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A hard drive smaller than an inch

CESWith solid state memory reaching the gigabyte base line, Toshiba has unveiled a tiny hard disk that's smaller than an inch. The 0.8 inch hard drive - that's about the width and thickness of an MMC or SD card - will come in 2GB and 4GB sizes, spins at 3600 rpm, and will ship in volume this Fall.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2004

Verizon trumps Wi-Fi with 500 k/bits nationwide

CESStateside CDMA carrier Verizon is breaking open the piggybank to roll out its high speed cellphone service nationwide this year. CEO Ivan Seidenberg made the announcement at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2004

Yahoo! and Philips in Streamium TV

CESYahoo! is to provide much of the content of Streamium TV, which was introduced this week by Philips at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Through a broadband connection, Philips allows consumers to access video and audio content, as well as images through a wireless or wired Ethernet connection from a PC or Internet service.
Jan Libbenga, 09 Jan 2004

Misco pulls plug on Scotland

Fifty jobs have been lost in Greenock following the closure of the Scottish sales office of Misco.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jan 2004

Dell in front line of War on Terror™

We're relieved to report today that al-Qaeda will not be sourcing PDAs online from US websites, well not from Dell at least.
Lester Haines, 09 Jan 2004

Intel takes Centrino to consumer electronics

The main thrust of Intel’s chip push will be focused on the consumer market this year and this week saw president Paul Otellini setting out the chipmaker’s stall in a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
News IS, 09 Jan 2004

Apple claims storage price lead

Apple this week claimed it has leapfrogged the price performance of storage systems from Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and EMC and is offering its new RAID storage subsystem for Windows and Linux as well as the native Mac Unix OS.
News IS, 09 Jan 2004

Motorola shows new spirit of innovation

All eyes will be on Motorola to see whether it can make 2004 a recovery year under its new CEO Ed Zander. Zander himself has been low key so far, keen not to over-inflate expectations of a turnaround that is sure to be prolonged and painful. But the world’s second largest cellphone maker started the year with some interesting moves that, while small in themselves, may point to a new culture of innovation and ideas that is badly needed.
Wireless Watch, 09 Jan 2004

Gov.uk fails to communicate with e-citizens

The Government's big idea to deliver its services digitally has once again taken a thumping after a report found that many of the Government's Web sites are muddled and confusing.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jan 2004

Broadcom jumping the gun with pre-standard 802.11n?

Broadcom looks set to release pre-standard silicon based on the emerging 802.11n fast Wi-Fi standard, aiming to repeat its successful gamble on early release of 802.11g products last year. Meanwhile, GlobespanVirata (GSV) is the latest Wi-Fi chipmaker to pre-empt 802.11n by releasing ‘standards-plus’ products that turbocharge 54Mbps 802.11g to achieve higher data rates.
Wireless Watch, 09 Jan 2004

CAN-SPAM means we can spam

A miniscule proportion of unsolicited commercial email complies with US Federal anti-spam laws introduced this month, according to a survey published yesterday.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2004

Lamo pleads guilty to NY Times hack

Hacker Adrian Lamo plead guilty Thursday to federal computer crime charges arising from his 2002 intrusion into the New York Time internal network, and faces a likely six to twelve months in custody when he's sentenced in April.
Kevin Poulsen, 09 Jan 2004

So why did Pervasive acquire Data Junction?

Pervasive last month acquired Data Junction. The question is: why (asks Phil Howard of Bloor Research)?.
IT-Analysis, 09 Jan 2004

T-Mobile waives £8,000 stolen mobile bill

News of the British couple who had their mobile phone stolen on holiday, and subsequently faced a phone bill for GBP8,000, highlights the risk to both mobile phone users and operators associated with mobile roaming. But more could be done to avert the risk posed by phone fraudsters.
Datamonitor, 09 Jan 2004

Woman gets ‘tits out’ online for charity

A Somerset woman is getting her "tits out" to raise money for a multiple sclerosis (MS) charity.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jan 2004

Park and pay by mobile comes to London

Drivers in the south London area of Putney will soon be able to pay their parking fees by mobile phone.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2004

UK.gov claws deeper discounts from Oracle

The British government's Oracle bill should come down, following the renegotiation of licence terms with the enterprise database vendor.
Drew Cullen, 09 Jan 2004

And now we are One. Many unhappy returns to SoBig

Today is the first anniverary of Sobig, the worm family which produced such misery for email users last year.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2004

Real and IBM form media software link

CESReal Networks and IBM have decided to combine parts of their software lines to make it easier for customers to deliver digital content to a variety of devices.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Jan 2004

Pocket-sized PC has PowerBook pedigree

CESIt's almost two years since we wrote about OQO's pocket-sized PC. In the twenty months that have elapsed since it 'debuted' at The Register, the OQO was a no show. But in the meantime the 'Ultra Personal' - now slated to appear later this year - has morphed into something much more usable.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2004

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