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First 65nm IBM PowerPC chip to be dual-core

IBM's first dual-core G5-class processor will be the PowerPC 976. It will also be the first PowerPC fabbed using a 65nm process.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2004

Intel ‘Prescott’ 90nm Pentium 4

ReviewThe year's not even a month old and already the CPU market is shaping up for another exciting 12 months for the consumer. Following AMD's speed bumped Athlon 64 3400+ on 6 January it's now Intel's turn to play its hand and introduce the latest incarnation of the Pentium 4 processor, Prescott, writes Wayne Brooker.
Trusted Reviews, 02 Feb 2004
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Big Mac turns down Big Blue in BPO

IBM Global Services' attempts to extend its outsourcing reach beyond its clients' IT infrastructure, and into its back-office departments such as finance and accounting, have been met with skepticism from fast food giant McDonalds. The resistance highlights some of the major issues facing IT services companies trying to establish themselves in new outsourcing areas.
Datamonitor, 02 Feb 2004

Is this the worst scam email of all time?

We have in the past made merry at the linguistic deficiencies of 419 advance fee fraudsters, but nothing the boys from Lagos have ever issued even comes close to what some chancer has just sent reader Joskyn Jones.
Lester Haines, 02 Feb 2004

Sony to spend $1.13bn on Cell chip fabs

Sony today said it plans to invest ¥120 billion ($1.13 billion) during its next fiscal year on 65nm chip fabrication line using 300mm wafers.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2004

Vodafone preps bid for AT&T Wirelesss – report

US mobile operator AT&T Wireless may be the target of an acquisition bid by multinational mobile firm Vodafone, which is looking to increase its US presence.
ElectricNews.net, 02 Feb 2004

Visto snaps up Psion Software

Visto, the acquisition-hungry US firm, has bought Psion Software for an undisclosed sum. This will give it ownership of Psion's Transcend Mail, a push email/PIM product for mobile devices. The company is to integrate the technology into its portfolio of software for mobile operators.
Drew Cullen, 02 Feb 2004

Virgin Mobile tipped to buy Danish outfit

Virgin Mobile is sniffing around Danish no frills, low cost mobile phone outfit, CBB Mobil, according to Reuters.
Tim Richardson, 02 Feb 2004

MyDoom assault forces SCO off the net

SCO has pulled the plug on its main Web site in response to a huge DDoS initiated from PCs infected with the MyDoom worm last weekend.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2004

Microsoft releases metadata removal tool

A year ago, 10 Downing Street published a dossier on Iraq's security and intelligence organisations. It was cited by none other than Colin Powell in his address to the United Nations. Then a lecturer in politics at Cambridge University discovered that much of the 19-page document was copied from three different articles, one written by a graduate student.
Jan Libbenga, 02 Feb 2004

Apple and Microsoft to sing from same digital music sheet?

News magazine The Economist this week forecast that Apple's share of the emerging online music business would plummet later this year when Microsoft moves into the market.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2004

Intel finally launches Prescott

Intel will today launch 'Prescott', the 90nm version of the Pentium 4, along with a pair of faster P4s based on the 130nm 'Northwood' chip.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2004

Black helicopters hover over Martian surface

LettersOur spine-tingling discovery of the number "19" on the surface of Mars last week - proof were it needed that we are all in fact descended from extraterrestrial robot beings - immediately provoked a spectacular meteor storm of emails.
Lester Haines, 02 Feb 2004

Intel prunes desktop, mobile Pentium 4 prices

Intel yesterday reduced the prices of a number of its Pentium 4 processors ahead of today's debut of 'Prescott', the 90nm version of the chip family.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2004

World chip sales record ‘strong’ 2003 growth

Global chip sales grew 18.3 per cent last year, rising from 2002's $140.8 billion to $166.4 billion, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said today.
Tony Smith, 02 Feb 2004

Computers can seriously damage your marriage

Couples whose relationships are in trouble are using the Internet to avoid dealing with their problems, according to counsellors at Relate.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Feb 2004

Verizon, Vodafone stake out in the US

A potential stumbling block to Vodafone launching a bid for AT&T Wireless was removed last week, after Verizon Communications, the majority shareholder of Verizon Wireless, said it would not oppose a decision by Vodafone to sell its 45% Verizon Wireless stake. Verizon Wireless is a successful business, but Vodafone prefers to have a controlling stake in its ventures.
Datamonitor, 02 Feb 2004

KnowledgePool axes 30 jobs

KnowledgePool Limited - the former Fujitsu-owned training outfit that recently went titsup - axed 30 jobs last week as administrators continued to find a buyer.
Tim Richardson, 02 Feb 2004

IBM teaches sales force to go vertical

IBM on Monday kicked off phase one of a new sales strategy that includes bundles of middleware targeted at specific vertical markets. And the first such market to be hit is the financial services sector.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Feb 2004

UK teen escapes jail in nuclear lab hack case

A UK teenager who admits breaking into the network of Fermilab, a US high-energy physics research lab, has escaped imprisonment.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2004

‘Openworld’ to be erased from BT product names

BT Openworld - the ISP division of the UK's dominant telco - is ditching all reference to "Openworld" in the names of its products.
Tim Richardson, 02 Feb 2004

Want cheap BB? Head for Italy

Italy is the cheapest country in Europe for broadband, according to consultants Teligen.
Tim Richardson, 02 Feb 2004

Old people need computers too

More than half (57 per cent) of the work-age population will benefit from 'accessible technology', according to Forrester Research. And numbers will grow as the demographic of the West shifts to the grey and a greater proportion of the population experience problems with sight, hearing and dexterity.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Feb 2004

CSC pulls vacations from ‘unproductive’ workers

A large chunk of CSC employees hoping to enjoy some time off received word last week that any vacations must be cancelled to help the company meet business goals.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Feb 2004

US cities unite for ad muscle

Believing there is strength in numbers, a group of US city domain owners have banded together for what they hope will be an advertising bonanza.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Feb 2004

Apple users' disgust at RIAA's Pepsi child ad

Letters"Apple: I use to think you were different than Microsoft and more family-oriented," writes a horrified reader. "Instead, you showed the world your true colors."
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Feb 2004

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