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Oracle's 10g database ready for download

The Oracle 10g wait is over, at least if you are a preferred customer of Sun Microsystems or HP.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Feb 2004

Notebook makers gear up for May Dothan debut

Intel has put back the release of 'Dothan', the 90nm version of its Pentium M mobile processor, to late April or early May.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

Desktop Prescotts to ship in notebooks ahead of Mobile version

Notebook vendors are expected to continue the trend of crammed desktop processors into mobile computers, this time using the 'Prescott' Pentium 4 chips launched yesterday.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

eBay hacker pleads guilty

Jerome Heckenkamp pleaded guilty Thursday to defacing the online auction house eBay and penetrating systems at the San Diego-based telecommunication equipment maker Qualcomm, ending years of pre-trial court wrangling and casting considerable doubt on his public claims of innocence.
Kevin Poulsen, 03 Feb 2004

NEC launches credit card sized handset

NEC today launched a cameraphone the size of a credit card, dubbing it "the world's smallest and slimmest mobile phone".
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

US aims to plug global spam holes

The US Federal Trade Commission has announced an international initiative to fight spam, which will focus on closing off the unsecured servers used by spammers.
ElectricNews.net, 03 Feb 2004

UK IT sector shows signs of renewed life

There's yet more evidence that the UK's IT sector could be on the mend.
Tim Richardson, 03 Feb 2004

Carphone Warehouse offers Nokia 7600 3G ‘exclusive’

UpdateNokia's first 3G handset, the 7600, will go on sale in the UK this month - but not, it seems, with the blessing of 3G service provider Three.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

‘The clueless users who refuse to upgrade’

OpinionMicrosoft can end the scourge of e-mail viruses by ending its support for old software, and the clueless users who refuse to upgrade, writes SecurityFocus columnist Tim Mullen.
Tim Mullen, 03 Feb 2004

Laks preps MP3 wristwatch

Reg Kit WatchAustrian watch seller Laks has announced an update to its USB Flash drive timepiece. The new model, due to ship next month, features a built-in MP3 player.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

US parents give birth to software upgrade

In the proud tradition of naming one's offspring after entire football teams, or a favourite brand of supercar, one US dad has decided to name his son after a software upgrade.
Lester Haines, 03 Feb 2004

Retired Pentium PCs wanted for developing world (not landfill)

Computer Aid international has launched a new appeal for companies and individuals to send it defunct PCs to be reconditioned and distributed to schools and community groups in the developing world.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Feb 2004

Sony unveils Wi-Fi PDA pair

Reg Kit WatchSony has launched a pair of Wi-Fi-enabled PDAs in its home market, the Japanese giant said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

MS plugs IE phishing bug

Microsoft has broken its monthly release cycle to issue a cumulative patch designed to address three potentially serious security vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 03 Feb 2004

Freeserve gears up for major broadband push

Freeserve is set to make a big push for broadband this year, according to a senior spokesman at the French-owned ISP.
Tim Richardson, 03 Feb 2004

2003 was record year for mobile phone shipments

Growing demand for handsets in Asia and Eastern Europe propelled the once stagnant mobile phone market to strong double-digit growth last year, market watcher IDC said today.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

Revealed: chilling numerical proof of life on Mars

Vulture Central recently predicted that conspiracy theorists would soon be scanning Mars rover snaps for evidence of extra-terrestrial life such as mountains in the form of Kylie Minogue's buttocks and rockfaces carved into iconic representations of Sir Bill Gates of Seattle.
Lester Haines, 03 Feb 2004

Xbox 2 to sport three 64-bit IBM chips, ATI R500

Microsoft's Xbox 2 console - aka Xbox Next - will be powered by three IBM PowerPC G5-class 64-bit processors, with graphics driven by ATI's next generation of accelerator chip.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

510m mobiles shipped last year

More than 510 million mobile phone handsets were shipped last year in what is being described by analysts as a "phenomenal year" for the industry.
Tim Richardson, 03 Feb 2004

SCO sidesteps MyDoom attacks

SCO has moved its Internet operations to the domain www.thescogroup.com in response to the denial of service attack generated by the MyDoom worm against its regular base of operations, www.sco.com.
John Leyden, 03 Feb 2004

VIA backs LoGHIQ to win Robot Race

Chip maker VIA is to sponsor a team in the controversial million dollar DARPA Grand Challenge robot race. Team LoGHIQ plans to build a robot that will navigate an obstacle course using a combination of stereovision and dead-reckoning GPS.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Feb 2004

UK workers prefer beach to office

A BT survey has concluded what every office-bound computer slave already knows: that the majority of staff would prefer to choose where they did their work.
Lester Haines, 03 Feb 2004

Got a ticket? Get a record. EU-US data handover deal leaks

Statewatch has obtained a copy of the draft agreement on the transfer of EU airlines' passenger records to the US Department of Homeland Security. The text gives full details of the deal struck between the European Commission and the DHS, and leaves the strong impression that the Commission, rather than protecting (the ostensible purpose of the EU-US discussions) the personal data of its citizens, is an accomplice in its export.
John Lettice, 03 Feb 2004

Universal mobile phone DRM tech ready for prime time

The major mobile phone companies, along with some of the biggest names in computer technology and content provision, this week launched the latest version of their jointly developed copy protection system for mobile phones.
Tony Smith, 03 Feb 2004

Oracle does the deed with 10g price cut

In a bid to reach small and medium-sized companies, Oracle has revamped the pricing models for its new low-end and midrange 10g database products, the company announced Tuesday.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Feb 2004

Business Serve floats on AIM

UK ISP Business Serve floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) listing today, valuing the company at £17.5 million.
Tim Richardson, 03 Feb 2004

Anti-fraud scheme saves retailers £2m

An online scheme designed to forewarn UK retailers about patterns of fraudulent activity has saved its members more than £2 million in loses after less than 18 months in operation.
John Leyden, 03 Feb 2004

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