5th January 2004 Archive

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Prince Charles tops UK Google 2003 top ten

Prince Charles, tree-hugging heir to the British throne, has topped the Google most wanted list for 2003, according to the search engine.
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Europe's first HDTV satellite channel

As of January 1 Euro1080 is the first European satellite channel to broadcast in the high definition TV (HDTV) format, which has roughly double the number of vertical lines and horizontal lines of traditional analog television.
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100m broadband lines and counting

Broadband is one of the "fastest growing new technologies in history" even beating the meteoric rise of mobile phones, according to analysts at research outfit Point Topic.
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Amstrad slashes em@iler prices

Amstrad today reduced the list price for the e-m@iler plus to £29.99, down from £49.99.
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Uncle Sam fingerprints visitors

Visitors to the US from many countries may be fingerprinted or photographed in a Federal anti-terrorism programme.

Siebel does better than expected in Q4

Siebel Systems' Q4 was better than expected, with the CRM vendor comfortably surpassing its previously announced guidance on revenue and profit.
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Gates to star at UK chancellor's entrepreneur summit

Bill Gates will be the star guest at "tycoon's summit" of top company bosses to be held in London this month, according to the Sunday Times. The conference, to be hosted by UK Chancellor Gordon Brown, is being pitched as an entrepreneur's summit, intended to help foster the spirit of enterprise and 'can do' in British industry.
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Haitians seek Vice City ban

The row between publisher Take Two Interactive and Haitian civil rights groups in the United States has escalated further, with a lawsuit being filed in Florida seeking an outright ban on the sale of GTA Vice City.
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Alabama workers clock in with their fingerprints

Jefferson County, Alabama is calling time on fraudulent overtime claims by making non-salaried employees clock in with their fingerprints.
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Norway throws in the towel in DVD Jon case

Jon Lech Johansen, creator of the DECSS DVD crack, won't be going back to court. The Norwegian Economic Crime Unit (Økokrim) today confirmed that it will not appeal the upholding of his acquittal on copyright charges to the Norway's Supreme Court. To be precise, Økokrim confirmed its withdrawal from the case by failing to lodge an appeal within the requisite deadline.
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Texts lost in New Year's Eve crush

It's estimated that some 100 million texts were sent in the UK over the New Year.
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Aussie spam watchdog investigates itself

An Australia anti-spam watchdog is investigating its own workers following complaints about the alleged distribution of pornographic and racist emails within the organisation.

Cray to set Strider and Black Widow loose on server world

Details remain fairly thin on Cray's Opteron-based supercomputer ambitions, but last month at an investor's conference some more information on the upcoming systems trickled out, including their "Strider" code-name.
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BT faces fresh complaint over late BB delivery

A rural broadband scheme in Norfolk has complained to the UK's new communications regulator after BT failed to supply high-speed links to a new community wireless scheme on time.
DVD it in many colours

South Korea slams IBM with server slush fund charges

IBM executives and a host of South Korean government officials have been fingered in a bribery scandal relating to server and PC sales.
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iTunes DRM cracked wide open for GNU/Linux. Seriously

Exclusive Norwegian programmer Jon Lech Johansen, who broke the DVD encryption scheme, has opened iTunes locked music a tad further, by allowing people to play songs they've purchased on iTunes Music Store on their GNU/Linux computers.
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$1 million Grand Challenge map leaked on Web

Another dollop of controversy has been dished out on DARPA's $1million Grand Challenge robot race with an early version of the planned route for the contest leaking onto the Web.