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HP ready to jump ship and love Opteron – report

If an Itanium engineer whimpers in a lab, does anyone hear her?
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jan 2004

Who told Dean to scream for lock-down, TCPA computing?

Campaign 2004Last week we noted how "empowering the edges of the network" had become a mindless mantra for techno-utopian pundits eager to profit from Howard Dean's presidential campaign. As we wrote then, this kind of New Age cobblers did a huge disservice to both Dean and his supporters. But it looks even less clever now than it did a week ago, when Dean's campaign stalled badly in the Iowa caucuses.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jan 2004

Latest Email worm has SCO-facing payload

Going by the name of 'Novarg' or 'MyDoom', the latest mass-mailing worm to infest your in-tray is spreading at the same rate as SoBig, according to the anti-virus industry.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jan 2004

UK IT jobs market picks up

The IT recruitment market showed spotty signs of growth between October and December last year, with the number of advertised permanent and contract techie jobs showing modest increases.
Robert Jaques, 27 Jan 2004

Security bugs floor Google's Friendster-clone

The name means "to cum" in Finnish slang - literally, to orgasm - but the Orkut social networking service that Google launched on Friday was utterly spent by Sunday afternoon.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jan 2004

Not yet time for record labels to be smug about the end of piracy

AnalysisThere is an increasingly smug feeling among the big record companies and their various agents, that has been brought about by the supposed demise of music piracy.
Faultline, 27 Jan 2004

Xbox 2 to get 65nm CPU – report

IBM's processor for the Xbox 2 will be fabbed at 65nm, and experimental versions of the chip have already popped off the end of the company's production line.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Intel pumps $20m into EUV optics researcher

Intel has entered into a three-year, $20 million deal with lithography optics specialist Cymer to fund the development of extreme UV (EUV) light sources.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Intel pares Centrino prices

Intel has quietly cut prices across its Centrino range.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Adaptec buys Elipsan

Adaptec likes Elipsan's storage virtualisation skills so much that it is buying the company. Terms of the proposed acquisition of Bristol-based Elipsan are undisclosed.
Drew Cullen, 27 Jan 2004

Fujitsu breakthrough slims fuel cell size

Fujitsu this week brought fuel cell technology one step closer to commercialisation when it announced it had developed a new material that allows these power sources to be made smaller and more energy efficient.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Philips demos bendiest LCD yet

Philips subsidiary Polymer Vision has unwrapped - literally - what it claims is the world's widest yet thinnest, most flexible TFT LCD panel.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Nomadix patents Wi-Fi hotspot log-in tech

Wi-Fi providers who redirect users' web browsers to their own log-in page may soon have to cough up cash if they want to continue using the technique - US network access software company Nomadix has patented it.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Conference tackles rural broadband issues

A two-day conference exploring how rural areas can benefit from high speed Internet access kicked off today at Cisco Europe's HQ near Heathrow.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jan 2004

Roxio CD-R patent infringement claim court date set

CD burning software developer Optima's patent infringement allegations against Napster owner Roxio will be heard by the US District Court of Central California on 19 April, papers seen by The Register reveal.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

EC to find against Microsoft

The Wheels of European Commission decision-making grind exceedingly slow. But it appears that, after three-and-a-half years, the Brussels bureacrats have reached a decision over Microsoft's past behaviour within the EU.
Drew Cullen, 27 Jan 2004

Tele2 slams BT over switching claims

BT is facing a fresh complaint concerning allegations about the way it is trying to persuade customers from switching phone providers.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jan 2004

118 118 slapped for David Bedford ‘caricature’

Directory enquiries (DQ) outfit The Number - whose ads featuring two moustachioed 1970s-style runners have been elevated to cult status - has been slapped for using the image of former British athlete David Bedford.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jan 2004
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BOFH and the cyberchair

Episode 3
Simon Travaglia, 27 Jan 2004

Viruses and hackers make Windows more secure – Gates

Virus writers and hackers are helping Microsoft to develop more secure products, Bill Gates claimed yesterday.
John Leyden, 27 Jan 2004

Global mobile data users to exceed 115m

More than 115 million people will pay mobile phone networks for data services around the world this month, market watcher EMC forecast this week.
Tony Smith, 27 Jan 2004

Fujiitsu scoops up final NHS mega contract

Fujitsu has emerged the winner of the final contract to run the NHS Care Records Service. It beat shortlist contenders EDS and SchlumbergerSema/Cerner to win Local Service Provider status for the south of England. The gig runs until 2013 and is worth £897 million.
Drew Cullen, 27 Jan 2004

Introducing the ten-legged 419er

We thank reader Colin Swan for the following 419 email, which we believe is a first.
Lester Haines, 27 Jan 2004

ISPs grumble over industry awards nominations

There are murmurings of discontent within the UK's ISP industry following the publication of the finalists for this year's industry awards.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jan 2004

Virgin Mobile crows over record quarter

Virgin Mobile clocked up more than half a million new customers at the end of last year, making it the most successful three months ever for the mobile telco.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jan 2004

WiMAX approaches tipping point with new specs and carrier support

The third quarter looks set to be the turning point for WiMAX, seeing the release of a new version of the standard that will significantly boost silicon roll-out. Carrier interest, critical to success, is rising and British Telecom is the latest major telco to say that it will carry out trials, following in the footsteps of AT&T and Nextel. But significant spectrum and interference issues need to be addressed if WiMAX is to reach its full potential.
Wireless Watch, 27 Jan 2004

Nokia fights Microsoft by addressing Series 60 developer complaints

Nokia and Sun are building defenses against Microsoft with new developer programs for Series60 and Java, aimed to expand the range of applications for the smartphone, especially in the enterprise. By the end of 2004, Nokia says it will have radically increased the appeal of its Series 40/60/90 development environments to a broad base of programmers, using Java and other languages.
Wireless Watch, 27 Jan 2004

Netflix: the fly in the ointment of VoD

One of the flies in the ointment in open or IP based video on demand, is that Netflix has been giving it a moving target. Netflix needs little or no technology, depending upon whether or not you are its customers, or you are Netflix. While broadband delivered films need more than one technology breakthrough.
Faultline, 27 Jan 2004

Have a reality check, you Itanium lover

LetterWe don't typically spend a lot of time debating benchmarks here at Vulture Central, primarily because of all the work vendors pour into tuning their systems to perform well. You often find servers with unusual features such as excessive memory or you see tweaks to processors that would not likely occur in the real world.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jan 2004

Gates primes the pump for Longhorn

Microsoft will probably ship the client version of Longhorn before its server counterpart, says Bill Gates.
John Leyden, 27 Jan 2004

IBM gets a really big NAS

IBM will next month roll out one of its beefiest NAS (network attached storage) systems to date, pumping the kit full of technology typically used on high-end Unix servers.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jan 2004

HP failed Fortune test on purpose – memo

Pay no attention to external surveys, HP told its staff yesterday in a fresh memo leaked to The Register. HP wants to emphasize its own internal staff polls, which are closely-monitored by the company to ensure they produce the desired amount of Happy Talk.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jan 2004

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