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Small firms spearhead utility computing revolution

Utility computing companies are facing "life and death" choices as they struggle to adapt in a market sector undergoing seismic changes.
Robert Jaques, 07 Jan 2004
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Siebel forecasts improvements

Siebel's improved revenue forecasts have raised hopes for the entire enterprise software sector in 2004. The Nasdaq index moved to a 52-week high on Monday, powered by growing confidence in all IT sectors. And while Siebel may not be heading for its past revenue levels just yet, the outlook for the company is once again positive.
Datamonitor, 07 Jan 2004

UK games biz has ‘most successful year ever’

The UK's computer and video games market generated around £2 billion in sales last year even though revenues from hardware sales are expected to have fallen during 2003.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2004
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Apple and IBM spruce up slim kit

Apple and IBM - at times rivals in the server market and other times partners - both upgraded some of the sleekest systems in their product lines on Tuesday.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Jan 2004

Microsoft ad push cranks up the ‘get Linux’ volume

Microsoft has begun the new year with a Linux knocking publicity campaign under the slogan "Get the Facts." A series of advertisements is due to run for six months in major IT publications, and will direct readers to the company's landing page for the campaign.
John Lettice, 07 Jan 2004

BPI down plays Amazon.com ‘illegal importing’ probe

Music trade group, the BPI, has played down a report in the FT which claims that it is investigating Amazon.com for alleged breach of copyright laws and "illegal importing".
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

EMEA data networking sales hold firm

Sales of data networking equipment across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) remained steady during 2003, clocking up total revenues $6.4 billion.
Robert Jaques, 07 Jan 2004

BT rolls out Wi-Fi at McDonalds

BT today announced plans to set up Wi-Fi networks in more than 500 McDonald's UK fast food outlets over the next few months.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2004

UK corporate Web sites show ‘little ambition’

Last year, the UK's top corporate Web sites were described as "wallowing in mediocrity", with some so wretched that they needed to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. A year earlier the home pages of the FTSE's top 100 companies were savaged for being "woefully inadequate".
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2004

Reg discovers corporate logo on surface of Mars

LogoWatchHearty congratulations are in order this week to the boffins at NASA for their successful landing on the surface of Mars.
Lester Haines, 07 Jan 2004
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Veritas buys Ejacent

Veritas Software is to acquire Ejasent Inc., a small private VC-funded company based in Mountain View California, for $59 Million, writes Tony Lock of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 07 Jan 2004

Lastminute.com cleared of ‘mocking the Christian faith’

Lastminute.com has been cleared of "mocking the Christian faith" after running a series of ads calling on people to "keep weekends sacred".
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2004

Microsoft releases Blaster clean-up tool

Microsoft this week released a tool to clean up systems infected by the infamous Blaster worm and its sundry variants.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2004

.eu domain name goes live in November

Europe in Brief.eu Domainnames will be available from November 2004. In March preparation and translation of regulations will begin, followed in June by accreditation of .eu registrars. From September 2004 those holding prior rights to a name (trademarks) can register during a 'sunrise period'. General registration is planned for November on a first come first served basis for any name not taken during the sunrise period or otherwise blocked from registration.
Jan Libbenga, 07 Jan 2004

False start for Java tools interoperability

An initiative driving interoperability across rival vendors' Java application development tools has been launched without support from the two largest Java application development players. The lack of co-operation between the industry's big companies raises concerns over the possible effectiveness of the venture.
Datamonitor, 07 Jan 2004

Novell marries SuSE to Ximian desktop

Novell's latest version of its enterprise Linux desktop, Ximian Desktop 2, now supports SuSE LINUX Desktop and SuSE LINUX 9.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2004

Bogus FBI warning file contains malware

Virus writers are attempting to trick music fans into opening malicious code with a message purporting to arise from an FBI investigation into illegal file trading.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2004

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