing data protection legislation.
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Juniper buys Netscreen for $3.4 billion

Juniper Networks has decided to dive into the low-end of the networking market with a $3.4 billion buy of security hardware maker NetScreen Technologies.
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Cyberloo blast rocks Stoke-on-Trent

There are promising signs that humanity is beginning to wake up to the threat posed by Terminator-style cyberloos and hostage-taking telephone kiosks.
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Nokia – dooming Psion's legacy to obscurity?

Analysis It may well yet be Psion's legacy will be to provide the world with the most popular piece of technology ever, while others reap the reward, and the founders join the long list of forgotten British pioneers. It's too early to call that one.

Smarter use of information ‘critical’ to egov success

Jim Irving, Information Builders’ UK MD, has called for the Government to extend its remit for the kind of services it should offering people online.
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British Chambers of Commerce urges gov to cut red tape

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) today promised to kick off a campaign of lobbying which it hopes will force Whitehall to cut the Government red tape tangle that is increasingly ensnaring Britain's small businesses.
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The first fallout from Cybergate

Did Republican staffers commit a crime by clicking on the "My Network Places" icon to access Democratic memos, asks SecurityFocus columnist Mark Rasch.
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Sony extends Vaio desktop lines

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Desktop PCs Sony UK this week extended its Vaio desktop family with a pair of new product lines: the PCV-RZ500 series and the PCV-RS400 series. The new machines feature 90nm Pentium 4 processors. Sony is offering two RZ500 models: the home-oriented RZ504 and the pro RZ502P. The home model has the higher spec., …
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Barnardo's calls for greater Net protection for children

Children's charity Barnardo's has called for more cash and a greater commitment on the part of government to protect children from sexual exploitation.
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Eurostar preps Wi-Fi train trial

Eurostar, the company that runs rail services through the Channel Tunnel, will offer passengers Wi-Fi Internet access later this year.
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Worms pour through MyDoom back door

Updated Virus writers are exploiting machines infected by MyDoom-A to launch a denial of service attacks on Microsoft with the release of yet another Net worm.
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Infinium Labs names key executives

Following on from the recent appointment of Kevin Bachus as president, Infinium Labs has announced three new executive hires, along with the opening of an office in Seattle. A Los Angeles office is planned shortly.
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AOpen Aeolus FX5900XT

Review Things never stay still for very long in the graphics business but even I was surprised by the speed with which Nvidia released its latest chip. Though the GeForce FX 5700 Ultra appeared only a few weeks ago, Nvidia has already released another chip out into the wild, writes Benny Har-Even.
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Legal Net music romps ahead of DVD, vinyl, tape

Legal music downloads outsold some of their physical counterparts for the first time in January 2004, according to figures released today by trade organisation the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).
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PalmSource to rebrand OSes Garnet, Cobalt

PalmSource is expected to give its operating system offerings less prosaic brand names when it kicks off its Developer Conference in San Jose later today.
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Kazaa demands Oz trial delay

Kazaa today asked the Australian Federal Court to suspend proceedings brought against it by local music industry representatives for alleged copyright infringement.

Doctors divided over £2.3bn NHS IT project

Nearly a third of UK doctors think the NHS’s National Programme for IT (NPfIT) is a bad use of resources according to a survey conducted by GP -oriented portal Medix UK.
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Nintendo to ship GameCube 2 in ‘2005-6’ – official

Nintendo today denied Japanese reports that it has delayed the launch of the GameCube's successor and that its 2005-6 release target is the one it has always had in mind.
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UK.gov announces hi-tech elite police squad

The Home Office has announced a new team of specialist investigators that will take on the challenge of dealing with organised crime in a digital world.
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Wi-Fi in the real world – pt. 1

Wi-Fi Internet access may sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but does it yet make mobile working a reality? The Reg went wireless to find out. Here, Nico Macdonald checks out the UK capital's hotspot scene. Next week, we take a trip out of town.
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German web host slams ex-partner NSI in domain dispute

German web host Strato is battling with its former partner, US-based domain name registrar Network Solutions (NSI), over 240,000 web site addresses.
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Espotting, FindWhat.com sign new merger pact

Paid-for search outfit Espotting has signed an amended merger agreement with FindWhat.com. The new deal values Espotting at $170 million, up $7 million from the original deal.
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Sun bets future on US IV and Opteron boxes

Later today, Sun Microsystems will lay the groundwork for its next two years in the server market, unveiling new UltraSPARC IV-based and Opteron-based servers.
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Segways banned from ‘happiest place on Earth’

You won't see inventor Dean Kamen chasing Minnie Mouse around Disney World on his Segway. The expensive scooter has been banned from Disney owned theme parks.