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Hollywood drops DVD lawsuit

Hollywood has abandoned its attempt to stifle publication of DVD decryption code, by dropping its lawsuit against a Californian publisher. The DVD CCA (Copy Control Association) filed a trade secrets lawsuit against Andrew Bunner (and others) for disclosing details of the DeCSS, which circumvents the CSS encryption scheme used on DVD discs.
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Google debuts Friendster-clone Orkut

Exclusive Google will shortly unveil its social networking site, Orkut. The Friendster clone is the work of Google employee and former Stanford graduate Orkut Buyukkokten.
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DNS Rootservers go international

For the first time in Internet history there are more DNS rootservers outside the United States than within, following this week's launch in Frankfurt of an anycast "instance" of RIPE NCC-managed K root server.
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Intel's Dothan successor to consume 45W at 65nm – report

Intel will follow its recently delayed 'Dothan' mobile microprocessor with 'Jonah' late next year, Japan's PC Watch claims, speculating that the part may even be one of Chipzilla's first 65nm products.
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Bradford IT strike on hold

Strike action among Bradford's IT staff has been put back a month while union officials continue negotiations over the council's plans to privatise its IT department.
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Microsoft posts $10 billion quarter

Microsoft posted its first ever $10 billion quarter, although profits were down.
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Siemens' phone biz profits, sales jump

Siemens' mobile phone business sold 26.7 per cent more handsets year on year during the group's most recently completed fiscal quarter, Q1 2004, the company said yesterday.
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SSL to be one of 2004’s bright spots

Adoption of virtual private networks (VPNs) based on the browser-based SSL technology is shaping up to be one of the key trends of 2004, especially as enterprises mobilize their workforces.
News IS, 23 2004
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EU anti-spam laws are OK

It's just over a month since new anti-spam legislation was introduced into the UK with almost universal condemnation that the new laws would have a limited effect in the fight against junk email.

Grid and Web Services to converge

The two big computing ideas of the twenty first century grid computing and web services were brought closer together by an announcement this week at GlobusWorld the grid conference run by Globus Alliance, writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams.
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All Internet voting is insecure: report

Online voting is fundamentally insecure due to the architecture of the Internet, according to leading cyber-security experts.
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406mph Peugeot pushes back envelope of credulity

Letters The speed camera issue is certainly emotive, if the response to our article this week on Peter O'Flynn and his amazing 406mph Peugeot is anything to go by.

Outsourcing Back-up

I recently visited an outsourcing company in the Boston area that provides a back-up and disaster recovery service, writes Bloor Research analyst Robin Bloor. The company was Live Vault, although you're unlikely to hear the name directly as they sell through the channel. There were two interesting points that the company had to offer, beyond the fact that it offers a quick to install service.

IBM targets 2m customers with expiring NT support

IBM’s big push at Linux World is to announce new programs to help customers dump Window NT and move straight to Linux. IBM’s logic is that by the end of 2004, Microsoft will discontinue support for the Windows NT operating system and discontinue the availability of security patches, which will require up to two million customers to develop a migration strategy.
News IS, 23 2004
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Blaster clean-up tool was stellar success – MS

Microsoft's recently released Blaster clean-up tool was downloaded 1.4 million times during the first few hours of its availability earlier this month. The strong need for the tool makes a case for greater automation of viral removal, according to Microsoft.
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£9m buys North East broadband

More than £9 million is being pumped into the North East of England to wire up all the exchanges for broadband.
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Small firms to cash in on software bargain bonanza

Smart small and medium-sized businesses can nab themselves some serious software bargains this year if they negotiate hard with vendors currently bending over backwards to break into the SME market.

Dell server inferno hell

If you're the proud owner of a Dell PowerEdge 1650 server and have noticed it has just shut down in a puff of smoke, then rest assured that help is at hand.
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The Apple Mac is 20

Will Apple introduce a 20th Anniversary Macintosh* on Monday, two days after the platform's 20th birthday?
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David Brent stars in MS training vids

TV boss from hell David Brent lives on in a set of two training videos made for Microsoft UK.
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BT's dial-up service dogged by network probs

BT's dial-up service is being bugged by an intermittent network problem that is causing frustration for a couple of thousand punters.

Better security means lower TCO for Win 2003 – MS

Windows NT and 2000 customers should move to Win 2003 as soon as possible to take advantage of lower support costs, according to Microsoft.
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Gates to meet Brown, OGC and NHS chiefs – Sun, OSS in crosshairs?

Bill Gates will be making one of his bigger sales calls on Monday morning. He's over in the UK for Chancellor Gordon Brown's entrepreneurs' summit, and will also be speaking at a Microsoft Longhorn developer conference later in the day. But squeezed in between we'll have a meeting with Gordon Brown himself, Peter Gershon of the Office of Government Commerce, and National Health Service IT head Richard Grainger.

Analyst sees St. Fister in Itanium wafer

Does anyone have a direct line to the Pope? We've witnessed another Itanic miracle and think it's time Intel's server processor chief Mike Fister begin his walk toward sainthood.
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Kyocera recalls exploding PalmOS phone battery

Kyocera has issued a recall today for 140,000 batteries used in its 7135 PalmOS smartphone after a customer received "a minor burn injury".