6th February 2004 Archive

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  • Pentagon cans Internet voting system

    Just in time

    Media 06 Feb 01:50

  • Apple family values – Pepsi TV row rumbles on

    Enter our unscientific poll

    Letters 06 Feb 01:51

  • BT favoured for big NI broadband deal

    Beats 26 contenders

    Broadband 06 Feb 09:56

  • Microsoft to preview Whidbey toolset

    Next-gen Visual Studio.NET

    Site News 06 Feb 10:22

  • Missing teen's Net meeting

    Police following lead with caution

    Media 06 Feb 10:25

  • Motorola phone launch makes play for high end and low

    Pushes cameras, MP3 ringtone support

    Mobile 06 Feb 10:41

  • Adobe brings grid to the mass market

    For the little people

    Software 06 Feb 10:42

  • Phone makers to make major launches at CeBIT

    But Peeping Toms could be fined or jailed

    Mobile 06 Feb 11:16

  • Music industry raids Kazaa's Australia HQ

    Telcos, Net firms, universities targeted too

    Media 06 Feb 11:44

  • Tiny transforms into e-business

    Tiny.com to go live on 20 Feb.

    Channel 06 Feb 12:11

  • Unholy trio of RealOne Player holes unearthed

    Patching time again

    Security 06 Feb 12:15

  • What are Boffins? And other important questions

    More from The Reg's bulging postbag

    Letters 06 Feb 12:19

  • Contact The Register

    The Company 06 Feb 13:40

  • Clueless office workers help spread computer viruses

    Don't know, don't care

    Security 06 Feb 13:43

  • EU approves €545m grants for AMD Dresden

    Volume output for 300mm fab in 2006

    Channel 06 Feb 13:48

  • Upbeat Ericsson beats forecasts

    Demand stabilises

    Business 06 Feb 14:47

  • Sony offers limited edition ‘Aqua’ PS2

    Crystal Xbox? Never heard of it...

    Personal 06 Feb 14:52

  • Revealed: the perils of automated replies

    Customer services heartened by utter failure

    Bootnotes 06 Feb 16:27

  • What do you get if you cross a 419er with 3000 oxen?

    Answer: confusion of Herculean proportions

    Bootnotes 06 Feb 16:29

  • BT hides mobile transmitters in street furniture

    Preserving the aesthetics of Cheshire

    Mobile 06 Feb 16:33

  • Computer Forensics conference line-up finalised

    Digital Evidence Symposium

    Security 06 Feb 16:33

  • IBM tries to clean up South Korean biz with new exec

    Bribe fallout

    Channel 06 Feb 16:35

  • Europe and US inch towards GPS accord

    Jammin' in the name of the competing power blocs

    Mobile 06 Feb 17:52

  • Small.biz faces Treasury tax terror

    So you thought IR35 was bad...

    Small Biz 06 Feb 17:59

  • Sun buys $200 million worth of an N1 vision

    Coding pays

    Data Centre 06 Feb 18:12

  • 419ers get a taste of Texas Justice

    Urgent proposal for jail time

    Bootnotes 06 Feb 20:10

  • AT&T Wireless awaits prom call from Vodafone

    Please bid for us

    Mobile 06 Feb 22:52