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Broken CD with wrench

SuSE and Dell buddy up

SuSE and Dell plan to share the limelight next week at LinuxWorld with the two companies refining their shared support and certification agreements, The Register has learned.
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Sun tunes up StarOffice Slurpee in Japan

Sun Microsystems is taking StarOffice to the true heart of the Japanese consumer market - 7-Eleven.

IBM enhances Linux DB2

At next week’s LinuxWorld conference in New York, IBM will show off the upcoming 64-bit version of its DB2 database for Linux, enhancing clustering and scalability capabilities and providing a port to non-Intel boxes.
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Broken CD with wrench

Quantum ups the stakes in disk based tape

Quantum says that it is ready to ship its next disk-based backup system, the DX100, a step up from its existing DX30.
News IS, 16 2004
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Will pressure to speed up 802.11n wreck standards process?

This week sees a major IEEE meeting in Vancouver, Canada, with high hopes that the standards body will accelerate progress on several of its key specifications. There is particular pressure to speed up the development of the 802.11n extension to Wi-Fi, which will support speeds of up to 108Mbps, since vendors are already pre-empting this with proprietary fast WLAN products. However, this is raising fears that the agenda for such standards is falling entirely into the hands of the suppliers and the vendor-driven Wi-Fi Alliance, which may be forcing the pace at the expense of the quality and independence of the IEEE process.
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Vendor group aims to boost voice over Wi-Fi

A group of suppliers led by SpectraLink is pushing the IEEE to set up a study group for a future voice over Wi-Fi standard. The companies were hopeful that their proposal would be adopted at the currently ongoing IEEE summit in Vancouver, Canada, though sources believe that is unlikely to happen.
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SCO sort of thinks there are Linux IP violations, but isn't quite sure

Ever since The SCO Group announced it had found its intellectual property turning up in the Linux kernel, world+dog has been anxious to find out what the offending code might be.
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Cingular eyeing AT&T Wireless again

There is speculation that the long-delayed shake-out in the US wireless services sector could be starting, after reports that US mobile operator Cingular Wireless is again in negotiations with AT&T Wireless Services.
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Paedophile gets five-year net ban

A predatory paedophile who had sex with a 14-year-old girl has been jailed for 18 months and banned from accessing the internet for five years.
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Stob: You have opted in

Stob (Previously: Notorious spamillionaire Sam "The Spam" Osborne has been giving poor Verity Stob the run-around.)
Ancient skull found in cave in northern Laos

Intel and HP find oldest working PC

Dutch company PHI DATA yesterday received a prize from Intel, HP and Dutch IT weekly Computable for still owning and operating a vintage IBM 5160 (Intel 8088) computer from 1983. PHI Data uses the IBM to test matrix printers. It is now officialy the oldest obsolete-yet-active PC in the Low Countries.
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P2P file swapping back on the increase

As you were, then. Hot on the heels of tentative claims of victory over file-swappers by the music industry, the number of dangerous, music downloading criminals started climbing again in the US. Illegal music downloader numbers had been falling for six months, according to NPD Group, but a survey by the outfit reports that they climbed six per cent in October and seven per cent in November.
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Spanish police bust MS software piracy ring

Spanish police have arrested 14 people for dealing in pirated Microsoft software, recovering counterfeit goods that could have netted $1.52 million in illicit sales.
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BT appeals ‘dirty tricks’ banning order

BT has lodged a formal appeal against a ruling ordering the monster telco to stop using "dirty tricks" to persuade customers from switching phone providers.
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MS Win98 support reprieve was move to block Linux, says Gartner

Microsoft's extension of the support period for the Windows 98 product family earlier this week was a move intended largely to discourage the adoption of Linux in emerging markets, according to Gartner. The research outfit concludes that the move comes too late for it to be relevant to enterprise migration plans, but that extra life support for 98 could be important to Microsoft elsewhere.
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Crypto plan to anonymise P2P, thwart RIAA

Leading P2P activists have reacted to the prospect of the extension of a legal crackdown on file swappers in the UK with plans to build greater anonymity into their networks.

IBM's Storage Tank spotted in Ohio

The motorcycle riding Frankensteins in IBM's storage tank lab have managed to bring their precious file system to life in an Ohio data center, as part of a major storage deal with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), IBM announced today.

Dude, your Opteron NAS system is huge

Storage Computer Corp. has delivered one of the first software products to date aimed at storing and backing up data running on large clusters of Opteron servers.
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Nokia to release Perl for smartphones

Nokia will make an internal version of the Perl scripting language for Series 60 smartphones available to its developer community, Lee Epting, Nokia's VP of Developer Relations, tells us. Nokia acknowledges a demand for more developer options as Nokia's Symbian-based Series 60 platform reaches mass market volumes.
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SCO surrenders claims to System V?

Letters Re: SCO sort of thinks there are Linux IP violations, but isn't quite sure

Adaptec looks to India for storage future

Storage networking firm Adaptec will plunk down a $25 million investment in India over the next four years, as it sets up chip design and testing labs.