16th January 2004 Archive

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  • SuSE and Dell buddy up

    Linux love

    Servers 16 00:08

  • Sun tunes up StarOffice Slurpee in Japan

    Big Gulp of productivity

    Software 16 05:10

  • IBM enhances Linux DB2

    From weeks to hours

    Data Centre 16 09:33

  • Quantum ups the stakes in disk based tape

    We're ready, who else?

    Storage 16 09:33

  • Will pressure to speed up 802.11n wreck standards process?

    Pre-empting the pre-empters

    Broadband 16 09:36

  • Vendor group aims to boost voice over Wi-Fi

    Touts fast handoff standard

    Broadband 16 09:36

  • SCO sort of thinks there are Linux IP violations, but isn't quite sure

    Can you help?

    Data Centre 16 09:37

  • Cingular eyeing AT&T Wireless again

    Negotiations on again

    Mobile 16 09:43

  • Paedophile gets five-year net ban

    No Internet or mobile for jailed predator

    Media 16 09:50

  • Stob: You have opted in

    Oh yes you have

    Bootnotes 16 09:58

  • Intel and HP find oldest working PC


    Vintage 16 10:13

  • P2P file swapping back on the increase

    Not going away after all, then?

    Media 16 13:54

  • Spanish police bust MS software piracy ring

    14 fall into the Net

    Software 16 13:56

  • BT appeals ‘dirty tricks’ banning order

    'Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight...'

    Media 16 13:58

  • MS Win98 support reprieve was move to block Linux, says Gartner

    Linux tempts those who can't afford XP

    Software 16 16:27

  • Crypto plan to anonymise P2P, thwart RIAA

    Catch me if you can

    Media 16 16:36

  • IBM's Storage Tank spotted in Ohio

    On the loose at last

    Storage 16 17:14

  • Dude, your Opteron NAS system is huge

    But is 9 petabytes big enough?

    Storage 16 22:04

  • Nokia to release Perl for smartphones

    Larry Wall's barmy army rejoices

    Mobile 16 22:43

  • SCO surrenders claims to System V?

    Software 16 22:58

  • Adaptec looks to India for storage future

    Offshore networking

    Storage 16 23:27