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Bill Gates receives knighthood

Britain is to recognise Bill Gates' contribution to UK enterprise and the fight against poverty worldwide with the sort of honour money just can't buy - a knighthood.
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2004

Euro PDA biz sees first growth since 2000

European PDA shipments reached a record 958,000 units during the last three months of 2003, market watcher IDC said this past Friday.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

AMD makes ‘substantial’ Euro PC share gain

Some 16.9 per cent of PCs sold by European resellers during the three months to 30 September contained AMD processors, UK-based market watcher Context has calculated.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

Broadband minnow spawns rural service

Wireless outfit FDM Broadband has managed to wire up a Hampshire village with high-speed Net access without too much aggravation from monster telco BT.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2004

WTO to rule on Hynix import duties

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has put in place the people who will decide if the tariffs imposed separately by the European Union and the US on imports of Hynix DRAM products are lawful, according to wire reports.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

Vodafone preps monthly phone- style PC rentals

European PC maker Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) has partnered with Vodafone to offer what it claims is the world's first mobile phone-style monthly notebook contract.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

419 scammers start working the phones

Nigerian scammers increasingly are calling US companies on the phone, using relay phone services. These are normally free calls made by supposedly deaf people using keyboards which go to a phone company operator, who places a phone call and speaks for them. Companies such as AT&T offer these services at no cost.
Jan Libbenga, 26 Jan 2004

AMD Athlon FX-53 appears on web

AMD's upcoming Athlon FX-53 processor has surfaced on the web. Apparently.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

Sir Bill of Seattle settles with Mike Rowe

As predicted last week, Microsoft has settled out of court with teenager Mike Rowe after the young wag established mikerowesoft.com, much to the chagrin of his Imperial Majestyness Sir Bill Gates of all the Microsofts.
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 2004

400mph cyclists kill opponents with handlebar-mounted guns

It had to happen: a US company has married an indoor cycle training stand to a Playstation2, creating Gamebike.
Carlton Reid, 26 Jan 2004

Sony preps PSX update as retailers criticise marketing

The first in a series of free software upgrades for the recently launched PSX media centre is set to arrive in Japan at the beginning of February - but retailers in Japan are reported to be highly critical of the system's performance so far.
gamesindustry.biz, 26 Jan 2004

Prior consent does not mean opt-in

The UK's so-called anti-spam law, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, came into effect in December 2003. Many have said that this means changing the standard for consumer e-mail marketing in the UK from opt-out to opt-in - but that's not strictly true.
Louise Townsend, 26 Jan 2004

PlusNet rebrands 'no man's land' DSL service

Confusion and misunderstanding has forced Sheffield-based ISP, PlusNet, into a rethink over the branding of its "midband" 150k DSL service.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2004

Vodafone launches 3G data card trial

Vodafone has begun testing a 3G version of its notebook-oriented Mobile Connect Card, the network said today.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

Mike Rowe goes soft, hands over PR victory

Microsoft has done it again - looked for all the world like it is going to get a bloody nose, and come out smelling of roses.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jan 2004

Nokia introduces visual radio

Nokia Mobile Phones will showcase its Nokia 7700 Media Device during this weeks MIDEM music trade show in Cannes. It is Nokia's first dedicated media phone, a new type of device with a completely new look, and bursting with properties, Finish daily Helsingin Sanomat reports.
Jan Libbenga, 26 Jan 2004

We'll kill spam in two years – Gates

Bill Gates yesterday outlined a three-stage plan to eradicate spam within two years.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2004

Chip and PIN hits 8 million cards

Plans for the UK rollout of a more secure method of authorising credit and debit card payments are progressing steadily, with around eight million next-generation cards issued to date.
John Leyden, 26 Jan 2004

One in three Americans hate mobile phones

A third of US adults hate mobile phones. Yet, despite their loathing of this "must have" gadget they also admit that they just can't live without them either.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2004

Smartphones outsell PDAs 2:1

Q4 2003 may have been a boom time for the European PDA market, but it was an even bigger period for smartphones. According to new figures from market researcher Canalys, 2.24 million smartphones shipped in Europe, the Middle East and Africa during the quarter, compared to 1.23 million PDAs.
Tony Smith, 26 Jan 2004

The voodoo that Dumaru doesn’t do too well…

This weekend saw another iteration of email worm Dumaru. Unlike other email worm variants, Dumaru.J spreads itself by way of a zip attachment (rather than the typical executable). Of course, should users open the zipped file, and click the file ‘myphoto.jpg.56 (spaces). exe’ Dumaru does its typically annoying thing.
Mike Kemp, 26 Jan 2004

CA does what Microsoft wants with BrightStor update

Computer Associates has prepped a new version of the BrightStor ARCserve Backup product for Windows, touting tighter links to Microsoft's latest server operating system and a host of performance improvements with the release.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jan 2004

BT's dial-up service on the mend

BT's dial-up service appears to be on the mend. It has been bugged by an intermittent network problem, causing frustration for thousands of customers.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2004

Lycos Communities disbanded

Lycos US is closing its chat services and message boards from next month.
Tim Richardson, 26 Jan 2004

‘Fear and Loathing at HP’ – say internal docs

ExclusiveInternal documents disclosed to The Register reveal an HP beset by Fear and Loathing; Fear of the sack, and Loathing of what's perceived as Executive Greed.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Jan 2004

HP's Prince of Darkness joins NextIO board

The Register's favorite HP executive, CTO Shane Robison, is to take on additional responsibilities as he joins the board of secretive chip start-up NextIO. The former head of Internet strategy AT&T Labs was the instrumental figure in fomenting the HP-Compaq merger.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jan 2004

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