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Whatever happened to broadband by blimp?

Last year, York-based telecoms firm SkyLINC said it would build a network of base stations in balloons, tethered 1.5km high, as a platform for delivering broadband to rural communities.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2004

T-Mobile and Virgin settle long-running dispute

T-Mobile and Virgin Group have resolved their long-running legal fight over the future of their 50:50 joint venture Virgin Mobile.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jan 2004

London Wi-Fi security better (but still not great)

London businesses are improving the security of their wireless networks, but drive-by hacking and information leakage still remains a real concern in the capital.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2004

AMD sets defence against possible Intergraph legal action

AMD has quietly taken legal action against Intergraph, the graphics company's Q4 results statement, released this week, reveals.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

Sony PSX's 90nm CPU is ‘not 90nm’

Sony's PSX Playstation-cum-personal digital video recorder is not based on a 90nm processor as is widely believed but a 130nm version of the chip, Canadian technology analysis company Semiconductor Insights has claimed.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

KnowledgePool UK goes titsup

KnowledgePool Limited - which provides training and learning development programmes to European blue chip companies - has been placed in administration.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jan 2004

Intel preps 64-bit x86 tech – report

Intel will finally come clean on its oft-rumoured 'Yamhill' 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set and demonstrate its entry into the 64-bit desktop processor market next month at its Developer Forum.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

Vignette buys into traditional ECM with Tower Technology

In the dim and distant past we would have described Vignette as a “personalization engine,” to create web sites that mutated depending upon who was looking at them. Somewhere in the last decade Vignette has shifted over to a generalized all singing, all dancing content management firm. Now lured by potential “Sarbanes Oxley” class revenues due to content compliance, it has acquired Tower Technology and completed the transformation to include full blooded, traditional document and recods management.
News IS, 30 Jan 2004

SAP ties up with Teradata

Why would SAP, which has its own Business Warehouse software, sign a partnership with Teradata this week, a company that might be considered a competitor to its software? The truth about the continued success of Teradata, in the face of challenges from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM in the business intelligence market, is that the company is selling something entirely different from most of those other companies.
News IS, 30 Jan 2004

ATI Q4 market share beats Nvidia – just

ATI nosed past Nvidia last quarter to retake its long-lost leadership of the graphics chip market, according to figures from market watcher Mercury Research cited in a Goldman Sachs customer report.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

Vodafone weighs up US options

Announcing Vodafone’s strongest customer growth figures for three years, CEO Arun Sarin refused to rule out a bid for AT&T Wireless. With the US carrier setting a deadline of February 13 to submit any bids, the UK giant has limited time to make two important decisions – whether to pursue the US or its other mega-bid possibility, Vivendi’s SFR in France; and if it prioritizes on the US, whether to go after AT&T Wireless or another operator.
Wireless Watch, 30 Jan 2004

Nokia poised for enterprise acquisitions

Nokia is poised to make acquisitions this year to bolster its new Enterprise division and its ambitious bid to bite into the markets of both Microsoft and Cisco.
Wireless Watch, 30 Jan 2004

Microsoft wins Lindows fight in the Netherlands

Resellers of the Linux distribution Lindows in the Netherlands were ordered today to stop selling the product. Amsterdam judge Rullmann agreed with Microsoft that in many ways Lindows is "profiting from the success of Windows" by infringing the Beast of Redmond's trademarks.
Jan Libbenga, 30 Jan 2004

Intel to encourage channel to source notebooks direct

Intel is out to accelerate the commoditisation of the notebook market, sources close to Taiwan's manufacturers have claimed.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

419ers enlist Saddam's daughter

Just before last Christmas we were delighted to report that Nigerian 419ers had surfaced in post-war Baghdad and had laid their hands on large quantities of gold and cash, like you do.
Lester Haines, 30 Jan 2004

Shush! OSS outfit forms secret society to combat MS hit teams

Netproject,, the consultancy whose open source desktop pilot triggered large discounts from Microsoft for Newham Borough Council has formed an "Incubator Club" for organisations considering an open source switch. The membership of the club is being kept confidential, says Netproject's Eddie Bleadsale, because "we don't want the proprietary vendors to approach members before they have had time to fully evaluate open source." This we deduce as a reference to one proprietary vendor in particular, but not (hello Sun, hello IBM) exclusively to that one vendor.
John Lettice, 30 Jan 2004

PalmOne retains world PDA crown

PalmOne may no longer be Europe's number one PDA maker, but globally it managed to hold off HP, full-year figures from Gartner reveal.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

Socitm slams one size fits nobody e-gov plans

The Society of IT Management has raised "significant concerns" over Whitehall's latest plans for rolling out e-governnment across the UK.
Wireless Watch, 30 Jan 2004

IT Marathon girl goes head-to-head with perjuring peer

We salute our generous readers today for the tremendous effort which has seen the total raised for charity by the topless Somerset girl jump from £1,092.50 to £1,754.50 in just three days.
Lester Haines, 30 Jan 2004

London Mayor mulls broadband subsidy

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is mulling the idea of public subsidy to ensure that future developments in the capital are wired up for high-speed telecoms services.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jan 2004

MS posts $250,000 MyDoom worm bounty

Microsoft yesterday put up a $250,000 bounty for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the author of the MyDoom-B worm.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2004

ATI files to sell up to $500m of stock

ATI is getting ready to sell up to $500 million worth of shares sometime in the next two years.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

Gateway to buy eMachines

Gateway has said it will buy low-cost PC maker eMachines in a bid to boost its market share around the world and in the US market in particular.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2004

BT call centre worker suspended over eBay ad

An agency worker at BT Retail's call centre in Newcastle has been suspended for posting a "for sale" ad on eBay in protest at jobs being exported to India.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jan 2004

MS drop authentication technique to foil phishing

Microsoft has outlined plans to make phishing attacks more difficult by dropping support for a common Web authentication method.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2004

The Number apologises for BT comment

Following our story "BT scores £40k win over The Number" earlier this week concerning an out of court settlement between the two companies, The Register has been asked to publish the following statement on behalf of The Number. We are happy to oblige
Tim Richardson, 30 Jan 2004

Sun's JXTA becomes big business play

Despite the entertainment industry's best efforts to clamp down on peer-to-peer software, the technology appears to be thriving in the world of big business, at least if Sun Microsystems' JXTA software is any indication.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Jan 2004

Howard Dean's Net architect blasts ‘emergent’ punditocracy

Campaign 2004One of the two founding architects of Howard Dean's Internet campaign has hit back at the traveling circus of "emergent" pundits, authors and opportunists that attached itself to the grassroots campaign.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jan 2004
Cat 5 cable

iSCSI is fully baked

After pounding away at the iSCSI protocol, a university laboratory has deemed the technology fit for public consumption.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Jan 2004

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