6th January 2004 Archive

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  • 111m texts sent at New Year

    gr8 4 fonecos

    Mobile 06 Jan 10:28

  • $87 million for Nordic IT services firm

    Consolidation gets serious

    Business 06 Jan 10:30

  • Netcraft crafts anti-phishing service

    Early warning

    Security 06 Jan 10:37

  • Row erupts over ‘illegal’ UK email invoicing

    Is. Isn't. Is. Isn't

    Small Biz 06 Jan 10:59

  • Court bars Canadian domain slammer

    50,000 misled consumers can get their money back

    Media 06 Jan 11:55

  • Curtain draws on Google's Yahoo! gig

    Anyone surprised?

    Media 06 Jan 11:55

  • AMD tarts up Athlon 64 line

    Four new members

    Channel 06 Jan 11:55

  • Lady Di inquest scrambles black helicopter brigade

    Conspiracy theory? You bet

    Bootnotes 06 Jan 12:31

  • Halifax users locked out of ATMs

    A little less Xtra

    Data Centre 06 Jan 12:33

  • Broadband at risk over new congestion law

    Road to hell

    Broadband 06 Jan 12:35

  • Newham ditches IBM OSS trial, but goes to extra time with MS price talks

    And is a more widespread public sector 'peasants revolt' brewing?

    Software 06 Jan 12:53

  • Philips leaks Intertrust 'open' DRM details

    Will Microsoft play?

    Software 06 Jan 13:28

  • US inspired copyright laws set to sweep the globe – for fun and profit

    No fanfare for the common man

    Software 06 Jan 13:28

  • Online sales shine through the high street gloom

    Bright spot

    Software 06 Jan 13:28

  • Linux kernel security vuln fixed

    Get patching

    Security 06 Jan 16:03

  • Tiscali UK in BB price promo

    Isn't it mild for the time of year?

    Broadband 06 Jan 16:05

  • 750,000 mobiles dumped this Xmas

    Oh, oh, oh

    Mobile 06 Jan 16:11

  • Transmeta hunts for life in small devices

    Thin and quiet

    Personal 06 Jan 16:41

  • MySQL looks for life in the Itanium ecosystem

    Open source hand for HP-UX

    Data Centre 06 Jan 17:58

  • Gateway revenue warning scares off investors

    Branded integrator branded

    Personal 06 Jan 17:59

  • eBay UK hikes auction fees

    Going, going, gone up

    Small Biz 06 Jan 21:12

  • US radio host attacks ‘blood sucking slobs’ in the music biz

    Hendrie says good times are over

    Bootnotes 06 Jan 21:14

  • Beware the auction sites – Gov.uk

    Caveat emptor Internet

    Media 06 Jan 21:31

  • Police slap Web designer with public nudity ticket

    Caught with her pants down at Mickey's Irish Pub

    Bootnotes 06 Jan 21:31

  • Micron makes a profit!

    First Q for three years

    Business 06 Jan 21:32

  • Martha Lane Fox heads for Selfridges

    ... and not just for the sales

    Business 06 Jan 21:32

  • Mobilcom returns 3G licence

    Mobile 06 Jan 21:32

  • Orange flogs Swedish 3G licence

    ... To Swedish 3G licence holders

    Mobile 06 Jan 21:32

  • Sun and Cobalt left me with a dinky toy

    A $2 billion flirtation gone wrong

    Letters 06 Jan 21:33

  • Jobs caps snoozathon with cut-down Emagic, iPod

    The dullest since Amelio?

    Mac Channel 06 Jan 21:37

  • Whatever happened to the Windows Media Center?

    Back to the drawing board

    Software 06 Jan 21:41

  • SonyEricsson follows Palm in RIM deal

    Clean sweep

    Mobile 06 Jan 21:42

  • Ofcom frees radio spectrum for rural broadband

    5.8GHz services expected in '04

    Broadband 06 Jan 21:42

  • Online crime up in 2003

    A lot

    Security 06 Jan 21:42

  • Beware of strangers carrying books, warns FBI

    Maps too

    Bootnotes 06 Jan 21:42

  • Union calls BT strike ballot over ‘derisory’ offer

    My London weighting is thinning

    Business 06 Jan 21:43

  • Teen 419er in Trainspotting drug hell

    $50m in the bank, but no escape from smacked-up harlot mum

    Bootnotes 06 Jan 21:43

  • Toshiba rejigs PC biz


    Channel 06 Jan 21:44

  • The USB dongle: a form factor worth plugging?

    Removable storage is only the beginning...

    Personal 06 Jan 21:44

  • Victory for CPRM: SD cards overtake Compact Flash

    A trip down flash memory lane...

    Personal 06 Jan 21:44

  • CSC, Accenture win NHS Care Records contracts

    Four down, one to go

    Data Centre 06 Jan 21:44

  • Symantec cans another counterfeiter

    A hundred or so to go

    Security 06 Jan 21:45

  • AOL France to challenge Wanadoo over ‘predatory pricing’

    Broadband tiffs

    Broadband 06 Jan 21:45

  • Punters want cheap, simple PDAs

    We don't want media players in our handhelds

    Mobile 06 Jan 22:03

  • Sony pencils November for PSP global launch

    Just in time for next Christmas...

    Personal 06 Jan 22:13

  • Macromedia steps up to top phone slot, hires Juha Christensen

    Flash - Juha - He'll save ev'ry one of us

    Mobile 06 Jan 22:53