9th February 2004 Archive

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  • US markets warm to Linux makers over SCO

    It was good while it lasted

    Business 09 00:51

  • Nokia bags Psion's Symbian stake

    Psion shares slump in early morning trading

    Mobile 09 10:32

  • 4.8m UK BB users by year-end – report

    That's it

    Broadband 09 12:18

  • NHS pulls plug on ailing £30m IT system

    2 years late, and staff can't make it work

    Data Centre 09 12:37

  • Fewer children become regular chat users

    Internet safety messages not getting through

    Media 09 12:52

  • Vodafone leans towards AT&T Wireless bid

    All of me. Why don't you take all of me?

    Mobile 09 14:22

  • Free Software 2004

    A call for papers

    Software 09 14:45

  • Public sector has IT companies ‘over a barrel’

    Contracts ask too much of suppliers, says trade association

    Data Centre 09 16:05

  • Linksys touts for Euro resellers

    Eyes bigger slice of SME networking pie

    Channel 09 16:15

  • People want services with IQ, says IB

    Smarter use of information critical to eGov success

    Business 09 17:47

  • Is the mood changing towards the legitimate use of P2P networks?

    Smells like Teen Zeitgeist

    Media 09 19:27

  • We want a Sony media server

    Micro who? Dell what?

    Channel 09 19:28

  • Powergen sets legal attack dogs on security whistle-blower

    Breach of confidence claim

    Security 09 19:42

  • Checking on .eu names: want the job?

    Oh, and does anyone fancy being the Maltese registrar?

    Media 09 20:37

  • Peoplesoft spurns Oracle's final final offer

    On the curious grounds that it's undervalued

    Data Centre 09 21:48

  • EMC floods market with new hardware

    Shock and storage

    Storage 09 21:55

  • EC probes mobile sports right sales

    It's a game of two halves, Gary

    Media 09 22:08

  • Rockall Times back with a bang and a new shirt

    More solid advice on smoking from UK satire outfit

    Site News 09 22:17

  • Nokia wins mobile network deal in Iraq

    Phone battles

    Mobile 09 22:24

  • Californian sues penis pill spammers for fraud

    But will it stand up in court?

    Media 09 22:25

  • ‘Crackpot’ VAT laws aid offshoring – Tories

    Unions launch jobs-to-India enquiry

    Site News 09 23:27

  • Public offering for Opera, Mozilla renames browser

    Who says the browser is dead

    Software 09 23:29

  • Nokia leads bid to control mobile DRM standards

    The race against Microsoft

    Channel 09 23:36

  • Alcatel buys in wireless routing, shops around in Wi-Fi

    Beyond the carrier base

    Channel 09 23:37