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Server vendors unite for the common good

In a rare showing of unity, all of the major server players have come together to support the creation of a new interface standard for managing hardware.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Dec 2003

Sun settles with the Feds on China server sales

Sun Microsystems will cough up $291,000 to settle charges brought by the U.S. Commerce Department for the sale of rogue servers to China and Egypt.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Dec 2003

Credit cards: a contactless future

The contactless credit cards currently being trialed in the US offer numerous advantages such as speed and security. Despite this, a lack of common standards for the new RFID cards and the current roll out of chip cards under EMV standards means that it will take some years before they become mainstream.
Datamonitor, 17 Dec 2003

Check Point strengthens perimeter with Zone Labs

Check Point Technologies acquisition of Zone Labs for $205 million will provide it with the means to beef up its offerings in endpoint security and SSL VPNs, areas where its rivals have been making strides recently. It will also give Check Point a sizable consumer business for the first time, with the ZoneAlarm product helping to increase brand awareness.
Datamonitor, 17 Dec 2003

Police crack down on mobile phone thefts

Mobile phone thieves are to be targeted in nation-wide scheme to crack down on street crime.
Tim Richardson, 17 Dec 2003

SiS ships mobile Athlon XP chipset

SiS yesterday unveiled the mobile incarnation of its SiS741 integrated chipset for the AMD Athlon XP.
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2003

Evesham Voyager 64 Athlon 64 notebook

ReviewThere's something very special about this notebook from Evesham. Something that makes this particular machine different from any other notebook that has found its way into our offices. But looking at it you wouldn't be able to see what's so special because, in this case at least, it's what's inside that counts, writes Riyad Emeran.
Trusted Reviews, 17 Dec 2003

Commission agrees US access to EU citizen personal data

The European Commission has struck a deal with the US Department of Homeland Security allowing the handing over of data on EU citizens travelling to the US by airlines. The US currently requires access to airlines' Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, while EU privacy law forbids its transfer to the US. After some amendments which the Commission describes as concessions, however, the US' proposed treatment of this data has been deemed sufficient to rate an "adequacy" finding, and thus passes muster in the Commission's view.
John Lettice, 17 Dec 2003

TwinMOS offers USB Wi-Fi adaptor

Taiwainese memory specialist TwinMOS is hopping onto the USB Flash Drive/WLAN adaptor combo bandwagon with a curvy, blue entry into the market.
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2003

Those JenniCam competition results in full

We would never have guessed that the vast sunlit lagoon of artistic talent which previously lay undiscovered in the vastness of the Reg readership contained such a rich poetic ecosystem.
Lester Haines, 17 Dec 2003

Ofcom broadband review ‘says nothing new’ – Energis

Yesterday's news that Ofcom, the new communications regulator, is looking to squeeze BT's wholesale prices for broadband has met a mixed reaction from the industry.
Tim Richardson, 17 Dec 2003

Sun and UC Berkeley are about to BOINC

Sun Microsystems and the University of California, Berkeley are ready to take their search for extraterrestrial life to a new level. They're getting ready to BOINC.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Dec 2003

IBM picks up a Green Pasture

IBM has added another small software maker to its arsenal, picking up Green Pasture Software for an undisclosed sum.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Dec 2003

SCO shies from French Linux invasion

The SCO Group has pulled back on its plans for a French Linux invasion.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Dec 2003

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