20th January 2004 Archive

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  • Microsoft gets green light to punish OS-less PC vendors

    Seattlement Review

    Software 20 00:18

  • Software brownouts turn SAN users blue

    Networking away uptime

    Storage 20 01:14

  • You got Google mail – report

    "Dear Sergey. Thank you for the email. Now can you fix your search engine...?"

    Media 20 06:29

  • IBM to outsource thousands of euphemisms

    Don't say the O-word

    Business 20 06:31

  • Husband and wife VIA chiefs deny software theft charge

    Industrial espionage case opens

    Channel 20 09:59

  • Judge stops short of saying it’s OK for DVRs to skip commercials

    Oi, you! Watch that ad now!

    Personal 20 10:03

  • US Internet homes aware of VoIP and want it now

    Don't we all, love, don't we all

    Data Networking 20 10:03

  • Small firms to get ‘better protection’ with new patents bill

    Arbitration option

    Small Biz 20 10:04

  • The Giant Wooden Horse Did It!

    Not me, guv

    Security 20 10:19

  • Airships to deliver broadband to rural areas

    High Altitude Platforms

    Broadband 20 11:05

  • UK etail Xmas sales top £2.5bn

    It's been a cool Yule apparently

    Small Biz 20 11:06

  • Red Hat intros software warranty

    Counter SCO measure

    Data Centre 20 11:34

  • Nigerian 419ers run dry

    Bag of tricks empty?

    Media 20 11:41

  • Intel reschedules P4 price cuts to 1 February

    Day before Prescott launch

    Channel 20 12:04

  • Data on 10m Northwest fliers handed to NASA for ‘testing’

    And brainscans planned to nail shifty thinkers

    Media 20 12:52

  • Taiwan hit by sudden outbreak of rebranding madness

    Strategy Boutiques strike to deadly effect

    Bootnotes 20 13:30

  • Morse customers start spending again

    Upbeat Q2 statement

    Channel 20 13:55

  • Coke's music download site falls flat

    Gremlins in the mix

    Media 20 14:01

  • Kodak to drop 35mm cameras in Europe, US

    Everyone buying digital or disposables

    Personal 20 14:21

  • Disabled users struggle to access FTSE 100 sites

    Damning report

    Media 20 15:45

  • Thousands of Sun Opteron boxes spotted in the wild

    Rare ontime arrival

    Servers 20 16:56

  • SCO sues Novell – retaliation expected

    Putting on the writs

    Software 20 21:55

  • OSDL creates client Linux spec

    Talking shop

    Software 20 23:12

  • AMD pumps out a profit in Q4

    Athlon and flash up

    Channel 20 23:49