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‘Gouging’ memo leaves Diebold red-faced

The archive of internal correspondence from the politically-connected ATM giant Diebold - which is bidding for many electronic voting contracts across the US - is a gift that keeps on giving. Diebold has its own answer to critics who want a verifiable paper trail. Incredibly, the e-voting terminals don't leave behind such information.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Dec 2003

The Internet's ‘background radiation’ – who pays?

LettersWe published some interesting statistics recently in our story Watching the Net's background radiation. OK, this is more curio than crisis, but we asked "Who pays?"
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Dec 2003

Oracle coasts in Q2

Oracle posted a modest revenue increase in its second quarter with license updates and product support driving the gains.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Dec 2003

PortalPlayer Photo Edition paves way for Picture iPod

PortalPlayer, the company behind the hardware, software and processor technology that powers Apple's iPod, will soon launch a upgraded version of its chip/firmware combo that paves the way for a Photo iPod.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Business Objects completes Crystal Decisions purchase

Business Objects' acquisition of Crystal Decisions, for a total of $1.2 billion, has created one of the largest business intelligence companies around. While the merger does look like a sound pairing on paper, as always, careful integration will be required on product, sales and indeed cultural levels.
Datamonitor, 16 Dec 2003

US student seeks J-Loesque posterior

Jennifer Lopez certainly is an inspiration to millions of Latin and black American women. After all, who wouldn't want a successful entertainment career, Ben Affleck as a beau and an arse the size of a Zeppelin?
Lester Haines, 16 Dec 2003

AMD ships Athlon 64 3000+ – officially

It's official. AMD yesterday added the desktop-oriented Athlon 64 3000+ to its price list, just days after the part began to appear in a variety of Far Eastern processor emporia.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003

Dutch web host aided porno typosquatter

Dutch web hosting company PGW Internet Solutions aided cyber scammer John Zuccarini in directing children looking for Disneyland, Harry Potter or Bob the Builder to explicit porn sites instead. The Register discovered that thousands of Zuccarini’s websites - including adaptac.com, gorgewbush.com and Bobthebiulder.com - were hosted from the Netherlands by PGW and its adult hosting company XXXextreme.nl.
Jan Libbenga, 16 Dec 2003

UK needs greater wholesale broadband competition

BT faces a new challenge in the New Year after the UK's new communications watchdog - Ofcom - said it wants to see more competition in the wholesale broadband access market after deciding that the UK's monster telco is too dominant.
Tim Richardson, 16 Dec 2003

Motorola widens Microsoft smartphone line

Motorola will next year add three more handsets based on Microsoft's Smartphone OS.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003

BT tests wireless broadband

BT today named four rural areas in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland as guinea pigs for a three month trial of wireless broadband.
Drew Cullen, 16 Dec 2003

Toshiba preps sub-1in HDD

UpdateToshiba has developed a 0.85in hard disk platter and will begin sampling drives based on the tiny unit to mobile phone and PDA manufacturers next summer.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003
Cat 5 cable

Europe's big biz starts buying telco kit again

EMEA enterprise telephony market bucks downturn
Robert Jaques, 16 Dec 2003

Intertrust ‘universal’ DRM scheme coming in six months

DRM specialist Intertrust will release its would-be standard generic digital media copy-protection system within six months, a senior Philips executive says.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003

iPass aggregates T-Mobile US hotspots

T-Mobile's US Wi-Fi operation has opened its network it iPass, allowing the remote access specialist's corporate and individual customers to connect to the Internet via T-Mobile hotspots.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003

PSX rolls out in Japan, but analysts disappointed

PSX, Sony's integrated games console, DVD recorder and digital video recorder, has arrived in Japan, but analysts now seem unconvinced by the machine following the company's decision to scale back its specifications.
gamesindustry.biz, 16 Dec 2003

Check Point buys Zone Labs

Check Point is boosting its consumer portfolio with through the takeover of Zone Labs, the vendor best known for the Zone Alarm firewall software.
Drew Cullen, 16 Dec 2003

Some points missed in Return of the ‘free’ PC

LetterThe Return of the free PC
Drew Cullen, 16 Dec 2003

UK movie biz strikes again at DVD copying software maker

Warner Home Video UK's legal battle with DVD copying software developer 321 Studios escalated last week when the UK content distributor filed a new High Court lawsuit with the aim of banning the sale of 321's products, DVD X Copy and DVD X Copy Xpress.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003
Cat 5 cable

On the Inland Revenue EDS sacking

LettersInland Revenue sacks EDS
Drew Cullen, 16 Dec 2003

European RIAA-style anti-file swap lawsuits ‘inevitable’

The European music industry plans to take the fight against Internet piracy right to the doors of file sharers with individually targeted lawsuits, the head of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) sayes.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003

Motorola taps former Sun prez Zander as new chief

Motorola has tapped Ed Zander, the fast-talking former President of Sun Microsystems, as its new Chairman and CEO.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Dec 2003

Roxio first target as CD-R patent owner threatens industry

CD burning software developer Optima Technology has sued rival Roxio and threatened any other company that allows users to record information onto a CD-R.
Tony Smith, 16 Dec 2003

Warning: lack of technology may harm your prospects

A London conference today organised by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) addresses the issue of the increasing marginalisation of those without access to technology.
Lester Haines, 16 Dec 2003

MS moves into ‘get Longhorn on the road’ mode

If Windows didn't exist, Microsoft would be a far poorer and more obscure company - if, that is, it still existed at all, because most of its contemporaries from the 70s don't. So, what is wrong with this sentence: '[Microsoft has formed a new division, the Windows Core Operating System division, to focus closely on Windows OS technologies and to drive Longhorn development.'?
John Lettice, 16 Dec 2003

Gov.uk touts Net access for all by 2008

Trade and Industry Secretary, E-Minister and all-round cyberbabe Patricia Hewitt is pleased to report today that the UK is one of the "best connected economies" in the world.
Lester Haines, 16 Dec 2003

Friends of Aimster back Supreme Court bid

Aimster has formed a new buddy list ahead of a potential showdown with the U.S. Supreme Court with three advocates of the peer-to-peer service handing in "friends of the court" briefs.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Dec 2003

Windows-style security hell stalks Mac OS X? Yeah, you wish…

Since Apple released Mac OS X, even the PC industry trade publications have raved about its quality, design, and features.  PC Magazine even gave Mac OS X "Panther" a 5-star rating in October 2003. Perhaps it was because Macs could now seamlessly fit into the Windows- dominated marketplace and satisfy Mac users refusing to relinquish their trusty systems and corporate IT staffs wanting to cut down on tech support calls. Whatever the reason, Mac OS X has proven itself as a worthy operating system for both consumers and business alike.
Richard Forno, 16 Dec 2003

Intel's release of Itanium replacement is imminent – analyst

A few gallons of rancid egg nog were poured this week all over the "Year of Itanium" celebration underway at Intel, as an analyst firm predicted Intel will not only give in and ship a x86-64bit chip but also that the product will be woefully behind in the market.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Dec 2003

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