21st January 2004 Archive

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  • Motorola chip biz reports rising orders, sales

    Good Q4, bad year

    Channel 21 Jan 09:43

  • Nintendo preps dual-screen portable console

    Two CPUs, too

    Mobile 21 Jan 10:16

  • Sun buys another piece of its N1 vision

    All hail Nauticus

    Data Networking 21 Jan 10:21

  • Check Point launches dewormer for internal networks


    Security 21 Jan 10:26

  • SGI renders graphics kit full of Linux tools

    Visualize the future

    Servers 21 Jan 10:28

  • Bradford IT staff vote to strike

    Council would 'grind to a halt'

    Business 21 Jan 10:30

  • Microsoft prepares Mike Rowe legal exit

    But are we taking them too seriously?

    Media 21 Jan 10:30

  • NZ army reels under rebranding frontal assault

    Vicious hand-to-hand fighting over corporate image

    Bootnotes 21 Jan 10:33

  • Speed camera clocks motorist at 406 mph

    Pretty good going in a Peugeot

    Bootnotes 21 Jan 11:21

  • Fossil buries ill-fated Palm OS wristwatch

    'No longer available,' says timepiece maker

    Personal 21 Jan 11:29

  • Asus unveils Dothan-based Centrino notebooks

    Plus: Tosh takes on Apple's 12in PowerBook

    Personal 21 Jan 11:35

  • How to help MS, harm OSS by not buying Microsoft

    The application of Catch 22 to migration issues

    Software 21 Jan 12:59

  • CD Wow backs down in parallel importing row

    Settles with BPI

    Media 21 Jan 13:46

  • France Telecom job cuts hoped to kick-start privatization

    14,500 to go during 2004

    Media 21 Jan 13:46

  • Veritas expanding Linux utility offerings

    Support for SuSE Linux and Vmware

    Storage 21 Jan 13:47

  • Ultra-Personal Computers – PCs in a pod

    A practical proposition at last?

    Mobile 21 Jan 13:48

  • Broadband needs new milestones – BSG

    Yada yada

    Small Biz 21 Jan 13:50

  • War against shoplifters goes hi-tech

    Birmingham system predicts crime

    Security 21 Jan 14:14

  • UK outsourcing flees abroad

    'Massive' boost for India and China

    Data Centre 21 Jan 14:57

  • Gov.uk ain't got the knowledge

    Steering group is driving where, exactly?

    Business 21 Jan 14:58

  • PalmOne spreads into sandwich business

    Jam today

    Mobile 21 Jan 15:09

  • Wi-Fi providers target train travellers

    Going loco

    Mobile 21 Jan 15:38

  • Motorola beats the Street with profits surge

    But product delays hamper handset sales

    Business 21 Jan 15:42

  • dabs.com rings up Xmas sales

    Audio sales drive online sales boom

    Channel 21 Jan 15:47

  • Danish spammer fined £37k


    Security 21 Jan 15:49

  • PalmOne to axe 12% of workforce

    Handspring integration

    Mobile 21 Jan 16:01

  • Oldest Working PC (redux)

    Spaced out

    Letters 21 Jan 16:17

  • Zip file encryption compromise thrashed out

    Windows archive love-in

    Media 21 Jan 17:08

  • UK plays asylum card to expand visa biometric scheme

    East Africans get dabbed after wild success (nine dangerous fraudsters nicked) of Sri Lanka pilot

    Media 21 Jan 17:21

  • Mobile DBMS – user requirement or vendor greed?

    Small things with mobile data

    Mobile 21 Jan 17:44

  • Adaptec tempts mobo makers with Serial ATA

    Alacritech earns HP channel too

    Storage 21 Jan 17:58

  • RIAA goes hunting for 532 more file-traders

    Only 50 million to go

    Media 21 Jan 19:21

  • Nokia prefers Python to Perl for smartphone scripting

    Limited trial for pros, first

    Mobile 21 Jan 21:06

  • FoTW: Apple is the most successful company ever, you idiot!

    I mean it

    Letters 21 Jan 21:06

  • Microsoft watch requires three-fingered reboot

    A SPOT of bother

    Bootnotes 21 Jan 22:41