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Intel coughs up for the Digital Home

Intel is to invest $200 million in companies creating technologies to digitise the home.
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Gates wraps Brave New World with hefty fees

CES There are many out there who would characterize Bill Gates as coming from the wimp mould made so popular by the first President Bush. Such a description, however, is far off the mark as the Microsoft Chief proved today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Gates had the guts to face up to a gadget-hungry crowd and inform them that many of the services they once hoped to take for granted will now come wrapped in hefty service fees.
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It’s Wi-Fi free week with BT

For all those itching to put their Wi-Fi Xmas presents to good use, this month will give you the chance to browse the Web and send emails for free.

Business Objects maps out Crystal Decisions integration

Business Objects today showed its customers the way it intends to merge its products with that of newly acquired Crystal Decisions.
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Govt unveils Web kids safety campaign

A hard-hitting ad campaign warning about the dangers of paedophiles 'grooming' young victims online has been launched by the Government.
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Stroppy emails make you sick: official

Boffins at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College have proven what Reg readers doubless already know - that aggresive emails are bad for your health.
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US tech industry stands up for overseas jobs

America's IT industry is looking at the foreign competition - and it's worried. A group of eight leading CEOs, all members of the Computer Systems Policy Project, is calling on the US government to help the country stay on top of the technology tree.
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Evesham cuts jobs

Evesham Technology is to axe jobs in cost-cutting exercise.
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BT trials mobile SMS to voice landline

BT is to trial a service that enables customers to send SMS messages from mobiles to landline phones using text-to-speech conversion.

2004 – the year Microsoft's prices bend, buckle or break?

Analysis The Israeli government's decision to suspend Microsoft purchases will be old news to Register readers - we broke the story back in October.
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LG ‘will persist’ with Smart Display, even after Microsoft drops it

The Smart Display, a year old, will not make it to 2.0 - Microsoft has told the unfortunate manufacturers who partnered with it in the doomed venture.
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AOL launches bargain basement Net access

AOL is setting up a cheap-as-chips Internet access service in its American heartland. The dial-up service, branded under the Netscape moniker, offers unlimited access for $9.95 per month.
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Mississippi man denies Best Buy blackmail

A Mississippi man has denied trying to extort $2.5 million from US retailer Best Buy.
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Reg kit slashed in our blockbusting January sale

Cash'n'Carrion We always vowed we'd never follow the retailing tradition of having a New Year sale to clear the warehouse shelves for new and exciting products. Not for us the buy-now-pay-2010 January orgy of discounting, with eager punters queuing for days in eager anticipation of that must-have Vulture Central accessory.
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Multivision ceases trading

Multivision, a PC builder based in the West Midlands, has ceased trading. Customers who called the firm this afternoon were greeted with a recorded message saying the company had "regrettably ceased to trade for reasons beyond the control of the proprietors".
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Scalextric races on to the Net

Slot car racing enthusiasts will soon be able to race against drivers anywhere in the world following a digital makeover for the popular Scalextric game.
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HP wins $2.3m judgment against bust reseller

HP has won court backing to recover $2.3m in damages for breach of contract from Future Network Services. As FNS went bust late last year owing "three or four million pounds" - much of which revolved around rebates that HP wanted paying back - it's difficult to see how HP will collect much or most of these damages. Police are examining the circumstances of the FNS collapse, according to sources cited by Microscope, the UK channel news weekly.
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MS (nearly) ditches the PC religion with home net plans

Did Microsoft finally concede the death of the PC yesterday? Not quite, but the string of home electronics announcements, although pitched as the next logical steps onward from its existing product lines, put the company's vision of the PC as the center of home entertainment in some considerable peril, and kill off any last dreams of a PC on every desk - if, that is, anybody still remembers that corporate goal.
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HP agrees to be Apple DRM dealer

CES Apple found a friend in the Wintel world on Thursday, as HP announced it will start selling a version of the iPod MP3 player.
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Worldcom allowed once more to bid for Federal contracts

Scandal-hit telecoms outfit Worldcom - aka MCI - is once again able to carry out US Government contracts after being excluded from bidding for work.
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Nortel to resell Avici routers

Nortel Networks today signed a three year deal to resell Avici's carrier grade routers.
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Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert

A mother's enquiry about buying Microsoft Flight Simulator for her ten-year-old son prompted a night-time visit to her home from a state trooper.

Dell ‘suspects’ Yamhill is on the way

CES Michael Dell today has removed whatever layer of doubt may have surrounded Intel's introduction of an x86-64-bit chip, during a keynote at the CES shown in Las Vegas.
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Sun shares spike on Opteron optimism

Shares of Sun Microsystems surged on Thursday as an analyst firm upgraded the company's stock based on its relationship with AMD.