12th January 2004 Archive

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  • Virgin and T-Mobile to co-habit after divorce

    Thrashing out terms

    Mobile 12 10:37

  • BT denies ‘sinister’ role in broadband delay

    No dirty tricks in West Norfolk

    Broadband 12 10:38

  • Business continuity planning: will it save you?

    Policy wonks

    Security 12 10:46

  • What's the score on Dixons stores?

    Up to half will shut, says analyst

    Channel 12 11:27

  • 419ers reduced to Welsh penury

    End of the line for the Boys from Lagos?

    Bootnotes 12 13:09

  • Net blamed for massive increase in child porn

    Not our fault, ISPs say

    Media 12 13:13

  • Virgin.net still not accepting new broadband punters


    Broadband 12 13:17

  • ‘Serial ID thieves’ banned from auction sites

    Bonnie and Clyde.com

    Security 12 13:19

  • Stob: Interview with a bulk emailer

    Don’t say the S word

    Bootnotes 12 13:25

  • Bring me the head of trojan Xombe

    Dead and dangerous

    Security 12 14:24

  • You wrote this from India, right?

    The Register stands up for overseas jobs

    Letters 12 14:49

  • Easynet to unbundle 80 exchanges in '04

    Predicts strong revenue growth

    Broadband 12 14:52

  • Text junkies seek SMS detox

    Clinics battle to save mobe-crazed addicts

    Mobile 12 15:59

  • Microsoft pushes for a million Xbox Live users

    While Sony has new tricks up its sleeve

    Personal 12 16:00

  • Cheaper broadband for Ireland

    Eircom slashes wholesale and retail prices

    Broadband 12 16:09

  • The world shudders as Win98 gets support reprieve

    Not dead yet after all...

    Software 12 17:46

  • SGI sees gravy coating midrange Linux on Itanium servers

    Altix 350 unveiled

    Servers 12 18:17

  • Veritas ships Bare Metal boost for Linux, AIX and Windows

    Need to go dissimilar?

    Storage 12 19:33

  • Vivendi spinoff takes MP3.com archive private

    Reborn as piped muzak

    Media 12 20:43

  • UK and Ireland has bumper e-Xmas

    Sales up 40 per cent

    Small Biz 12 21:32

  • Radio hackers hurl drive by abuse at Burger King customers

    'No Whoppers for you, fatty'

    Broadband 12 21:35

  • Torvalds' employer starts Linux users' defense fund

    OSDL sets $10m target

    Software 12 21:39

  • Macrovision patent claims over Intertrust sound like wishful thinking

    Peas in the pod

    Media 12 21:46

  • CES plays home to HomePlug at 100 Mbps

    Empowerment lobby

    Data Networking 12 21:46