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RIAA adopts paramilitary garb for parking lot bust

With one eye on their role in a future crimebusting cop show [*], RIAA employees donned paramilitary kit as they swooped on a Hispanic parking lot attendant in Los Angeles before Christmas. Faced with ex-cops wearing raid vests with "RIAA" emblazoned on the back, 55 year old Ceasar Borrayo handed over 78 CDs and DVDs of dubious legality, LA Weekly reports. Officers then posed before a banner reading 'Mission Accomplished'.
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50 Cent and Crow torpedo HP's RIAA love-in

Did artists 50 Cent and Sheryl Crow know what they were getting into last week, when they played a mute but starring role at Hewlett Packard's keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas?
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Novell indemnifies Linux customers

Novell is to indemnify enterprise customers of SUSE Linux against legal action undertaken on IP grounds by "third parties" - i.e. SCO.
DVD it in many colours

Sun insures software model with Blue Cross win

Sun Microsystems has found life for its Java Enterprise System (JES) software at a large health insurance company, giving a boost to one of the most aggressive and risky pricing strategies in the software industry.
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Locking your door in 2004

Opinion I've never been a big believer in "New Year's Resolutions." I figure if you're going to resolve to do something (or not do something) waiting for a new year to is really just an excuse to procrastinate, writes SecurityFocus columnist Tim Mullen.
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Rural areas wooed by wireless broadband outfit

Yorkshire-based, ehotspot, has cut to 15 the number of punters needed for it to install its wireless broadband service.
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Sp@m: the myst.eries xp1ained!!! By Stob

Stob (Previously: Verity Stob has travelled deep into Essex to meet Sam ‘The Spam’ Osborne, England’s first spamillionaire.)
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Judge rules Lindows MS settlement claims invalid

Lindows.com's attempt to submit claims under the California-Microsoft settlement procedure has been rejected by the judge, but people who submitted claims via the msfreepc.com site have still had a reasonable deal. They can keep any software they got from Lindows.com, and the judge has instructed the claims administrator to send them a claims form for them to claim via the court-approved process.
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MS joins in German chain's RFID Future Store project

The German supermarket responsible for the Future Store Initiative is to roll out RFID tagging across the entire process chain, starting with 100 suppliers, ten central warehouses and approximately 250 stores. Metro Group's Initiative is supported by around 40 companies, including IBM, Intel and SAP, and in what we can can only regard as a useful piece of tidying that puts all your most paranoid privacy nightmares in the one place, Microsoft joined in at the beginning of this week.
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Yahoo! IM! in! flaw! flap!

Older versions of Yahoo! Messenger are subject to a security flaw that could allow crackers to run hostile code on vulnerable systems, according to security researchers.
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VeriSign snags RFID tag deal

VeriSign has snagged the tag contract, to manage a key component of a Net trading systems for consumer products identified by radio-frequency identification tags.
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Orange punts mobile walkie talkie service

Orange today became the first major European operator to launch a walkie talkie-style service on mobile phones.
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Store staff gemüsed by potato PC guerrilla

A man has been arrested in Germany for allegedly stuffing two computers full of potatoes.

StorageTek runs higher on revenue boost

Shares of StorageTek surged higher on Tuesday after the company raised its revenue forecasts based on strong tape sales and services.
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HP users cry foul at death of the open PC

Letters re: HP declares war on sharing culture
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CA faces SEC action

Computer Associates' past has come back to haunt it. The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) is to pursue a civil suit against the company over historic accountancy practices, and has issued a Wells Notice against CA, the enterprise software vendor said yesterday. The case against is unlikely to reach court: more likely CA will settle with a hefty fine and abject apologies.

Stellent buys Optika

Stellent's acquisition of Optika will continue a wave of consolidation as enterprise content management vendors seek to offer a complete suite of products. However, this latest acquisition could make Stellent itself an attractive target for a major software company such as Oracle.

3Com plugs in its fastest LAN switch

3Com today unveiled its highest-performance enterprise LAN switch to date.
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WLANs drive productivity growth

Demand for Wireless local area network (WLAN) technology is exploding with the latest research indicating that over 80 per cent of firms currently using wireless kit will expand their deployments in the first six months of 2004.
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Pennsylvania child porn law causes ‘massive overblocking of sites’

More than a million completely legal websites have been blocked by US ISPs in response to the Pennsylvanian statute against Internet Child Pornography.
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CD sales rocket in UK

CD sales rocketed 7.6 per cent in the United Kingdom last year, according to Music Week. 121 million CDs were sold, excluding compilations.

Intel and IDC at odds over Itanium's future

On the same day that Intel met with the press to discuss the bright future of its Itanium processor, analyst firm IDC cut its sales forecasts for the chip, adding to a decade long slump for Intel's great 64-bit hope.
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PalmSource stealth releases OS milestone

PalmSource has released version 6.0 of its Palm OS operating system. The new software represents the biggest leap forward in the history of the OS, finally silencing critics (not least amongst current and prospective licensees) who have bemoaned the lack of memory management and multitasking.
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IBM and Topspin link Infiniband lust

Topspin Communications has signed up another big name for its Infiniband switches with IBM agreeing to resell the kit alongside its storage and server products.