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December bonanza for Game Cube sales

Nintendo came out on top in the crucial December sales period last year, according to the Japanese company, with a massive 70 per cent year on year increase in worldwide sales of the GameCube console.
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Enough phones at last! Hutchison goes 3G in Hong Kong home

The uncertainty of 3G wideband CDMA phone technology isn't all in the mind of cynics; and Hutchison, which has managed to get 3G live in the UK and in Italy, hasn't managed to launch in its home area - Hong Kong. Until now...
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Microsoft lawyers threaten Mike Rowe (17)

In what could easily be mistaken for an Onion story, Microsoft has unleashed the full fury of its lawyers on 17-year-old Canadian high-school student, Mike Rowe, demanding the handover of his Internet domain.
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Virgin.net opens doors again to new BB punters

Virgin.net has begun to recruit new broadband punters some six weeks after it suspended new registrations for its high-speed Internet service.
January 3, 1983 issue of Time magazine – cover

My PC is older than yours

Letters The story about the oldest working in the Netherlands, a vintage IBM 5160 (Intel 8088) computer from 1983, which is still being used to test matrix printers, attracted a fair amount of comments. We asked you if you knew about other old desktops still chugging away somewhere. And many of you responsed. So what else is old and still alive?
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Illegal stun guns sold on eBay UK

Exclusive Ebay UK is being used to sell illegal weapons such as vicious stun guns which can temporarily disable victims by delivering massive electric shocks.
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Say hello to the Bagle Worm

Sunday evening saw reports of yet another email-borne worm affecting MS Windows. Bagle spreads via email, following the opening of an attachment. Sound familiar?
Mike Kemp, 19 2004
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Euro kids prefer online games to e-mail, music – survey

European kids spend more time playing games on the Internet than sending e-mails or downloading music, according to Safety, Awareness, Facts and Tools (SAFT), an EU-backed body that monitors and advises on how children use the Internet.
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IBM to hire 15,000 more staff

IBM is to take on 15,000 more staff in 2004, the company said at the weekend. Most new positions will be in software and services, and 4,500 net jobs will be created in its American homeland. This will take IBM's headcount to 330,000, its highest since 1991.
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UK Internet awards nominees named

The UK's Internet trade group - ISPA - has announced the finalists for its annual industry awards.
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BT flogs SDSL to ‘data-heavy’ small firms

BT today unveiled plans to sell SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband direct to businesses, starting in London and Coventry.
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Gov.uk publishes home PC loan scheme guidelines

The UK government has published guidelines to help businesses keen to provide PCs to employees for home working.

Gershon ‘not comfortable’ with reliance on EDS

The head of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC)has told MPs that he is "not comfortable" with the government's reliance on EDS for IT services.
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T610 fuels Sony Ericsson recovery

Sony Ericsson has announced growth in sales, shipments and profits for Q4.
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Vodafone snaps up Generation Telecom

Vodafone today announced the acquisition of Phones International's Generation Telecom subsidiary for an undisclosed amount.
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Beware the Habeas Joe Job

Habeas, the company known for putting copyrighted haikus in legitimate email to distinguish it from spam, says it has come under attack from an as yet unidentified spammer. The spammer is illegally using the Habeas Warrant Mark in emails which are promoting websites such as pharmawarehouse.biz, pharmacourt.biz and valuepointmeds.biz. The attack began about a week ago at about 11am PT. Complaints are returning to Habeas.
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'Saddam – my part in his downfall' – by Microsoft military guru

Microsoft is clearly applying strong money and key personnel to the task of making money out of the rebuilding of Iraq, according to a report in The Nation by Naomi Klein. Klein is usually described as the author of No Logo, but is it not wonderfully appropriate, under the circumstances, that her latest book is called Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate?
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Sentencing date set in nuclear lab hack case

A sentencing date has been set for a UK teenager who admits breaking into the network of a US high-energy physics research lab.
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BT execs in bitter row – report

BT's top execs are involved in an "increasingly acrimonious power struggle", according to a report at the weekend.

Brussels gets up to speed with IPv6

The European Commission is getting member states up to speed with the next-generation IPv6 Internet protocol by deploying the technology across its e-Infrastructure global research and education networks.
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AMD Athlon 64 3400+

Review It wasn't long ago that the Athlon 64 family of CPUs was launched by AMD and it has already had two new additions: the 3000+ and now the 3400+. The only difference is the speed. The 3400+ clocks in at 2.2GHz, making it as fast as the Athlon 64 FX-51 processor in terms of raw gigahertz. But as we know from past experiences with AMD processors, gigahertz isn't everything, and the 3400+ is an amazingly fast CPU. It might not be that much faster than the 3200+ but it is one of the quickest - if not the fastest - consumer-level processors around, although this is somewhat dependant on the application used, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
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No porn for kids, say mobile phone operators

The six British mobile phone operators have unveiled a joint code of practice to help prevent youngsters from accessing porn, gaming and other unsuitable content on their mobile phones.
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Veritas salutes SuSE and VMware

Veritas this week took a major step to bulk up its Linux business by announcing partnerships with SuSE and VMware.
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Romanian Blaster trial kicks off Friday

A Romanian man accused of creating a variant of the infamous Blaster worm faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted in a trial due to begin this Friday (January 23).

In praise of outsourcing

Outsourcing will become ubiquitous within five years and has the potential to increase UK gross domestic product by a cool £16bn and close the country's productivity gap by 10 per cent.
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Tech bubble banker slapped on wrist

The go-to guy for greedy tech CEOs during the dot com bubble has been suspended for a year and fined $30,000 by the securities industry regulator NASD.
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How HP invented the market for iPod resellers

Apple's iPod is the killer device of online music, and HP very well should have owned it.