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VIA ships integrated Athlon 64 chipset

VIA has begun shipping its Athlon 64 chipset, the K8M800 - the world's first integrated chipset for the 64-bit AMD processor, it claims.
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The BOFH-father: Part One

Episode 31 Episode 31 BOFH 2003: Episode 31 . . . Late one evening, in a darkened corner of Mission Control . . . "...and so we agreed that for justice, we'd have to talk to the Operators," a helldesk geek gushes to me. "Why did you go to the Head of IT? Why didn't you talk to me first?" I whisper, sitting back in my padded leather …
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The return of the ‘free’ PC

A British start-up is to offer up to free PCs to the public. The catch? The PC fills the screens with ads for 60 seconds every 20 minutes.
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‘Bored’ teens blow £80m in e-shopping spree

Three "bored" German teenagers blew a staggering £80 million (€130 million) in just two hours after they ran amok in an online spending spree.
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Disgo Pro 1GB USB Flash drive

Reg Review Disgo is one of the pioneers of the USB Flash drive business and while there's now a deluge of the things, Disgo hasn't been lost in the flood thanks to a steady line of improvements, incorporating higher capacities, the faster USB 2.0 specification and security features.
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Spooks seek right to snoop on Internet phone calls

If a rapid-fire series of announcements from cable and telecom bigwigs last week confirms that Voice over IP (VoIP) has a future as a mainstream consumer technology, it's worth noting that the electronic surveillance mavens in the FBI and Justice Department saw it coming.
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16,000 punters sign up for 1Mbps ADSL

More than 16,000 punters have signed up to BT's faster 1Mbps ADSL service since the product was launched a month ago.
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Register Reader Studies

You may remember that The Register used to run reader surveys online and publish summaries. More than 8,000 of you signed up to participate in the surveys, some conducted online and some by way of email. Some of you may even receive the occasional email from our former survey partner seeking assistance in compiling a survey or two.
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O2 test runs 3G in Ireland

O2 on Monday announced that its 3G network is in operation and is currently being piloted by a number of customers.
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Sanyo sub-sonic mobile phone to ship by month's end

Japanese electronics giant Sanyo has developed a truly silent mobile phone. Instead of a loudspeaker, the handset, the TS41, uses the user's own skull to transmit the incoming call.
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Massive MyTravel losses blamed on botched IT system install

MyTravel, the UK's biggest travel company, lost up to £60 on every holiday it sold last year. If that wasn't bad enough, the holiday group had no idea of the hole it was digging for itself - the firm thought it was making a profit of £40-£50 on each sale.
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E-envoy gets the chop

The UK Government's post of "e-envoy", currently held by Andrew Pinder, is to be ditched and replaced with a new job - "Head of e-Government".
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Germany regulates dialler market

From today, all PC dialler programs in Germany must dial only through 09009 numbers. All other numbers (including 0190 and 0900 numbers) are deemed illegal, according to a new decree by the German Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts.
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Bapco releases Sysmark 2004

Benchmark consortium Bapco has released the latest version of its PC performance testing suite.
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American football star phones mom (in middle of game)

New Orleans Saints footballer Joe Horn set a new low on Sunday, becoming the first player to be hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty for using his cell phone during a game.
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EMC eyes the server with $635 million VMware buy

In one of its boldest acquisitions to date, EMC has announced plans to scoop up virtual machine software maker VMware.
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Israel accelerates free software migration

The strategic decision to loosen dependencies on Microsoft software instigated by the Israel Department of Commerce is gathering momentum in other government departments.
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Very flat, Norfolk – for Voda users

Vodafone users in East Anglia are still suffering connection problems, the monster mobilephoneco confirmed this evening.
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IBM mulls sending engineer jobs to India

IBM is planning to move up to 4,730 programmer jobs offshore, the Wall Street Journal reports today.