13th January 2004 Archive

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  • RIAA adopts paramilitary garb for parking lot bust


    Bootnotes 13 02:51

  • 50 Cent and Crow torpedo HP's RIAA love-in

    Mute witnesses

    Bootnotes 13 03:17

  • Novell indemnifies Linux customers

    SuSE buy completed

    Data Centre 13 09:59

  • Sun insures software model with Blue Cross win

    One step at a time

    Data Centre 13 09:59

  • Locking your door in 2004

    Teach your users to think as you do

    Security 13 10:22

  • Rural areas wooed by wireless broadband outfit

    C'mon, you know you want it

    Broadband 13 10:45

  • Sp@m: the myst.eries xp1ained!!! By Stob

    How the stripes get in the toothpaste

    Bootnotes 13 11:02

  • Judge rules Lindows MS settlement claims invalid

    But you can keep the software and claim again

    Software 13 14:22

  • MS joins in German chain's RFID Future Store project

    All your tags in one basket

    Media 13 15:26

  • Yahoo! IM! in! flaw! flap!

    Its buffer floweth over

    Security 13 16:50

  • VeriSign snags RFID tag deal

    All your consumer goods are belong to us

    Media 13 16:52

  • Orange punts mobile walkie talkie service

    Talk Now

    Mobile 13 16:54

  • Store staff gemüsed by potato PC guerrilla

    Smash the system...

    Media 13 17:02

  • StorageTek runs higher on revenue boost

    Flying tape

    Storage 13 17:15

  • HP users cry foul at death of the open PC

    Brave bean counters

    Letters 13 17:44

  • CA faces SEC action

    The Ghost of Accountancy Past

    Business 13 18:37

  • Stellent buys Optika

    Continuing wave of consolidation

    Data Centre 13 18:40

  • 3Com plugs in its fastest LAN switch

    Campus thang

    Data Networking 13 18:45

  • WLANs drive productivity growth

    Let's go to work

    Broadband 13 18:48

  • Pennsylvania child porn law causes ‘massive overblocking of sites’

    Unconstitutional failure, civil rights groups say

    Media 13 19:01

  • CD sales rocket in UK

    Away from bombs, subpoenas, and SWAT raids

    Media 13 20:32

  • Intel and IDC at odds over Itanium's future

    It's booming! It's shrinking! Just don't say it's sinking

    Servers 13 20:39

  • PalmSource stealth releases OS milestone

    Hush hush

    Software 13 22:05

  • IBM and Topspin link Infiniband lust

    Together forever or at least five years

    Storage 13 22:28