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PalmOne mulls other OS choices – report

Vesey Crichton, PalmOne's European chief, has suggested that the handheld company is open to considering other operating systems - and praised Nokia for "fantastic" work in promoting its phone platforms.
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Chip makers boost equipment spending

Chip makers' investment in new equipment will hit $43 billion this year - a jump of 41 per cent over 2003's capital spending levels, market research company Strategic Marketing Associates (SMA) has forecast.
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Dutch police arrest 52 email scammers

Dutch police have arrested 52 Nigerian email scammers at 23 locations in Amsterdam in what is believed to be the biggest raid of its kind. Several PCs, mobile phones, false documents and € 50,000 in cash were confiscated. Dutch police believes the criminals sent 100,000 messages to victims in Japan and the USA. More arrests may follow.
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Veritas ‘overperforms’ in Q4

Veritas posted fourth quarter financial results that were simply too good, as the company warned it would be hard pressed to meet the results over the next three months.
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Warspying San Francisco

Striding through San Francisco's busy financial district after dusk, 20-year-old Jake Appelbaum is an odd sight. His left hand is clutching the handle of a two-foot-long fiberglass pole wrapped in a metal spiral, which he holds high like a lance. The device is a directional antenna: a thin cable hangs between it and what looks like a handheld TV in Appelbaum's other hand.
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Nvidia, Intel target corporates with multi-screen rigs

Anticipating growing demand for corporate PCs, Nvidia yesterday announced a multi-monitor display card even as it emerged that Intel's upcoming 'Grantsdale' chipset may support up to four screens simultaneously.

Sainsbury's buys back IT outsourcer

Sainsbury's is stumping up £553 million in cash and debt to buy its IT outsourcing supplier. The supermarket group says the move is "good housekeeping", bringing IT assets back on the balance sheet and saving the firm £25 million a year.
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Chips are up at ARM Holdings

RISC chip designer ARM Holdings is finally benefiting from the recovery in the chip sector, producing Q4 revenue at the top end of forecasts. Figures for the year as a whole were weak, and currency problems may continue in 2004, but the company's dominant position in the mobile phone sector looks unlikely to be challenged.
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Intel ‘likely’ to offer 64-bit Pentium

Intel last night reiterated that it would offer a 64-bit desktop processor. But now it's a question of when the applications and operating system is ready, rather than just a matter of customer demand for more memory.
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Anti-virus companies: tenacious spammers

Opinion No one can argue that the spam problem is getting better. Despite advances in anti-spam technology and legislation against spam, unwanted junk mail is flowing into our inboxes at an increased rate. Stock tips, enhancement drugs, Nigerian scams, DVD copy software and hundreds of other products or services get shoved in our face.
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AMD preps Monday price cuts – analyst

Will AMD cut its prices on Monday? Intel is expected to do so the day before, ahead of the introduction of its 'Prescott' processor, and it wouldn't surprise anyone to learn the its arch-rival might be planning such a spoiling tactic.
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UK knighthoods for foreigners – what it takes to get one

Last weekend the story of Bill Gates' honorary knighthood broke, and the Telegraph happily told us that we could "blame it on Gordon". Well, there's just the teensiest of problems here, in addition to all of the more obvious ones associated with Gates getting a knighthood.
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E-mentoring service launched for South East small firms

A “unique” new e-mentoring service has been launched for small businesses in South East England, following the success of similar schemes in the USA and Australia.
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Linux laptop – a prince among young frogs

After kissing a few frogs with some heavyweight laptops that didn't quite transform into princely sales, Tadpole is hoping for more success with its latest product family, Talin, writes Bloor Research analyst Rob Bamforth. Tadpole has taken its longstanding relationship with Sun technologies a step further, as this family of Linux based laptops is the first to sport a fully supported mobile installation of the Sun Java Desktop System.

PeopleSoft switches from Informatica to Ascential

Until last week, PeopleSoft had a five-year agreement during which it shipped Informatica's low-end PowerMart ETL (extract, transform and load) technology as a part of a number of its products, most notably Enterprise Performance Management (EPM),writes Bloor Research analyst Philip Howard. Coincidentally, Informatica had a similar (two-year) agreement with JD Edwards. Now PeopleSoft has announced that it is switching its ETL supplier for both product sets, and opting for Ascential's product suite instead.
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MPAA seeks P2P Enforcer for antipiracy ops

Enforcer wanted! The Motion Picture Association of America is seeking California-based Internet Enforcement Manager, a "mid to senior" level post at a salary of $60-75,000. The manager's responsibilities will include "overseeing all outside vendor development & usage... examining new piracy methods & protocols, overseeing Internet anti-piracy operations worldwide... [and] evidence-gathering efforts in support of litigation or criminal enforcement."
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Samsung licenses PowerVR MBX

UK system-on-a-chip developer Imagination Technologies will see its PowerVR MBX 3D graphics core used in ARM-based mobile phone and PDA processors made by Samsung.
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Insight UK hits back at ‘jobs on the rocks’ claim

Insight UK - part of the giant US-based IT reseller Insight Enterprises, Inc - has hit back at a report that a Government-backed deal to bring more than 1,700 new jobs to Sheffield is "heading for the rocks".
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Virginia Tech swaps out G5 desktops for Xserve racks

Virginia Tech has officially announced that it will replace the 1100 PowerMac G5 desktops that currently comprise its supercomputing cluster, System X, with Apple's recently announced Xserve G5 1U rackmount servers.
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Google to the Alps

Search giant Google will open a R&D centre in Zurich, Switzerland to tap into European know-how, company vice-president of engineering Urs Hölzle told Swiss newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Wednesday (Jan 28).
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Ireland orders line rental competition

Ireland is to introduce competition to the line rental market by March, following the public outcry against Eircom's latest rate hike.
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To Infinium and beyond: Kevin Bachus talks Phantom

Interview Following his surprise appointment as the president of Infinium Labs, Kevin Bachus spoke candidly with GamesIndustry.biz in this exclusive interview about the controversial company and its plans for the Phantom game service.

European retailers have the hots for RFID

Four in ten big European retailers are planning RFID pilots this year. In a survey, more than a third of 125 European retailers say that RFID technology is ideal for tracking goods and reducing the number of products lost in transit.
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IBM ThinkPad T41p

Review A little while ago I reviewed the IBM ThinkPad T41 and I have to say that I really liked it. I liked it so much in fact that I chose it as my companion when I travelled to Las Vegas for CES. There it did its duty admirably as I had to write up everything I saw at the show as well as edit and upload copy sent from back home, writes Riyad Emeran.
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Rip-off Net directory biz wound up

A company that ripped off UK companies by charging sky-high fees to be listed in an Internet business directory has been wound up following an investigation by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

IBM unites server, storage and chip divisions

IBM has combined its underperforming chip business with the more successful systems group that accounts for server and storage systems in the hopes of creating tighter links between the businesses.
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Crooked Microsoft worker jailed for 21 months

A former Microsoft worker was yesterday jailed 21 months for mail fraud offences involving the sale of stolen software.

Servers fly in Q4

The worldwide server market grew by the largest margin in three years during the fourth quarter, according to early data from Gartner.
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Apple offers free fix for visually impaired iBooks

At long last, Apple is prepared to help owners of dead iBooks return their kit to the land of the living.
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Ctrl-Alt-Del inventor makes final reboot

David Bradley, one of the 'dirty dozen' engineers who created the original IBM PC at Boca Raton, Florida, is to retire this week after 29 years with the company.
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HP staff told not to open Fiorina-A virus

A nasty virus has found its way onto HP's corporate servers, and employees have been warned that the payload is far too damaging for their fragile eyes. The virus, you see, is really a document chock full of criticisms for HP's CEO Carly Fiorina.
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Cyber alerts are phishing magnet, says Senator

Senator Chuck Schumer has described the Department of Homeland Security's new 'cyber alerts' as a magnet for phishing expeditions and virus writers.