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Police given power to lock up your data

UK firms have been warned to prepare for impending changes to national law that will give the police powers to deny staff access to offices and mission critical data in the event of a major incident.
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Big Blue tempts Big Pharma with massive Opteron server sale

Proving how closely it follows The Reg, IBM today announced its most significant Opteron server customer win to date by signing up Bristol-Myers Squibb to buy a number of systems.

SCO targets Novell, steps into new legal trouble

Updated Documents released by Novell show that The SCO Group is seeking to increase pressure on Novell, which recently acquired SuSE and Ximian, and whose 1995 contract with SCO goes to the heart of the current litigation. However, the path looks likely to give Novell enough cause to launch a suit for breach of contract, and a judgement could see SCO's claims collapse fairly rapidly.
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New: ADSL per minute

The idea of ADSL is simple: offer high speed access at a fixed price so that users don't have to worry about a per minute charge as with traditional dial up access in Europe. But some companies are now turning that concept around. Internet provider Zon has started offering ADSL in the Benelux without a subscription. You pay per minute, just like the old days.
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US Supreme Court refuses to hear Fax.com appeal

"We do more than just fax marketing," Fax.com claims on its web site. "We have assisted several missing children organizations, law enforcement agencies and individuals with fax poster alerts."
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No relief from Microsoft phishing bug

Tuesday's edition of Microsoft's monthly bundle of security advisories features an omission that should keep online fraud artists and identity thieves happy: over one month after its discovery, there is no official patch available for a bug in Internet Explorer that lets swindlers pass off counterfeit websites as the real thing.

CA and Linux

There are two reasons why it is worth taking note of CA with respect to Linux, writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research. The first is that CA believes, as I do, that Linux is going to become the standard OS. I know this because I heard Yogesh Gupta, the CTO of CA, say so at the last CA World. The second is that CA believes that it can generate a respectable revenue stream from Linux.
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Larry Ellison marries romantic novelist

Larry Ellison (59), Oracle boss, has married for the fourth time. His new wife is long-time fiancee Melanie Craft, a 35 year-old romantic novelist. They confirmed that got hitched before Christmas, but that's all they are saying on the matter, according to reports.
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Falling prices hit Computacenter revenues

Hardware sales volumes are holding steady at Computacenter, Europe's biggest reseller. But product revenues have been hit by falling hardware prices, coupled with the declining US dollar, the firm said yesterday in a pre-close trading update.
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Dixons records Christmas cracker

Dixons Group is celebrating a cracker of a Christmas after reporting that sales shot up an encouraging 12 per cent - a far cry from the turkey it suffered last year.
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Get connected abroad with NetAway

Site offer Any reader who has found himself in a hotel room abroad with a laptop and an urgent need to connect to the Internet will know that feeling of dread which comes with the prospect of being completely fleeced on the cost of the call.
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Lastminute.com reports ‘strong’ trading

Shares in online travel and leisure outfit, Lastminute.com, are up this morning after the company reported "strong" trading.
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Stob: Why men buy blue pills

(Previously: Sam "The Spam" Osborne, the notorious spamillionaire, has improbably represented himself as a philanthropist.)
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Multimedia vulns pose severe risk

Numerous VoIP and video conferencing products are subject to serious security vulnerabilities because of widespread flaws in the implementation of a key multimedia protocol, according to an advisory by security clearing house CERT published yesterday.
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Mobile phones safe – report

Experts want more time to establish once and for all whether mobile phones really are safe.
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UK firms give online recruitment the boot

The Internet is a dead loss when it comes to finding and recruiting staff: only five per cent of UK HR managers used online recruitment sites in 2003, IT services firm Parity claims.
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ISS buys Cobion for €26m

Internet Security Systems today bought content filtering firm Cobion AG for €26 million in cash.
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EU recycles Lexmark ink cartridge probe

A new complaint against Lexmark could re-ignite the European Union's investigation into the company's policy regarding sale of replacement printer cartridges.
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Booming CES marks death of Comdex

CES Roundup - Whether you ask a cabbie, a stripper or a tech executive, the answer is the same these days. CES is now the big daddy show in Las Vegas, and Comdex is the kid bringing it a beer on Sunday.
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Anonymous TCP/IP to debut at CodeCon

The latest installment of the CodeCon trilogy has been unveiled, as the coders DIY technical conference brings a mix of old hands and bedsit coders to San Francisco next month.
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IBM releases C++, Fortran for Mac OS X

Adding to the choice of development tools for Apple Macintosh range, IBM is privately making two compilers available to its customers in beta form this week, The Register has learned.
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MP probes British tech ‘sweat shop’ death

A north-eastern MP has taken up the case of a Chinese immigrant who died in a UK component factory two years ago from apparent exhaustion.
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Net activism and the future of domains

Opinion Just when you thought it had all been done before and the last great tales of Net derring-do were a thing of the past, up pops another marvellous example of how the Web is continually changing itself and our world.
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Intel rethinking RFID?

Intel is working on a new bar-code standard that supports wireless technologies including RFID tags.
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BT works broadband miracle

BT has performed a minor miracle after wiring up a rival community broadband scheme more than three months ahead of schedule.
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Haiti kisses ICANN ring, rewarded with control over own domain

In Geneva recently, the world’s governments got together in the first ever meeting dedicated to discussing the effect of the Internet on the world.
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US players to shake up Europe's pricey WiFi scene

A fierce battle is looming to win the hearts, minds and wallets of the burgeoning army of European corporate WiFi road warriors. Although wireless roaming is still in its infancy, existing high service tariffs are likely to fall as competition heats up from North American market entrants, the latest report from London-based consultancy BroadGroup predicts.
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Apple quality control mars bullish results

Apple's quality woes tarnished an excellent set of quarterly results for the Cupertino-based systems company. For the first time, Apple acknowledged the "white spots" issue that has plagued owners of the 15 inch PowerBook, and which was painfully evident on the show floor at MacWorld Expo last week.
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Intel sets revenue record in Q4

Intel's trusty microprocessor business carried the company to a record fourth quarter, as losses in other businesses narrowed and boosted revenue as well.
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Cingular eyes AT&T Wireless for mobile mega merger

Cingular looks set to beat T-Mobile to merge with AT&T Wireless, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports that the two are in an advanced stage of negotiations. The merged company would become the No.1 mobile phone network in the US, with 45 million subscribers, pushing Verizon out of the top spot.